7 Steps to Start DJ Business in Nigeria and Make Money from it

7 Steps to Start DJ Business in Nigeria and Make Money from it

7 Steps to Start DJ Business in Nigeria and Make Money from it

7 Steps to Start DJ Business in Nigeria and Make Money from it | Here is an article on how to start DJ business in Nigeria.

Business opportunities are available in the entertainment industry especially as there are different sectors and segments a person can take advantage of to make some money.

Being that you are a music fan and you like listening to music from all genres.

You could have a business that could be beneficial for you, within the music industry in Nigeria. Being also that additionally you will like to be matching and mixing songs together Or you have style of combining different kinds of music.

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This could be a business you could do.

You can begin DJ business (Disc jockey) and get paid for your services rendered. There are people who may already be doing this or something like this as a leisure activity and don’t have a clue that they can transform it into a business which can be very profitable.

The business involves playing different types of music for the pleasure and entertainment for people at different events. Unlike a live band, the business entails you playing and in some cases mixing numerous songs on smaller discs from different artists. Or singers with the use of some equipment to produce lovely tunes which provide entertainment to people.

This is a business that should be possibly handled by the vast majority provided you have the love and energy for music and love to attend events and connect with people.

The best part about this business is that it can be run on flexible rates and the business can be flexible to run being that you already have a vocation.

However, you likewise have interest and the enthusiasm for this type of business yet you are perplexed it can interfere with your employment. You don’t have to stress as this is a business that enables you to decide and plan your hours of work to suit your schedule.

This is additionally useful for students in school who are looking for something to do as an afterthought that can help them earn income while they hold up to graduate Or to establish themselves such that when they eventually graduate they would have a business already running and making money at the same time.

This is a business that if properly planned and managed can grow into a major successful business as it can be very lucrative and profitable.

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There are many individuals that love listening to music and are willing to get a person to come and play great music at their events Or to spice up the environment and help people have a decent and nice time.

While a live band may play the songs of their favorite artists, some people like to hear the hints of their favorite artists and since in many cases it is unrealistic to get them down to their event they employ the services of a DJ who can play their favorite tunes from their favorite performers.


The business of DJ services is significantly to provide a form and means of entertainment relaxation and sometimes can be used to reflect on past events. This is the reason the services of a DJ is needed and used at different events, and events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, internment, meetings, seminars, workshops and parts more.

Many individuals believe that an event without a DJ supplying great music is an event that is not complete, which makes the demand for the services of a DJ to be high.


As a DJ you will be exposed to a variety of music alternatives available to you which will make the business considerably easier and better. You can play hip hop, soul, rap, shake, established and significantly more both local and international.

7 Steps to Start DJ Business


That you have the energy and you like music a lot yet this is not enough as you should learn more about the business to able to succeed.

You should learn what equipment you should begin with.

What songs to play at certain or different events.

How to blend your music to get the correct sound and much more.

To be able to achieve this you should approach someone who has been in the business for a while and has the experience to teach you so you can cope with the challenges of the business.

2. Buy the Equipment

What equipment do you need as a DJ?

There is a considerable measure of alternatives for DJ equipment.

A considerable measure of it comes down to personal preference:

  • Do you need to work with CDs?
  • Do you prefer vinyl or a substantially simpler system (e.g. DJ with your portable workstation)?
  • Do you need to offer lighting, photograph stalls, etc.?

The alternatives are practically endless for what you can provide.

These days you can even drop a couple of iPods in a mixing dock in the event that you need an even simpler setup.

Fundamentally, you need no less than two sources to play music from.

For example; Turntables, CD players, or a tablet with multiple channels to blend. You need a mixer which would help you to blend it all together.

You’ll additionally need a decent set of speakers and microphones to do your MC duties.

With today’s technology, your setup can be really simple.


For this business, you should know your specialty very well. This means separated from knowing how to use your equipment you have to know your songs and which tunes fits and goes well with a specific event.

For example; there are songs that you will play at a wedding ceremony that you won’t necessary play at a birthday party.

This is a carefree business for people who like music and entertainment a lot. Ensure you do a feasibility study to determine what you need for the business.

For example; it will help you determine your location In a circumstance that you will begin from home or rent a space.


For a start, it could be alright to begin from home as you will be going out to attend events when doing the business.

Simply make sure you find a place in your home to keep your equipment.


When you are established you can rent a place where people can reach you easily and employ workers who will help you with bookings and listings.


You can promote the business by sharing and distributing flyers and advertising it online to promote the business.


Register the business and ensure you meet every one of the requirements of the authorities.

Start by getting your business registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, CAC.

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