5 Tips To Help You Survive Your Family’s Holiday Cravings

Sugar shack: It’s that time of year again, and whether you like it or not, your family is about to descend on you in droves.

You know the drill: there will be copious amounts of Christmas cookies, fruit cake, and champagne; whole pigs will be roasted over open flames; there will also be some kind of ritualistic reenactment involving a goat…

But what does all this mean for you? Well, apart from having to roll your sleeves up and get ready to dirty your hands with some good old-fashioned manual labour – it means being prepared for battle.

The war against gluttony begins now… Preparing yourself for the holiday season is essential if you want to avoid falling victim to its temptations.

We all know how easy it can be to let loose and start gorging on sweets, alcohol, and other foodstuffs which are rich in fat and sugar.

However, devoting time in advance to your New Year’s resolutions will ensure that you have a blast without going overboard.

Here are 5 ways you can help yourself survive the holiday cravings…

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5 Tips To Help You Survive Your Family’s Holiday Cravings

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Are you someone who thinks in small, manageable goals? Are you the type of person who likes to set audacious targets? Are you someone who thrives under stress and pressure, or do you crumble? Do you have the ability to compartmentalize your life and put your job first even when holidays are encroaching on every corner of your world. Many people think that fat is bad for us because it contains a lot of calories. But it’s not just fat from food that may be unhealthy; it’s also the fat that our bodies produce. When we eat more calories than we burn up, those excess calories get stored as fat. It doesn’t matter whether those fats come from olive oil or red meat—both will become fat once inside our bodies. There are good fats like monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats which help reduce bad cholesterol levels in our body. Here is how you can make sure that this holiday season, you don’t lose control over your diet but rather maintain self-discipline while still enjoying yourself:

Make a small goal to start

One of the best ways to avoid the destructive mentality of “I’ll start dieting on January 1st” or “I’ll start working out when I get back from vacation” is to make small goals that you can actually achieve and celebrate along the way. It’s easy to ignore your health goals when they are things you plan to do far, far away in the future. But when you set goals that are attainable and you celebrate them, you will feel a sense of accomplishment that is necessary for long-term success. You might set a goal of eating one less dessert per week or walking for 30 minutes every Saturday morning. These are small but meaningful goals that will help you stay on track without feeling overwhelmed or deprived.

Go for a walk before the festivities begin

If you have the opportunity to go for a walk before you fully immerse yourself into holiday festivities, take it. You’ll get yourself a bit warmed up and you’ll also get a bit of alone time to clear your head before the chaos begins. It’s easier to deal with life’s stresses when you’re not eating copious amounts of food and getting drunk and rowdy with your family and friends. If you can’t go for a walk before the festivities, try to find a way to sneak in a walk during the day. You’ll be surprised at how much refreshed you’ll feel after cutting yourself off from the party for just a few minutes.

Plan your meals in advance

If you know that you have a tendency to go off the rails during the holidays and that you have a hard time resisting the delicious — albeit not so healthy — goodies that are sure to show up at every party you attend, plan your meals in advance. You can’t go wrong with having a protein-rich meal with a side of veggies as a main course. If you are hosting a party yourself, try to make dishes that are both delicious and healthy. You don’t have to deny yourself the pleasure of your guests enjoying their favorite foods. You just have to make sure that you are eating healthy foods yourself. You can always get a jump-start on the healthy eating by starting your day with a high protein breakfast like an omelet with spinach and herbs.

Don’t skip breakfast

You’ve heard this before, and it’s true: don’t skip breakfast. You may think to yourself: “I’m overdoing it a little bit on the Thanksgiving Day (or Christmas Eve if you’re not in the United States) and then I’ll start my diet again on December 1st.” But you don’t want to start your diet while you’re already feeling bloated and nauseous from overeating. Don’t even think about skipping the most important meal of the day. A high-protein breakfast will set you up for a long and healthy day, instead of setting you up for a long day of feeling crappy because you stuffed yourself with everything in sight.

Have protein at every meal

Protein-rich foods are low in calories, which means that you can eat a lot of them without getting fat. You can make sure that you’re getting enough protein by eating protein at every meal. Protein will help you stay full and satisfied so that you don’t overdo it at the dinner table. Eating protein before bed will also help you stay full overnight, so you don’t wake up ravenous at 3am and snack on miscellaneous things in your house.

Stay hydrated and don’t forget your vitamins

When you’re eating more than you should and not getting enough sleep, your body is bound to react. You might notice that you’re bloated, tired, and constipated. What you may not realize is that this is a common reaction to not drinking enough water and not getting enough vitamins. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, especially if you’re getting plenty of exercise. You’re also getting a lot of exercise when you’re partying, so make sure you stay hydrated as well. Don’t forget to take your vitamins! They will help you stay healthy and keep your energy levels up during the holidays when you’re bound to get less sleep than usual.


The holiday season is a time for joy and happiness, but it can also be a time of excess and indulgence. When we overeat, we put ourselves at risk for gaining weight, developing health problems, and generally feeling bad about ourselves. To combat this, we must eat healthily and exercise regularly. To eat healthily during the holidays, avoid high-calorie dishes, and make small portions. With a little bit of self-discipline and planning, you can survive the holidays while still enjoying yourself. That being said, the holidays are a time for celebration and togetherness, so don’t stress yourself out over your diet and fitness goals — just make sure you take care of yourself and have fun!

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