13 Tips to Order for Household Appliances from India

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1. The Background:

This category of goods, including burners, microwave ovens, pressure cookers, washing machines, electric irons, kettles, rice cookers, induction plates, etc., is popular online. White goods are popular online as huge discounts often entice consumers to purchase these products.

To get household appliances from India, you have a few options depending on where you are located:

2. Online Retailers:

Many Indian online retailers like Amazon India, Flipkart, or Tata Cliq ship internationally. You can browse their websites and check if they offer international shipping.

3. Exporters and Distributors:

You can contact exporters or distributors of household appliances in India directly. Websites like IndiaMart or Alibaba might help you find suppliers who export internationally.

4. International Shipping Companies:

Use international shipping companies that specialize in shipping goods from India. They can handle the logistics of getting your appliances to your location.

5. Local Indian Stores:

If you’re in a country with a significant Indian diaspora, there might be local stores that import goods from India. They could have household appliances available.

6. Platforms to get Household Appliances from India

There are several platforms where you can find and purchase household appliances from India:

7. Amazon India:

Amazon operates a marketplace in India where you can find a wide range of household appliances. Some sellers on Amazon India may offer international shipping.

8. Flipkart:

Similar to Amazon, Flipkart is another major online marketplace in India that sells household appliances. They may also offer international shipping options.

9. Tata Cliq:

Tata Cliq is an online shopping website in India that offers a variety of products, including household appliances. They may have international shipping options available.

10. IndiaMart:

IndiaMart is a large online B2B marketplace where you can find suppliers and manufacturers of household appliances in India. You can contact suppliers directly to discuss shipping options.

11. Alibaba:

Alibaba is a global online marketplace where you can find suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters from around the world, including India. You can find Indian suppliers of household appliances and negotiate shipping terms.

12. Local Exporters/Distributors:

Some Indian companies specialize in exporting goods internationally. You can search for exporters or distributors of household appliances in India and contact them directly.

13. Specialty Stores:

Look for specialty stores or boutiques that focus on Indian goods and appliances. These stores may have a physical presence in your country or offer online shopping with international shipping options.

Before making a purchase, ensure you understand the shipping costs, delivery times, import duties, and any other relevant terms and conditions, especially if you are ordering from outside India.

Before purchasing, consider factors like shipping costs, import duties, and compatibility with your country’s electrical standards (voltage, plug types, etc.).

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