13 Steps for Cartridge Refilling Business

Cartridge Refilling Business in Nigeria: Do you use a printer in your home or office that uses refillable cartridges? Replacing your empty printer or copier cartridges every time they run out is expensive and takes a toll on the environment. Businesses that provide ink and toner cartridge refilling can save consumers money and help protect the environment from unnecessary waste.

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13 Steps for Cartridge Refilling Business in Nigeria

If you want to help the environment and save your customers money, a small business as an ink and toner cartridge refiller may be a good idea for you.

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Consider some of the pros and cons:

Cartridge refilling business is about providing ink and toner cartridge refilling service to your client instead of buying a new one. It is also beneficial for the environment as it reduces e-waste in landfills. An empty ink or toner cartridge can be reused at least three to four times generally, however, if carried out by experts it can be reused more. Cartridge refilling business is a fast-growing industry, with great earning potential.

1. Make Your Inquiries

The wise thing to do before going into any business venture is to ask loads of questions from people who are already running the business so that you will be able to come out with plans that can help you avoid the difficulties they went through.

When you make your enquiries before venturing out, you will be able to know where to locate your outlet, how to get your equipment and inks and you will also know how to access your markets. Therefore it is needful that this first step be taken before launching out.

2. Initiating Cartridge Refilling Business

An aspiring entrepreneur, living in a metropolitan city or suburban, can initiate cartridge refilling business based at home with low capital investment. As the business grows you can turn this into a retail store. You can also buy franchisee of a reputed cartridge refilling brand.

Buying franchise will give you technical, operational and branding support with earnings of commission percentage while starting your own you will enjoy much more profit but you need to maintain the business of your own.

3. Skills for cartridge refilling business

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There are plenty of resources online for learning how to refill ink and toner cartridges. With a little bit of practice, you can master the process within minutes. For ink cartridges, it’s generally just a matter of drawing ink into a syringe, then injecting it carefully into the cartridge. For toner, the process can be a little more difficult because not all cartridges have a fill hole, so you’ll need to learn how to do so safely.

To start cartridge refilling business it is important to have technical knowledge about different types of printer cartridge, toner, and ink.

Printing cartridges come in various shapes and sizes, each requires slightly different refilling techniques. You need to learn the operating procedure of injecting ink into various cartridges.

Having experience in this field is preferred, however, one can learn the techniques from experts, also you can learn from tutorials online from the internet.

As the industry is technology related you need to be updated every time with up gradation of popular printers.

4. Plan for Cartridge Refilling Business

It is important to have a detail business plan before initiating the venture. Determine your marketing strategy and who will be your target customers. Calculate your startup budget with raw-material, staffs, add expenses and establishment cost. Project expected revenue earnings.

Create a mission statement, business objective, and operating manual before starting cartridge refilling business. Plan for your setup to have operational area and workspace. It is necessary to have a well-organized workplace that keeps all tools and instruments readily available.

5. Startup Costs are Low

For as expensive as it is to buy ink cartridges and toner cartridges, you’d think the actual ink would be more expensive than it is, but it is not. While ink cartridges can cost as much as $50 apiece and toner cartridges can cost more than $100, you can buy a gallon of ink for about $130—and that should be enough to refill nearly 400 ink cartridges.

Bulk toner is more expensive. A bottle providing a single refill can range from about $20 to $40, but that’s still a fraction of what an entirely new cartridge costs.

6. Equipment and Raw Materials for Cartridge Refilling Business

If you want to start cartridge refilling business, you must learn how to inject in inside cartridges. You need to have some essential equipment like a syringe, a 1/16-inch hand drill, a glue gun, small ½-inch screws, a wrench with a 12-inch handle, anti-static bags, different caps, electrical tape, and a vise.

As your business grows, consider purchasing best quality equipment to expedite the cartridge refilling process.

The major raw materials are ink and toner (black and color). You need to have some stock of cartridge spare parts if needed for replacement at the time of refilling. Buy the quality supplies from reputed vendors with reasonable price.

7. Purchase Your Kits

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Some of the equipments you will need before you can start your ink cartridge refill business are Air Powered Syringes, Air Powered Vises, Drill Press, Self Contained Refill Device for HP, Custom Refill Device for any other Specific Cartridge, Hot Glue Gum, Glue Stick Supply, Adjustable Wrench, Mounted Vise, Hand Drill, Syringe Bottles, Empty Cartridges (Sponge filled, Vacuum-retained and oddball), Vinyl Electrical Tape, Labels, Shipping Boxes, Ink Supply and a Stainless Steel Table and Chairs. You can order them online or decide to get them in the local markets where they are sold..

8. Promote your Cartridge Refilling Business

 Every small and big business houses, education institutes, factories, are your consumers. As any service industry cartridge refilling business also demand networking. Create some offline marketing tool like visiting card, brochures etc. start talking with the clients. Offer them discounts for bulk orders. Give pick-up and delivery facility. Create a business website with online order system. Ask satisfied clients to give feedback on your site. You can also have tie-ups with computer retailers.

 9. Advertise and Market Your Business

The major users of inks are printing press, churches, big corporations, architectural firms, Photographic firms and schools. So you should approach this type of organizations to market your service. The trust is that most organizations still feel that there are no alternatives to replacing their ink cartridge whenever it finishes other than buying new ones. Your advertising and marketing approach should be geared towards showing your potential customers how you can help them save cost and help them contribute towards preserving the earth.

10. Environmental Impact

More than 375 million empty ink and toner cartridges are thrown out every year, according to The Energy Collective. That translates to about 1 million cartridges per day or about 11 per second. That’s a lot of ink, chemicals, and plastic going into landfills with the potential to pollute soil and water.

A business refilling cartridges can help limit this waste and also help educate clients and potential clients on the environmental benefits of the service you provide.

11. Work in Honesty

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One major issue with people that operate Ink Cartridge Refill Business is dishonesty. Because of greed, most of them hardly fill their client’s cartridges with the expected quantity of ink. They short change their customers because the customers can hardly detect if the ink is properly filled or not.

However, the only way they get to detect they have been short changed is when the ink finished unexpectedly. You can stand out of the crowd and ensure you conduct your business with all honesty. You can be guaranteed repeat and loyal customers when you choose the path of transparency.

It is important to note that you would be required to work in a spacious, well organized and neat space in order to avoid messing up people’s cartridges, your equipment and work station with ink. If you master this trade, you would spend less time refilling cartridges.

Surely the following tips are to guide you to start from the scratch and build your own ink cartridge refill business to profitability, but be sure you get all the necessary information needed, work hard be honest, and then you would become successful with your business.

12. Competition

Many stores offer refilling services for ink cartridges, charging prices that range from about $7 to $15, depending on the brand and style of cartridge. To be successful you need to establish your business as a reliable alternative to an affordable service being provided by brand-name stores such as Walmart and Costco. Some potential customers might even prefer bringing their empty cartridges to a store as opposed to inviting someone into their home to do the job.

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13. Businesses Expect Broader Services

Acquiring business accounts may require you to offer more than just refilling services. Even small businesses are using far more ink and toner than individuals and most businesses you encounter have maintenance agreements in place with printer supply and repair companies. These deals often already include ink and toner recycling and refilling. In order to compete, you might need to offer complete maintenance services for printers and copiers.

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