5 Things Companies Often Neglect that Could Have Attracted More Talents

5 Things Companies Often Neglect that Could Have Attracted More Talents
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Today’s corporate world is not only a competition between applicants, but it’s also a competition amongst the corporations themselves. If the offer is not lustrous enough, it never looks appealing to the talented individuals they might miss. So what are those aspects that employees are factoring into consideration that companies should not neglect?

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Work Compensating Measures

Face it: an employee would most likely look at how a company compensates its workers first.

Salaries had always been the common way to compensate a worker. This compensation method evolves as the competition for talented employees intensifies and worker rights grow. In this era’s hiring context, salaries come together as packages with other compensation items such as stock options, paid leaves, and even 14th-month delivers.

Corporate competition surrounding workforces with talents makes compensation packages less appetizing. Neglecting the number one factor that skills look for in a company and the compensation will lose its most powerful magnet.

Company Values

Values that the firm carries out can be good indicators of whether it can attract more talents or not. The lack of proper company values towards their employees says a lot about the firm’s treatment of their workers.

Company policies seep through almost all aspects of the firm. For example, if the company policies demand absurd work effort under hectic deadlines, employees will perceive the workplace as strangling and choking. Policies can also institutionalize the banning of any forms of discriminatory acts in the work environment. More importantly, policies can be decisive about a firm’s tolerance for unethical methods.

Growth Opportunities

Rising through the corporate ladders is an utter necessity for employees and shall be their basis for picking the company they want to work with. Growth opportunities come from the worker’s desire to be better at their skill trade, grow as a working person, and enjoy the fruits of success.

Thus, a company with a limited area to grow is neglecting the personal necessity of self-actualization. The routing of regular nine-to-five work hours will kill the interests of even the most creative person, and they will stop at nothing to get out of the boredom.

Safety Nets

Employees are also wary of their security and future. The key takeaway of being an employee is living through the subtle fear of losing their jobs. And who can blame them when the world has experienced enough economic crises for the past century?

As part of imparting assurance to their employees, firms add safety net offers to the package. The range goes from paying a myriad of insurances, including outplacement support. Outplacement supports assure their employees that there will be preparations in transitioning to a new job.

Participation and Employee Voice

Voicing one’s thoughts is important in a growing company, especially from an employee’s perspective. Centralization of decision-making processes will stop employees from thinking on their own. Thus, it’s a rewarding experience for the employees to participate in some of the company’s decision-making processes, even at their department levels.

Firms reward talented individuals with stock options that would guarantee a ticket to upholding their role as a firm owner. Even without the stocks, a company that greatly considers its employees would make the HR and higher management approachable.

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