7 key ways to Start Custard Powder Production Business

Custard powder is a yellowish white powder eaten as a beverage.

The powder is added to warm water and brought to a boil while stirring.

It takes only a few minutes to make custard pap.

The beverage is served with sugar and milk for a rich delicious taste.

Custard has lots of nutritional value and health benefits when consumed.

The carbohydrate rich dessert is made primarily from corn.

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 Custard Powder Production Custard Powder Production Custard Powder Production

How to Start Custard Powder Production Business Keys

Ingredients used are:

Ingredients used in the production are easily sourced in the open market.

Common ingredients are corn, milk, egg, preservatives, flavors and vitamins.

Custard is found in most supermarkets and grocery stores around the world.

It attracts its fair share of the food processing industry and has many large and medium producers.

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Small business owners could start a custard powder production business with small capital investment

Apart from low startup costs, custard is easily produced small scale from home or a factory environment.

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How to Start Custard Powder Production Business Keys

1. Startup Capital

Custard is primarily made from powdered edible starch.

Other constituents are flavoring include glucose, sweetener, vitamins, egg yolk and condensed milk flavors.

The additives depend on the manufacturer and composition.

Majority of the investment goes to purchase of raw material, labor and equipment.

2. Learn How to Make Custard

Before you start making custard you need to learn the basics.

Understand how to formulate the beverage through tutelage, practical experience or books.

There are many online resources such as e-books, tutorials, pdf files and videos.

Alternately attend a culinary school or hire a chef to teach you how to formulate custard.

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3. Equipment used in Mixing Custard

Purchase mixing equipment, mixing tank, weighing machine, a small pre-mix drum and packaging.

You need a dryer, storage facility and nylon sealer.

Custard manufacturers face serious competition with many brands.

The market is saturated however branding and advertisement could increase patronage.

Use sales representatives, coupons and discounts to attract buyers.

Focus on young age demography and housewives.

Try to approach supermarkets, grocery stores and small retail outfits.

How to Start Custard Powder Production Business Keys

4. Raw Material used for Custard

Raw materials used in the manufacture of custard powder include sodium benzoate, egg yolk and vitamin C powder.

Other ingredients are Glucose, edible corn starch, corn flour, condensed milk and flavor.

5. Flow Chart for Custard Production

Custard starts its journey as edible corn starch, corn flour is added and egg yolk.

The mixture is well blended.

Then you introduce tetrazine, vanilla, vitamin C powder, sodium Benzoate and condensed milk.

Once your pre-mix is properly blended, pour into another container alongside more corn flour.

Mix vigorously until the custard has an even texture.

The different ingredient proportions and measurement depends on the manufacturer and formula.

Edible corn starch – corn flour – egg yolk –tetrazine – vanilla flavor –vitamin C powder – sodium benzoate – condensed milk – more corn flour – custard

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6. Branding

The best way to differentiate your product is though packaging.

Many manufacturers settle on a yellow plastic container with red plastic cover.

You can break from the norm and create an attractive packaging.

It is mandatory for food packaging companies to include a label on the package.

The label should state all the ingredients in the mix according to their proportion.

Your product needs to have a unique flavor and taste.

Try to experiment with different flavors before producing the custard.

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7. Registration

Register the custard company as a sole proprietorship.

You can change the status as the company grows.

The custard mix you produce must pass a standardization test.

You need a NAFDAC number and tax identification number.

The factory will undergo a health and safety inspection periodically.

Other permits include trade license, manufacturer’s membership and certification

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