Ranking the 50 Greatest Ace Attorney Characters of All Time

Ace attorney characters: Everyone loves a good lawyer; everyone loves a great defendant even more.

In the world of video games, there has been no greater defender than the lawyers of the popular Ace Attorney series.

Even more so than in real life, defense attorneys in video games are often portrayed as cowardly opportunists with questionable ethics.
And while it’s true that lawyers are generally hated (at least in fiction), they can be fascinating characters if they’re written well.

The problem is that most fictional lawyers are either weak or evil—or both at once.

But what about the ones who avoid being one-dimensional?

What about the ones who stand up for justice and defend the innocent whenever they can?

Those are the great defenders we love to see in a game, and those are the ones we’re ranking today.

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Ranking the 50 Greatest Ace Attorney Characters of All Time

Ace attorney characters: BusinessHAB.com

Ace attorney characters: When you think of an ace attorney, what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s one of the lawyers players control in almost every entry in the series: like Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Miles Edgeworth, or — if you go way back — Samatha Cross. The main characters of the Ace Attorney video game series are always attorneys. That is to say that they’re all members of the legal profession with a special interest in bringing unscrupulous characters to justice by any means possible. While plenty of supporting characters have also been an attorney at some point throughout the series, this article focuses on those who have made the most impactful appearances and left a lasting mark. Here are our picks for the top 50 greatest Ace Attorney characters of all time!

  1. Jack Hammer

The Top 10

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Honorable Mention: Manfred von Karma

If Phoenix Wright is the poster boy for the Ace Attorney series, then Manfred von Karma is its poster villain. The “God of the Courtroom” himself, von Karma has appeared in three Ace Attorney games, but only once as a playable character. His appearances show us how cruel he was as a prosecutor — and how even crueler he was to his own daughter. Manfred von Karma first appeared as the final prosecutor in the first Ace Attorney game, which also happens to be Phoenix Wright’s first case. He fought Phoenix in court, and while they were both on very even ground, von Karma was technically behind by the start of the game thanks to Phoenix helping his client. Eventually, Phoenix managed to get his one decisive win over von Karma, resulting in his disbarment.

50. BOB (Turnabout Goodbyes)

There are only a few characters in the Ace Attorney series that have been bad guys for so long that even their names have been forgotten by most people. BOB (Black Orga-nized Bad) is one of those characters. BOB is an artificial life form that was created by the robotics lab team led by Dr. H. They used a mishmash of various animals and even people to create him. This resulted in him being extremely greedy with a big appetite. He was used as a tool by H, who eventually attempted to use him to kill someone by remotely controlling him. Unfortunately for H, BOB was not very good at controlling himself and ended up driving into someone else’s car and killing them.

Ace attorney characters

H attempted to fix his mistake by remotely controlling BOB again. However, he overshot the mark and ended up killing BOB. At this point, the victim of BOB’s hit-and-run, who just so happened to be Phoenix Wright, was on the scene. He took the blame for BOB’s mistake out of habit, resulting in his disbarment. BOB’s story is a tragedy that shows how one mistake can change your life irrevocably. BOB made a series of mistakes, some of which were beyond his control, resulting in a man losing his livelihood and a young girl losing her father.

49. Larry Butz (F Turned F Turned)

Larry Butz is one of the earliest characters in the Ace Attorney series. However, he’s also one of the most forgettable. His only major appearance in the series is during the second game, when he was accused of murdering Cindy Stone. This incident happened during their high school years when they were both students at the Orange University. Larry is a childhood friend of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth, and a love interest of Maya Fey. He’s known as Phoenix’s “errand boy” due to the fact that Larry is always the one who gets saddled with all the tedious tasks. He’s a bit of a pushover, and he’s also a bit of a womanizer.

48. Athena Cykes (Turnabout Corner, Duality, and Justice)

Athena Cykes is a longtime supporting character in the Ace Attorney series whose importance has grown as the series has progressed. She first appeared as one of the main characters in the fourth game, Turnabout Corner. In this game, she acted as a defense attorney for the first time, defending her childhood friend Juniper Woods who was charged with murder. Cykes is a forensic psychologist who assists in investigations by analyzing the emotions of suspects and witnesses. She is also a skilled defense attorney who has appeared in three games as a defendant and one game as the prosecutor. Cykes has a lot in common with Phoenix Wright, the main character of the series, since they are both defense attorneys. Cykes’s psychological expertise and compassion for her clients make her a powerful defense attorney. She has helped many people who were falsely accused find justice.

47. Maggey Byrde (Turn-Around Tunes)

If you’re looking for a fun defense attorney to root for, Maggey Byrde is your gal. She first appeared in the third game of the series, Turn-Around Tunes, as an ordinary detective who worked with Detective Gumshoe. She’s a bit of a clumsy oaf, but she has a heart of gold and a love for singing. Byrde later appears as a defense attorney in the first episode of the fourth Ace Attorney anime, The Blue Badger. She defends her childhood friend Larry Butz against the murder charges that he racked up when he was a police officer. Byrde manages to win the case, but she herself is then charged with the murder of Detective Gumshoe. Byrde is a pleasant character. She is a good-hearted oaf with a heart of gold who sings to her clients to help them relax and feel more at ease.

46. Detective Dick Gumshoe (Turn-Around Tunes Again?)

Detective Dick Gumshoe is one of the most memorable characters in the Ace Attorney series. He has appeared in all but one game in the series and is always the first person that players encounter when they begin a new case. Gumshoe is a bit of a bumbling detective who usually fails to solve cases and ends up ceding control of the investigation over to Phoenix or Apollo. He’s a good guy, but he’s not so great at his job. Gumshoe has a bit of a complicated history with Maggey Byrde. They appear to have been partners at one point, but it appears that they have since broken up. Gumshoe seems to have a bit of a crush on Byrde, but she doesn’t seem to know about it. Gumshoe is a bit of an odd character. He’s not that great at his job, but he at least cares about it enough to not let it get him down.

45. Kay Faraday (Turnaround Tunes for Now)

Kay Faraday is a bit of a maverick. She’s a skilled thief and escape artist who has a talent for getting into (and out of) trouble. In fact, the first time that she shows up in the series is when she breaks Wright out of prison so that he can help her defend herself against charges of murder. Faraday only appears in one game in the series, Turnaround Tunes for Now, where she is a defendant accused of murdering the head of a spy ring. She is known to be an accomplice of a notorious thief named Yatagarasu, who is responsible for an act of industrial sabotage.

44. Franziska von Karma (Mishap in a Turnaround)

Franziska von Karma is a prosecutor (or, as the Ace Attorney series would have it, a “lawyer”) who specializes in the art of torture. She first appears in the fifth game of the series, Mishap in a Turnaround, when she has to defend Phoenix Wright, who has been charged with involuntary manslaughter. Faraday has a complicated relationship with von Karma, as she trained the latter in the art of prosecuting. Despite being her teacher, Faraday dislikes von Karma. Faraday’s dislike of von Karma is understandable

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