12 Tips to Advertise your Business on Search Engines

Are you advertising on search engines? If not, you may be missing out on a great marketing tool.

Businesshab discusses how to make the most of paid search.

There are over 200 million searches per day on the major search engines according to COM Score.

Forcing advertisers and small businesses to jump into the Paid Search space.

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1. Advertise your Business on Search Engines

Building your own search engine using Google CSE (Custom Search Engine).

If you are looking to build a simple search engine.

The best place to start would be with the Google CSE (Custom Search Engine).

Which allows you to build a search engine quickly and easily.

There are also advanced features for advanced users.

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2. Advertise your Business on Search Engines

Based on what the crawlers can find, they will match your information.

Or content, with what people are looking for on the web.

If their keywords match your website’s content.

One of your web pages will be seen and hopefully visited.

3. Advertise your Business on Search Engines

People pay a lot of money and spend loads of time trying to rank high on the search engines, especially Google.

But the first step is your introduction to the SE – your site map.

This will explain how to submit this to a Search Engine.

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4. Advertise your Business on Search Engines

Many companies outsource their paid search efforts, others neglect it completely.

And some just can’t afford to compete in their given area.

The truth is companies of all shapes and sizes should have a paid search strategy and long term plan.

You can sign up for Adwords at http://adwords.google.com.

Once you set-up your account you can start creating campaigns using some easy to follow rules of the game.

5. Submitting to Google

Because this is the biggest search engine, we’ll start here.

If you haven’t opened a Google account yet, now is the time.

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6. Go to Google.com and click “Sign In” in the top right-hand corner.

Click “Create an account now” and give them your current email address, a password you want to use, select your location, verify you’re human and click “I accept.

Create my account.” after reading all the fine print Google has to offer in their Terms of Service. You’re in!

7. Account Set-up/ Keyword Selection

First, select the keywords that are relevant to your products and then start to build them out with all plurals, misspellings.

And different variations, so that any kind of search term will help bring your page to the top of the results.

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Advertise your Business on Search Engines

8. Creating Ad Copy, Testing Results

Once you have gotten through the creation of keywords, campaigns and ad groups.

Then it is time for writing the copy of the actual ads.

Be sure to call out any promotions or competitive advantages that your product has to offer.

9. Advertise your Business on Search Engines

Test multiple copies against each other to see which one performs the best.

And generates the most tangible results.

AB split testing allows you the controls to test run multiple different paid ads against each other in current time.

Both Google and Yahoo allow for A/B split testing.

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10. Verify that you have access to your website by entering some code to your home page.

You can verify later, but Google will not allow you to submit your sitemap until your site has been verified.

  • It’s easy to do and they offer an example of where to place their code.
  • Enter the code on your .index page and save. Go back to the verification page and click “Verify.”

11. Tracking and Targeting

Whether it’s in house reporting or an analytics package offered by the search engine you choose to buy ad words from, you MUST track everything.

Tracking results provides you all the insight to accurately determine test winners.

Move bids up and down and add negative keywords.

At the very least you should get conversion tracking (a service that is offered by Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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12. Budgeting

Budgeting is right behind testing and analyzing in terms of importance.

When it comes to paid search campaigns.

Make sure you set daily budgets to prevent a certain campaign from spending too much.

These can often discourage or even outright kill a small businesses desire to stay in the space.

Depending on your industry clicks can range anywhere from a few cents to as high as $10 dollars.

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