6 Tips on Air Freshener Production Business

Air Freshener Production Business:  The business is highly competitive and there are lots of companies competing for a share of the lucrative business.

Although there are major players in the industry, small manufactures can find a niche market.

A fragrance product used in our cars, homes and offices is air freshener.

Air fresheners are popular and come in various sizes, shapes, packaging and brand names.

The business is easily done large scale or small scale.

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Air fresheners use different ingredients and chemicals to produce the aroma.

They also come in varied delivery systems such as pressurized spay cans, oils, gels and plug-ins.

More are water based fresheners, solid mass that evaporates in air and candles.

The most popular type of air freshener is the spray tube freshener.

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Despite the different types and functionality the main use of air fresheners is to eliminate offensive odors.

To start an air freshener production business there are a few things to consider.

You need to determine the type of air freshener to produce.

Other considerations involve financing the project, production quantity, staff and location.

You need good equipment, a business plan and marketing strategy.

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Air Freshener Production BusinessAir Freshener Production BusinessAir Freshener Production Business

1. Learn How to make Air Fresheners

You need to understand the production process and learn how to make air fresheners.

Learn through practical experience, trade workshops, books and online resources.

You also need to write a comprehensive business plan and carry out a feasibility study.

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2. How Air Fresheners Work

The mechanism used to eliminate offensive odor depends on the delivery system.

Air fresheners tackle offensive odors through masking, surfactants and oxidization.

Other methods involve air sanitizers or absorbers such as charcoal and silica gel.

Common oxidizers are peroxide, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide and chlorate.

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Many surfactants are soap products while air sanitizers work against bacteria.

The dispersion of the reaction agent in air fresheners is established either by continual action or instant action.

Continual action comprises disperse agents such as candles, plug-in devices, incense.

Heat in such devices causes the air freshener to disperse the reactive agent into the atmosphere.

Diffusers in such reacting agents are candle wick or wind.

Aerosol sprays mechanism is possible through the atomizer and provides instant action.

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3. Ingredients in Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are loaded with different chemicals such as glycol ethers, preservatives and solvents.

Others are pollutants such as formaldehyde, toluene and benzene.

Toxins are also present in air fresheners.

And some can cause breathing disorders or aggravate asthma in sufferers.

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4. Air Freshener Production

The production line starts with the composition of the fragrance.

The fragrance should be delightful alluring and nice.

Once you have developed a good fragrance you need a quality package and competitive pricing.

The packaging is very crucial to the success of the brand.

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Common ingredients found in gel air fresheners are essential oils, alcohol and water other ingredients include coloring, gelatin and salt.

The ingredients and composition depends on the manufacturer of the product.

Common ingredients in liquid homemade fresheners are soda ash, colorant.

S-acid, water, formalin, perfume and caustic soda.

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5. Registration and Licenses

There are certain antipollution laws guiding the business.

Waste disposal management is important in the air freshener business.

Register the business as a LLC, apply for trade and manufacture license.

There are basic product standardization test carried out by government before approval for commercial use.

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Air Freshener Production Business

6. The Factory Location

It is not ideal to locate the company in residential areas.

The location should be secluded however easily accessible.

You need basic utilities such as electricity and adequate supply of water.

Air Freshener Production Business


Develop a high quality product and obtain a NAFDAC number.

Make sure your packaging is attractive and the price reasonable.

Employ freelance sale marketers to reach new customers for your product.

Build a website to showcase your products and add a shopping cart with a payment system.  Get More, Click Here.

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