20 Current Air Traffic Services Courses/Durations

Air Traffic Services Courses/Durations: Air Traffic school is an exciting and valuable time for discovering your interests, passions and aspirations.

You may find yourself pulled in many different directions during this time.

And it can be hard to decide what to focus on, especially when it comes to your class schedule.

Considering your personal interests, career goals, and diploma requirements.

Will help you make good decisions when choosing Air Traffic school courses.

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Air Traffic Services Courses/Durations: https://o3schools.com
Air Traffic Services Courses/Durations

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  1. Aviation Language Proficiency Course-Rating/Proficiency
  2. Duration:  Not Specified
  3.  AVEL- Aviation English for Non-English Speaking Countries( 8 Weeks)
  4. AVSEC-Aviation Security Awareness (1 weeks)
  5. AVSEC-Aviation Security Basic(6 Weeks)

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    Air Traffic Services Courses/Durations

  6. ACRF-ATC Refresher Course(3 Weeks)
  7. AC- Standard Air Traffic Control Course(45 weeks)
  8. Area Airway Non-Radar(12 Weeks)
  9. Terminal/Area Radar Course(12 Weeks)
  10. Area Control Course Refresher(6 Weeks)

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    Air Traffic Services Courses/Durations

  11. Govt. Aviation Operations(10 Weeks)
  12. Apron control Course(20 Weeks)
  13. Aeronautical Operations Officer Course(44 Weeks)
  14. Terminal Radar (Refresher)(2 Weeks)
  15. Radio Telephony Operations (RTO)(8 Weeks)

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    Air Traffic Services Courses/Durations

  16. Communication Center Management(3 Weeks)
  17. Advance Communication Officers Course(12 Weeks)
  18. Communication Officers’Refresher Course(3 Weeks)
  19. Advance Radio Telephony Operations Course(8 Weeks)
  20. Airport Telephone Operations and Billing Course( 8 Weeks)

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Air Traffic Services Courses/Durations

Don’t give in to “senioritis.

Many students make the mistake of slacking off in their senior year, believing that their grades no longer matter.

However, many colleges do request senior grades, and may even rescind admission if grades are very poor.

 It’s also important to keep up good study habits so that you will be ready when you begin college.

  • Plan ahead when balancing school with your social life. Make a schedule for when you will work on your studies throughout the week, and don’t plan anything else during those times.
  • Keep a calendar where you can write important assignments and deadlines. Put it somewhere you’ll see frequently. If you have several deadlines that overlap, plan ahead and tackle at least one of them ahead of schedule.

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Look into college extension or online classes.

If your Air Traffic school doesn’t offer advanced classes that suit your interests or abilities.

You may be able to find the classes you’re looking for through a local college extension program or online school.

You will be able to take the challenging courses you want.

And it will show initiative and drive on your high school transcript.

  • Talk to a teacher or counselor to get advice on where to look for college extension or online classes.
  • They will be able to tell you whether the credits will transfer and count towards your high school’s requirements.

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Air Traffic Services Courses/Durations

Choose teachers you have a good relationship with.

If this is your first year at Air Traffic school.

You can ask older siblings or any classmates you know if they have any favorite teachers.

If it’s not your first year, look for interesting classes taught by teachers you like.

And have a good relationship with. You’ll learn better with someone you engage well with.

  • Many colleges look for comments or recommendations from teachers about a student’s engagement when considering an application. Building good relationships with teachers can be a great way to improve your chances of positive recommendations.

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