14 Best Pet Grooming Services to Follow and make Money

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Aussie groomers: A matted dog has no insulation from the heat or cold either, because air cannot circulate through his coat. Matted coats can be extremely painful for a dog to live with, it is like having hundreds of rubber bands pulling tight on your skin. This is why regular grooming is not a luxury but a necessity.

Regular grooming stimulates blood flow, which in turn improves blood supply to the hair follicles working wonders for the coat condition. Grooming also stimulates the lymphatic system, thus having a positive affect on the dog’s health in the same way that a massage does for humans. Great for older pets.

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Aussie groomers

1. Classic Service – All inclusive

A warm water hydrobath using environmentally friendly solutions, brushing, nail clipping, ear & eye cleaning, deodorant, blow dry, doggy treat and friendly helpful pooch related advice.

To truly pamper your pooch, you may like to add one or more of our additional services to your classic service, details below.

2. Easy Shed Service

This service is designed to help remove excess hair from your dog’s coat, resulting in less hair around your yard and home. It also hydrates and further benefits your dogs skin and coat

Aussie groomers

3. Curly Coat & Oodle Shampoo

Groomers can wash and groom your dog using our Curly Coat and Oodle Shampoo that has been specifically formulated for curly haired and Oodle dog breeds.

Curly Coat and Oodle Shampoo helps retain curl and texture of your dogs coat while adding volume.

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4. Flea & Tick Treatment

Flea and ticks can cause all sorts of health issues for your dog and even your human family. Flea and tick rinses can be provided if needed.

5. Protein Conditioning Treatment

Massaged into your pooches skin and coat during their hydrobath.

It will nourish and hydrate their skin and leave their coat soft and shiny.

It can also assist in keeping their coat from becoming matted.

Aussie groomers

6. Grooming & Trimming

For dogs with longer coats to ensure they stay comfortable with less hair around their face and feet. It also helps with matting.

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7. Sensitive Skin Treatment

The Pooch Mobiles Sensitive Skin Cleanser can be massaged into your pooch.

It is plant derived made with coconut oil and Vitamin E.

It helps to leave your dogs skin feeling calmer and less irritable.

8. Thorough Ear Cleaning

Ear drops are massaged into your dog’s ear canals to help loosen up any gunk and provide a thorough cleanse.

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9. Aromacare Service

The Pooch Mobile Aromacare products are more than just beautiful scents.

Rosemary and Lavender Aromacare are available and are said to be calming, uplifting and relaxing for your pooch.

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10. Clipping Package

Some of our Aussie Pooch Mobile dog groomers offer clipping for your pooch before or after their classic hydrobath.

11. Dog Facial Treatment

Cleanse, nourishes and hydrates your dog’s skin using our Aromacare Dog Facial Cleanser that contains cosmetic grade optical brighteners. This service also helps with tear stain removal.

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12. Pooch Massage

Massages provide a range of health benefits for your pooch. The APM Pooch Massage is performed with a specific technique including the use of hydrotherapy. Your pooch will be in doggy heaven.

13. Pooch Party

If you arrange additional dogs to be washed at your home you will receive a free gift and the other dogs will be provided with a great discount on their first service.

14. Quality Pet Products

Your Aussie Pooch Mobile local groomer can provide pet products directly to your doorstep at your regular wash & grooming appointments.

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