Top 47 Baby’s Airports/Airplanes Travel Checklist

This carry-on packing list may seem excessive.

But, if you’re flying with a baby or toddler.

You know that needing something and not having access to it would be awful.

Airports and airplanes do not have great selections of baby products on hand.

If you split the contents between the usually allotted three bags of carry-on luggage by most airlines for two adults and a lap baby.

You should be able to avoid needing a mule to carry everything.

The list for Baby’s Airports/Airplanes Travel are:

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Baby’s Airports/Airplanes Travel Checklist

  1. Plane tickets
  2. Passports & other ID
  3. Consent form if both parents are not traveling
  4. Hotel vouchers/printed reservation correspondence
  5. Credit cards/money
  6. Travel insurance information
  7. Smartphone & charger
  8. Tablet or laptop & charger, headphones

    Baby’s Airports/Airplanes Travel Checklist

  9. Camera & charger
  10. Prescription medications
  11. Pen
  12. Toys
  13. Books
  14. Baby’s ‘Woobie’ or special blanket or toy (guard this with your life!)
  15. 1 diaper per every hour of your journey
  16. Wipes, wipes & more wipes
  17. 2 changes of clothes for baby

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  18. At least 1 change of clothes for you
  19. Plastic bags to hold aforementioned possible laundry
  20. Snacks
  21. Food for baby – at least two more meals than you think you’ll need
  22. Formula or milk for baby – at least 2 more feeds than you think you’ll need
  23. Clean bottles or sippy cups

    Baby’s Airports/Airplanes Travel Checklist

  24. Breast pump & accessories (if you’re pumping)
  25. Extra pacifiers (if baby takes them)
  26. travel-sized toothpaste
  27. travel-sized mouthwash
  28. travel-sized hand sanitizer
  29. travel-sized moisturizer
  30. travel-sized liquid dish soap

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  31. travel-sized deodorant
  32. travel-sized shampoo
  33. travel-sized conditioner
  34. travel-sized disinfecting liquid (like alcohol or peroxide)
  35. small tube antibiotic ointment
  36. toothbrushes
  37. a few cotton swabs

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    Baby’s Airports/Airplanes Travel Checklist

  38. fabric bandages
  39. liquid baby antihistamine
  40. liquid baby acetaminophen
  41. travel-sized baby wash
  42. travel-sized baby shampoo
  43. travel-sized baby moisturizer
  44. travel-sized diaper cream
  45. travel-sized baby sunscreen
  46. travel sized baby laundry soap
  47. a few oral re-hydration unfrozen freeze pops

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Baby’s Airports/Airplanes Travel Checklist


Travel regulations limit the amount of liquid you can bring through airport security.

But if you’re traveling with a child under two, you are exempt from those limits (within reason).

We’ve had no trouble with our kids’ milk, formula, food, and medicines.

We keep it in the original packaging and separate it from the rest of our things.

All of the travel-sized toiletries and baby’s mini-pharmacy mentioned above should fit in your one-litre zippered plastic bags.

Happy Travels!

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