10 Tips to Start Batteries Plus Bulbs Business

Batteries Plus Bulbs Business :We’ll come on-site to understand your business’s unique environment.

And provide the tools necessary to identify opportunities to improve your battery, lighting, and device related challenges.

As a Batteries Plus Bulbs franchisee.

You’ll be part of a booming business with a promising outlook.

Solve your customers’ problems.

By providing them with the specialty battery their device needs.

Help them save money by switching to more efficient lighting.

nd delight them by repairing their phones and getting them back up and running

You’ve been dreaming of the freedom and flexibility of being your own boss.

You have the enthusiasm and the ambition.

Now all you need is the perfect franchise opportunity.

Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Find out how Batteries Plus Bulbs is unique, profitable and supported.

And how you will be providing products and services that consumers and businesses need for many years to come.

Batteries Plus Bulbs Business

Business Background:

The first Batteries Plus store opened in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in 1988.

In 2013, the company changed its name to Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Stores offer a selection of nearly 60,000 batteries, light bulbs and related products, along with phone-repair services.

1. Batteries Plus Bulbs Business :Unique

As a franchise owner.

You can provide solutions through needs-based products and services.

Including batteries, light bulbs, phone repair, and automotive key cutting/fob programming.

No other retailer offers these in one place.

You’ll earn revenue from many streams, including both retail and commercial sales.

2. Batteries Plus Bulbs Business :Profitable

While many variables can affect what you earn.

The top 25% of Batteries Plus Bulbs stores have average revenue of $1,416,761* and a merchandise margin of 53.6%.

You can feel confident in our 30 years of consistent growth.

In both store count and sales. Join in that success!

3. Batteries Plus Bulbs Business :Necessary

Batteries and bulbs power our lives.

In fact, the average Nigerian household has 28 battery-powered devices and 61 light bulb sockets.

That’s a lot of batteries and bulbs that need to be replaced.

And in an increasingly-mobile world, if your phone breaks or the battery stops working, you need it fixed – quickly.

Be the hero for your customers.

Help solve their problems and provide essential solutions that make their lives better.

4. Batteries Plus Bulbs Business :Supported

You’ll become an expert in a variety of services and industries.

You don’t need experience! We’re committed to helping you build your business.

You’ll soon be a pro at the ins and outs of batteries, light bulbs, phone repair, and auto key cutting/fob programming.

Receive tools, training, and resources from the beginning and throughout your ownership experience.

Real Estate, Field Operations, IT, Training, Marketing, and more: our well-established systems help maximize your store’s potential.

You’ll never be alone, with training and support that extends throughout the build-out of your store, opening, and beyond.

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5. Batteries Plus Bulbs Business :Sustainable

Batteries wear out.

Light bulbs are being replaced with more energy-efficient models.

Phones crack and break.

Your products and services – and physical location – will always be needed.

In fact, 96 % of Batteries Plus Bulbs online orders are picked up in store, demonstrating that immediacy is vital to consumers and what sets us apart from online retailers.

Our extensive quality assurance helps ensure that customers buy the best and that they’re satisfied and keep coming back.

As technology and markets evolve, we stay ahead of the trends so your business is never left in the dark.

Our 30 years of sustained success is proof.

Batteries Plus Bulbs Business

6.Batteries Plus Bulbs Business :Worthy of Investment

By offering needs-based products and services for retail and business customers every day.

You can begin to build your personal wealth and start achieving your long-term goals.

That fact that more than 57% of our stores are owned by multi-store operators is testament to our unwavering commitment to helping you build your business.

Your investment naira are in great hands.

7. Batteries Plus Bulbs Business :Advantages

  1. Experience the financial independence that comes with running your own business, backed by a proven business model with 30 years of consistent growth.
  2. Earn revenue from both retail customers and commercial accounts in your community. The average revenue for the top 25% of stores is $1,398,616 (see 2017 FDD for details). The only limit is your ambition!
  3. You will sell products that people need, from three rapidly-growing industries: batteries, lighting, and phone/tablet repair services, in store and online.
  4. Start providing solutions. When customers come in with questions, you will be there to fix their problems. To do this, we are continually adding services based on consumer demands.
  5. Receive the tools, training, and resources to get started – no experience needed.
  6. Get  trained  to become a technology expert, facing exciting new challenges.
  7. And solving your customers’ problems.
  8. People from all walks of life have become Batteries Plus Bulbs franchise owners.
  9. Using our network of support systems to assist in their ownership journey.

8. Batteries Plus Bulbs Business :Ways to Meet Customer Needs

Retail and commercial customers are able to shop in-store.

From home on a tablet, or on-the-go from a phone.

Get access to over 60,000 unique battery, lighting, and related products.

 9. Batteries Plus Bulbs Business :Carry out Research

Browse top brands that are tested and regulated by our Quality Assurance team so you can be confident in your selection.

Get a customized repair program that meets the needs of your company’s range of devices with options to schedule reoccurring pick-ups and deliveries.

10. Batteries Plus Bulbs Business :Get Trained:

Get educated on local utility incentives that are available to you.

One of our lighting experts will assist you with the necessary paperwork to ensure you get an accurate and timely reimbursement.

Whether you need on-site preventative maintenance.

Or you would like to bring your batteries to your local store.

Get a customized program to meet the needs of your business.


You’ve dreamed of working for yourself, managing your own schedule and making a difference in your community.

Let’s work together to reduce waste in our landfills.

And stop harmful chemicals from contaminating our soil and water.

When you work with us to recycle your business’s batteries and light bulbs you are helping preserve our environment.

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