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Bellevue Rare Coins: A Gem in the World of Numismatics

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1. Introduction

Bellevue Rare Coins, established in 1979, has grown into a cornerstone of the Pacific Northwest’s numismatic community. With locations in Bellevue, Lynnwood, Tacoma, and Issaquah, Washington, the family-owned business has built a reputation for expertise, trust, and exceptional customer service. Specializing in buying and selling rare coins, precious metals, and fine jewelry, Bellevue Rare Coins caters to both seasoned collectors and newcomers to the world of numismatics.

2. History and Growth

Bellevue Rare Coins was founded by Paul Chivers, a passionate coin collector whose vision was to create a trusted resource for fellow enthusiasts. Over the decades, the business has expanded from a single storefront in Bellevue to multiple locations across the region, each offering a welcoming environment and personalized service. The company’s success is rooted in its commitment to integrity and education, ensuring that every customer feels informed and confident in their transactions.

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Services Offered

3. Coin Sales and Purchases:

Bellevue Rare Coins offers an extensive inventory of U.S. and foreign coins, from ancient to modern issues. The store is known for its selection of rare and high-grade coins, catering to collectors seeking unique pieces to add to their collections.

4. Precious Metals:

Investors can buy and sell gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in various forms, including bullion bars, rounds, and coins. The company provides competitive pricing and detailed information to help clients make informed investment decisions.

5. Jewelry:

In addition to coins, Bellevue Rare Coins deals in fine jewelry, including antique and estate pieces. Their jewelry experts offer appraisals and buying services, ensuring fair market value for sellers.

6. Appraisals:

The staff includes certified numismatists and gemologists who provide accurate appraisals for coins, precious metals, and jewelry. These services are essential for estate planning, insurance purposes, and personal knowledge.

7. Educational Resources:

Understanding the importance of education, Bellevue Rare Coins offers resources and guidance to help clients navigate the complexities of numismatics and precious metal investments. They regularly update their blog with insightful articles and host events to engage with the community.

8. Community Engagement and Trust

Bellevue Rare Coins prides itself on building lasting relationships with its customers. The company’s transparent practices and knowledgeable staff have earned it a loyal clientele. Customer reviews often highlight the professional and courteous service, with many praising the staff’s willingness to share their expertise and offer fair deals.

The company is also actively involved in the local community, participating in charity events and supporting various causes. This commitment to giving back further solidifies its reputation as a trustworthy and community-focused business.

9. Navigating the Market

The numismatic market can be intricate and volatile, but Bellevue Rare Coins offers stability and reliability. They stay abreast of market trends, ensuring that they can provide up-to-date advice and competitive prices. For those looking to invest in precious metals, their guidance is invaluable, helping clients navigate fluctuations and make sound investment choices.

Tips to Get the Best of Bellevue Rare Coins

Bellevue Rare Coins is renowned for its wide selection, expert knowledge, and commitment to customer satisfaction. To make the most of your experience, whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, here are some valuable tips:

10. Do Your Research

Before visiting Bellevue Rare Coins, spend some time researching the types of coins, precious metals, or jewelry you’re interested in. Familiarize yourself with current market prices, trends, and basic terminology. This knowledge will help you ask informed questions and understand the value of the items you’re dealing with.

11. Take Advantage of Their Expertise

The staff at Bellevue Rare Coins includes certified numismatists and gemologists. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and seek their advice. Whether you’re unsure about the authenticity of a coin, the value of a piece of jewelry, or the best type of precious metal for investment, their expertise is invaluable.

12. Request an Appraisal

If you have coins, precious metals, or jewelry you wish to sell or appraise, Bellevue Rare Coins offers professional appraisal services. Knowing the accurate value of your items ensures you receive a fair price. Their appraisals are detailed and conducted by experienced professionals.

13. Stay Updated on Market Trends

The value of coins and precious metals can fluctuate based on market conditions. Bellevue Rare Coins keeps abreast of these trends, and you should too. Regularly check their blog or other reliable sources for market updates. This knowledge will help you make better buying or selling decisions.

14. Attend Their Events and Seminars

Bellevue Rare Coins occasionally hosts events, seminars, and educational sessions. These are great opportunities to learn more about numismatics, precious metals, and investment strategies. Attending these events can provide deeper insights and enhance your collecting or investing experience.

15. Compare Prices and Offers

When selling items, it’s a good idea to get multiple offers. Bellevue Rare Coins is known for offering fair prices, but it’s still wise to compare. This practice ensures you’re getting the best deal possible.

16. Take Care of Your Investments

If you purchase coins or precious metals, proper storage and handling are crucial. Bellevue Rare Coins can advise on the best ways to store your items to preserve their value. Consider using protective cases for coins and secure storage solutions for precious metals.

17. Build a Relationship with the Staff

Developing a good rapport with the staff can be beneficial. They can notify you of new arrivals, offer personalized advice, and provide insights tailored to your interests. Building a relationship based on trust and mutual respect can enhance your overall experience.

18. Explore Their Jewelry Selection

Bellevue Rare Coins is not just about coins and metals; they also have a fine selection of jewelry. If you’re in the market for unique or antique jewelry pieces, take the time to explore their offerings. You might find exceptional items that aren’t available elsewhere.

19. Utilize Their Online Resources

Bellevue Rare Coins offers online resources, including a blog and an inventory list. Use these tools to stay informed about new products, market news, and educational articles. Their website can be a valuable resource for both novice and experienced collectors.

20.Bellevue rare coins

Bellevue Rare Coins provides a wealth of opportunities for collectors, investors, and jewelry enthusiasts. By following these tips, you can maximize your experience, ensuring you make informed decisions and enjoy the full benefits of their expertise and services. Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, Bellevue Rare Coins is a trusted partner in the world of numismatics and precious metals.

Potentials of Bellevue Rare Coins

Bellevue Rare Coins has a robust presence in the numismatic and precious metals market, with several key potentials that position it for continued growth and success. Here’s a look at the various opportunities and potentials for Bellevue Rare Coins:

21. Expanding Market for Precious Metals

The demand for precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium remains strong due to their status as safe-haven assets. Bellevue Rare Coins can leverage this by expanding their inventory and services related to precious metals, including offering more diverse bullion products and investment-grade metals.

22. Increasing Interest in Numismatics

The numismatic community continues to grow, driven by collectors and investors seeking rare and historical coins. Bellevue Rare Coins, with its extensive inventory and expertise, is well-positioned to cater to this growing interest. Hosting more educational events, workshops, and seminars can attract new enthusiasts and seasoned collectors alike.

23. Online Sales and E-commerce Expansion

Expanding their online presence and e-commerce capabilities can significantly increase Bellevue Rare Coins’ reach. Developing a comprehensive online store with detailed product listings, high-quality images, and secure purchasing options can attract a global customer base. Enhancing their digital marketing efforts through social media, SEO, and online advertising can further boost their visibility and sales.

24. Diversification into Jewelry Market

Bellevue Rare Coins already has a foothold in the fine jewelry market, which can be further developed. By curating a broader selection of antique, vintage, and contemporary jewelry, they can attract a diverse clientele. Offering bespoke jewelry services, such as custom designs and repairs, can also differentiate them from competitors.

25. Enhanced Appraisal and Certification Services

Expanding their appraisal and certification services can provide additional revenue streams. Partnering with recognized certification bodies and offering in-house certification can attract collectors who want to ensure the authenticity and value of their items. Promoting these services through targeted marketing can increase awareness and demand.

26. Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

Forming strategic partnerships with other numismatic organizations, auction houses, and investment firms can open new avenues for growth. Collaborations can include co-hosting events, cross-promotions, and joint ventures that enhance brand recognition and market penetration.

27. Community Engagement and Education

Bellevue Rare Coins can strengthen its community ties by increasing its involvement in local events, sponsoring educational programs, and supporting charitable causes. Building a strong community presence not only enhances their reputation but also fosters customer loyalty.

28. Adapting to Technological Innovations

Embracing technological advancements in the numismatic field can set Bellevue Rare Coins apart. This includes using advanced imaging techniques for coin appraisals, blockchain for provenance tracking, and AI for market trend analysis. Staying ahead of technological trends can improve operational efficiency and customer trust.

29. Expanding Physical Locations

Opening new locations in strategic areas can capture untapped markets. Cities with growing populations and high economic activity can provide lucrative opportunities for expansion. Each new location should be backed by thorough market research to ensure its viability.

30. Focus on Customer Experience

Enhancing the overall customer experience is crucial. Implementing a customer loyalty program, providing personalized services, and ensuring a seamless shopping experience both online and offline can lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention.

31. Bellevue rare coins

Bellevue Rare Coins has a strong foundation and numerous opportunities for growth. By focusing on expanding their market reach, enhancing customer experience, leveraging technology, and engaging with the community, they can continue to thrive in the competitive numismatic and precious metals market. Their commitment to expertise, trust, and customer service positions them well to capitalize on these potentials.

How to Make Money with Bellevue Rare Coins

Making money through Bellevue Rare Coins involves understanding the various ways you can engage with their services and leveraging their expertise. Here are some strategies to consider:

32. Investing in Precious Metals

Investing in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium can be a reliable way to grow your wealth. Bellevue Rare Coins offers a range of bullion products that are ideal for investment.

  • Buy Low, Sell High: Monitor market trends and purchase precious metals when prices are low. Sell them when prices increase.
  • Diversification: Invest in a mix of metals to spread risk. For example, while gold is stable, silver can have higher volatility and potentially greater returns.
  • Long-term Holding: Precious metals often appreciate over time. Consider holding your investments for the long term to maximize returns.

33. Coin Collecting and Numismatics

Numismatic coins can be a profitable investment, especially rare and high-quality coins.

  • Education: Learn about different types of coins, their historical value, and what makes them rare.
  • Grading and Certification: Ensure your coins are graded and certified by reputable bodies. Certified coins generally fetch higher prices.
  • Attend Auctions and Shows: Purchase coins from auctions and coin shows where you might find undervalued items.

34. Selling Coins, Jewelry, and Precious Metals

If you already own valuable items, selling them through Bellevue Rare Coins can be profitable.

  • Appraisals: Get your items professionally appraised to know their true market value.
  • Market Timing: Sell your items when market demand is high to get the best prices.
  • Consignment: Consider consignment options where Bellevue Rare Coins sells your items on your behalf, potentially fetching a higher price than an outright sale.

35. Buying and Selling Estate Jewelry

Fine and antique jewelry can be lucrative if you understand the market.

  • Valuation: Like coins, get jewelry appraised and certified.
  • Estate Sales: Purchase jewelry from estate sales where items might be undervalued.
  • Resale: Sell high-quality jewelry pieces through Bellevue Rare Coins to reach a wide audience.

36. Participating in Their Educational Programs

Knowledge is power in the world of collectibles and investments.

  • Attend Workshops and Seminars: Bellevue Rare Coins offers events that can educate you on market trends, valuation techniques, and investment strategies.
  • Read Their Blog: Stay updated with market trends, new product arrivals, and expert advice through their blog.

37. Trading and Flipping

Flipping involves buying items at a lower price and selling them for a profit.

  • Deal Hunting: Look for deals and discounts at Bellevue Rare Coins.
  • Quick Turnaround: Aim to sell the items quickly before market conditions change.

38. Leveraging Online Sales

Expand your reach by selling through online platforms.

  • E-commerce: Use Bellevue Rare Coins’ online store to buy and sell items.
  • Auction Sites: Consider listing valuable coins and jewelry on online auction sites to reach a global market.

39. Estate and Inheritance

Handling estates and inherited collections can be profitable.

  • Appraisals for Estates: If you inherit a collection, get it appraised by Bellevue Rare Coins to understand its value.
  • Sell Inherited Items: Sell these items through Bellevue Rare Coins to ensure you get a fair market price.

40. Utilizing Market Knowledge and Trends

Understanding market trends can significantly enhance your profitability.

  • Stay Informed: Regularly check market updates and trends provided by Bellevue Rare Coins.
  • Network with Collectors: Engage with other collectors and investors to share insights and opportunities.

41. Bellevue rare coins: 

Bellevue Rare Coins offers multiple avenues for making money, from investing in precious metals and numismatic coins to buying and selling estate jewelry. By leveraging their expertise, staying informed about market trends, and strategically buying and selling items, you can maximize your profits and grow your wealth.


Bellevue Rare Coins stands out as a premier destination for collectors, investors, and anyone interested in rare coins, precious metals, and fine jewelry. With a strong foundation of trust, expertise, and community engagement, they continue to shine brightly in the numismatic world. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just starting, Bellevue Rare Coins offers a wealth of knowledge and a commitment to excellence that is hard to match.

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