8 Best N-Power Training Skills

Best N-Power Training Skills : Properly training newly hired employees is essential in any industry.

Failure to provide adequate training can result in job dissatisfaction, low productivity, and staff turnover.

From the basics, like offering a tour, to the training manuals nitty gritty guidelines, staff training takes sensitivity and attention to detail.

Above all, provide well-organized information, set the pace according to a trainee’s abilities.

And have patience as they learn the swing of things.

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Best N-Power Training Skills

1. Make sure they know where to park.

Its easy to overlook basic logistics, like parking.

Provide them with directions to the parking lot, specify which lot to use.

And let them know if they have a designated space. If necessary, provide parking stickers or other access passes.

  • There’s nothing worse for a new employee than to worry about showing up early and making a great first impression, only to find their employer hasn’t prepared for their first day.

2. Give them a thorough tour.

Restrooms, supply closets, printer and copy stations, and the cafeteria are typical spots on orientation tours.

Don’t forget the break room, coffee pot, and microwave.

It might also be necessary to show them a first aid station, fire extinguishers, and other safety equipment.

  • Work with your department or company to come up with key places to include on the tour.

3. Make sure they don’t eat lunch alone.

Lunchtime is another detail that’s often overlooked.

First days are tough, and nothing underscores being new more than eating lunch alone.

Coordinate with your colleagues to make sure new hires can share a meal with friendly faces.

Best N-Power Training Skills

4. Assign a highly qualified trainer.

Training duties are often assigned to employees with time on their hands or those whose desks are closest to that of the new hire.

However, if youre a training manager, you should take the lead.

In addition, its wise to designate an experienced employee with excellent communication skills and a good bedside manner to assist with training.

  • That employee should do work similar to what the new hire does.
  • They can also offer “unofficial advice, such as how certain managers prefer to communicate or who throws the best holiday party.

5. Provide a clearly outlined training manual.

A well-organized manual starts with an outline that previews its contents.

It should then break down each topic into digestible chunks with a clear, logical order.

A good structure introduces broad concepts first, presents more detailed information step by step, then briefly summarizes key points.

  • You should provide a printed manual so the trainee can take notes as they go.
  • In addition, email them a digital copy of the training manual, employee handbook, and other materials.
  • That way, they can always refer to the email if they dont have the hard copies handy.

Best N-Power Training Skills

6. Include the job description and performance expectations.

The training manual should also include a comprehensive job description that lists their essential duties, skills, and performance goals.

Its also helpful to include a performance review rubric so they clearly understand what the company expects of them.

7. Provide a staff overview and contact information.

A company hierarchy flow chart will let trainees know how departments are structured.

Who their heads are, and who reports to whom. Its also helpful to give trainees a list of people in their department. 

  • Make sure they have all necessary contact info for anyone within or outside of the company (such as vendors or clients).

Best N-Power Training Skills

8. Include any necessary information about safety standards.

Depending on the industry, make sure the manual covers emergency procedures and safety standards.

If necessary, check with the appropriate government agency, such the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), to find out what your safety training needs to cover.

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