37 Best NYSC Camp Activities

NYSC Camp Activities: In this article, I will work you through the daily activities of corp members (CM) in National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) orientation camp programme.

The programme begins on the day of camping and ends in 21 days time.

The camp is a mixture of stress and fun fill activities.

To few others, it was all nonsense and to others it was worth it.

Maybe you may see a different perspective when you look at it through my lens.

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NYSC Camp Activities

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1. NYSC Camp Activities

It begins from day one. However, prospective corp members (PCM) that came the previous day have their own experience.

They were allowed to sleep in a room and buy their own food from the mammi market.

No activities for them. Not even registration. Every activity begins from day one.

However, screening, allocation of accommodation, registration, issuance of kits items and platoon formations is done on day one.

2. NYSC Camp Activities

After getting your NYSC kits, it is expected to put on camp wears.

If you still desire freedom from harassment to join camp activities.

You can pretend as if you have not been given and go about your normal business.

If you put it on, you will be treated like a registered PCM.

After collecting your kit, you can go and arrange your bed and sleep.

It is times like this some went back to the tent where kit is distributed to change their own kits that are not their size with others that have their size and vice.

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3. NYSC Camp Activities

For those with any health condition, they should report to the camp clinic for a medical report.

This will either grant them freedom from participating in camp activities or a direct exeat letter from camp.

To complete the exeat request, you need to apply through your platoon inspector to the camp director.

The letter is submitted to registration unit.

The camp clinic for the first few days is headed by previous batch corp members.

After three days, the camp is fully handed over to CM that are in camp.

4. NYSC Camp Activities

You can join any camp group of your choice.

This will exclude you from other camp activities.

For example, pharmacist can join camp clinic.

With the tag you are given, you can use it to leave camp activities at anytime.

Another group that is good to join is Red Cross or orientation broadcasting service (OBS).

The OBS is a mini studio with sound and electrical gadgets.

Manned and operated by the corps members under the supervision of the publicity and protocol committee

5. NYSC Camp Activities

The first bugle sound you will hear in camp is the call for lunch.

This will be followed by OBS announcement for lunch using their sound system.

This takes place by 2:00 PM. The food service lasts for just one hour.

By 4:00 PM, another bugle sound is blown. This is strictly followed by whistles.

Why the bugle is the official instrument used by the army to call out PCM.

The whistle is used by the Man O’War for the same purpose.

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6. NYSC Camp Activities

They will shout through all the hostel for PCM to come out of their rooms for their first parade.

Failure to leave the rooms as at when due can lead to punishment.

Even if you may not participate in parade, leave the rooms.

This is done to protect PCM belongings.

Those who stay behind are considered thieves who wish to steal other people’s items.

7. NYSC Camp Activities

Nothing special about the parade. It is a training on terminologies and moves in soldiers use in welcoming visitors.

The moves will be used by PCM to welcome the governor of the state.

Or representative who will be visiting on the day of the swearing-in ceremony.

This will take place on the third day.

PCM are arrange platoon by platoon.

Each platoon stands in three’s. Each platoon is assigned a group of soldiers.

They dish out terminologies and their moves.

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8. NYSC Camp Activities

As the parade is on going, PCM members still keep coming into the camp for registration.

The parade comes to an end by 6:30 PM. But before then, something spectacular will happen.

By 6:00 PM, the bugle sound goes up again.

This time, the rhythm is unique and different.

It looks like an army kind of anthem.

The instruction was that every moving person must stand at attention when those sitting must stand.

As this is going on, the Nigeria flag that was flying was being let down the pole.

This process continues until the flag was removed.

Someone said Nigeria goes to sleep.

9. NYSC Camp Activities

The next bugle sound is by 7:00 PM and it is for dinner.

The hostel are open and PCM can go in to get their plate before going to the kitchen.

After eating, PCM are free to remain in their room or go to the tent to watch NYSC documentary.

The documentary ends by 9:00 PM. PCM are expected to go back to their hostels.

However, another bugle is sounded by 9:30 PM.

This is to inform PCM that it is close to when nobody is expected to be seen outside the hostel and that is by 10:00 PM. By 10:00 PM, the bugle is blown.

The last bugle for the day is by 10:30 PM which is time for light out.

You will hear soldiers screaming ‘put off your lights!’

Members of the OBS will also help to echo it with their sound system.

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10. NYSC Camp Activities

Day Two

Morning activities begin by 5:20 AM.

However, soldiers begins to blow the bugle by 4:00 AM followed by their Man O’War colleagues.

That means if you want to clean up before going for morning activities.

You need to wake up on time. 3:00 AM would have been best time to wake up.

And freshen up but the crowd of PCM.

Who wish to use the restroom at the same time will make the time wrong.

The best thing to do is to take your bath after lights out or wake up a little before 3:00 AM.

But that is somewhat difficult.

11. NYSC Camp Activities

The soldiers and Man O’Wars will come to the rooms singing and chanting funny songs while still blowing their whistles.

Male soldiers and Man O’War to male hostel while female soldiers and Man O’War to female hostel.

Some of the songs are really insulting PCM.

They do it will all joy and at the same time chasing PCM to the parade ground.
Then comes OBS. The first sound from them for the day will be the national and NYSC anthem.

This is followed by the reading of series of activities for the day.

12. NYSC Camp Activities

It takes time to assemble all PCM to the parade ground.

At the parade ground, OBS entertain PCM with music pending when the morning activities will start.

The activities schedule is not actually stable.

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13. NYSC Camp Activities

The camp director will welcome all PCM to camp.

Part of the speech will focus on the dos and don’t on camp by PCM.

The first day will be dry because most activities line up for morning activities.
Have not been organised since it is the first day. All this will change the next day.

PCM line up according to platoon number.

The platoon inspector will take their attendance.

They will sing the NYSC and national anthem.

As they are singing the NYSC anthem, the NYSC flag is raised gradually on the pole.

14. NYSC Camp Activities

The physical education (PE) trainer will give exercise move to lighten up the morning.

This is done with music in the background but that is only when there is power supply.

They are closely followed by Man O’War activities.

PCM in states like Lagos State will not have the privilege of jogging outside the camp and back.

It is because as early as 4:00 AM, vehicles are already on the road which is too dangerous for PCM.

That is not the case with some orientation camp located at the outskirts of a town where vehicles will not disturb.

The man O’War activities is just jogging around singing jiration songs formed by only God knows who.

15. NYSC Camp Activities

By 6:00 AM, the soldiers once again will play their military kind of anthem.

Every activity is expected to pulse and everyone at attention.

The Nigeria flag is raised on the pole close to the NYSC flag raised initially.

From now until 7:30 AM is parade by all PCM. This is swearing in rehearsal.

But because they want everybody to know and master the move before the swearing-in ceremony.

They may extend it to 8:00 AM.

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16. NYSC Camp Activities

By 8:00 AM, the bugle is sounded. The hostel is open for PCM to go in.

OBS makes the announcement about breakfast being served.

Breakfast is served for an hour.

By 9:00 AM, the bugle is blown with whistle for all PCM to come out to the parade ground for training.

The state coordinator will address all PCM before introducing the principal officers in charge of the camp.

The parade follows almost immediately.

The parade this time will last until 2:00 PM.

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17. NYSC Camp Activities

Lunch follows before another set of lectures and parade by 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM. By 6:00 PM.

The military anthem is sounded by the bugle and the national flag is brought down.

Sound for dinner signal food is served by 6:00 PM. This paves the way for the hostel to be open.

After dinner, you are free to remain in your hostel or go to anywhere within the camp.

Under the tent, the NYSC documentary continue until 10:00 PM.

The bugle by 10:00 PM and 10:30 PM ends the day.

18. NYSC Camp Activities

Day Three

The same morning routine.

The national and NYSC anthem herald the air while the NYSC flag is raised.

Morning medication by platoon one representative.

The morning medication is like an inspirational speech for the PCM.

Platoon one are the first to go on duty.

They will be shared among the jobs in the camp.

This includes kitchen, sanitation, security and others.

The Muslims in the camp will go to the camp mosque to worship.

Why the Christians remain behind to worship.

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19. NYSC Camp Activities

Afterwards, Muslims come back to join the group for morning exercise and man O’War activities.

This is followed by the army anthem and raising of the Nigerian flag followed by parade.

The only difference is that by 9:30 PM.

All the parade moves will be practice on the visiting governor or his representative.

At the end of the ceremony, the chief judge will administer the oath to all PCM.

They will be given the oath form to read aloud along with the chief judge.

Each PCM fill the oath form, sign with date.

It is later submitted to the platoon inspector.

All invited guests will be entertained by a group in the camp.

It can be the cultural group or martial art, etc.

20. NYSC Camp Activities

Afternoon food will follow. Payment of transport allowance by cash in hand commences.

Your state identity code tag and school identity card is needed to receive the cash.

Each cashier is assigned to a serial number to help disburse the cash to CM who fall within those numbers.

For example, number 500 to 600 is assigned to one cashier.

The sharing may not finish today because of the crowd.

Don’t feel relieved yet. The camp is a regimented one. Drills and man O’War continue by 4:00 PM.

This will put an end to the money sharing campaign.

This continues until 6:00 PM when the national flag is brought down and corp members (CM) go for their lunch.

Those still interested in the NYSC documentary.

Can go back to the tent while those very tired can go straight to bed.

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21. NYSC Camp Activities

Remaining Days

Immediately after the swearing in ceremony.

All camp officials will be scrambling to get you to join their activities.

The army uses intimidation to get the very best 40 CM to represent each platoon on the parade day competition which will take place towards the end of the programme.

Besides the parade, other sports activities begin from the fourth day.

Day five was on a Saturday which was a day for sanitation.

Every room was checked by camp officials for cleaniness and score awarded.

They look how tidy bed space is, fan, floor and other criteria.

Infact they will check the top of the fan of it is clean.

This ran through all three Saturdays of the orientation programme.

22. NYSC Camp Activities


The programme of the days is almost the same.

After the morning activities, afternoon activities is based on lectures. The lectures are:

1. Traditional
2. NYSC (Information communication technology [ICT], community development service [CDS], skills acquisitions and entrepreneurship development [SAED], registration department, etc.)
3. Environmental sanitation/inspection
4. Security lecture by security consultant
5. Sensitization on skills acquisition
6. HIV/AIDS and SDG sensitization

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Values reorientation lectures by PAIGAS/NDLEA
8. Sensitization on financial inclusion by FMYSD
10. NIM
11. INEC sensitization

  1. Professional orientation on teaching

NEMA sensitization
13. Professional orientation: engineering law and medicine
14. Funding option by financial institutions (SAED)
15. Collaborating partners

23. NYSC Camp Activities

It is almost impossible to attend all these lectures or even pay close undivided attention.

For pharmacists who participate in camp clinic.

Your attention may be needed by the clinic at certain times.

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24.NYSC Camp Activities

I must not forget to add that most orientation camp did not have the privilege that Lagos State camp enjoyed.

Because many companies are located in Lagos State.

Many companies applied for the SAED training.

This was not obtainable in other camps.

For example, the ARM pension night party on day 5 was exclusive to few state.

So too is Tecno mobile phone promo that ran between ogun and Lagos State orientation camp.

25. NYSC Camp Activities

Skill acquisition training begins on the eighth day.

After a series of SAED lectures.

Small tents are set-up by small skill acquisition centers to train CM on various skills over some days.

The indoor training is to give a brief overview of the actual skill and it’s benefits.

Interested CM can contact them after camp, pay their prescribed fee to learn.

On day four, certificate format is distributed to all CM.

The form is filled and a passport attached before making a copy.

The original is submitted to the platoon inspector.

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26. NYSC Camp Activities

Verification of the medical certificate begins on day four.

A medical doctor corp and his team attend to CM medical report.

They sign to authenticate each certificate either to stay or leave the camp.

27. NYSC Camp Activities

Sports activities and games begin in earnest.

They include football for male, volleyball for female, table tennis (male and female), last man standing, etc.

28.NYSC Camp Activities

From 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM is to e for different kind of party (social activities).

They range from Miss Petite, bold and beautiful.

The most beautiful girl on camp, debate, essay competition, singing, drama, dance, comedy, etc.

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29.NYSC Camp Activities

During these days, each platoon goes for Man O’War drills at the Man O’War ground.

At the place, CM are exposed to different kinds of barriers signifying some kind of life challenges.

Overcoming them individually and as a team is a kind of lesson for life.

They all have names. I have forgotten their names o. But they include climbing ropes, trees, etc.

30. NYSC Camp Activities

Some days, some platoon goes under the tent to receive special lectures.

While the others remain at the parade venue.

The other days, the others goes to the tent for same lectures.

And those that receive lectures the previous days goes to parade.

Day eighth, all CM are expected to submit their data form to the platoon inspector with their file.

Day nine, performance form is shared among CM to be filled and submitted to the platoon inspector.

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31. NYSC Camp Activities

On day 12, the payment of bicycle allowance begins with the presentation of school identity card and NYSC state code tag.

NYSC director audit visited and interrupted some activities line up for that day.

Lectures from him took over two hours.

This is not always the case as no visitors may come to some camps

32. NYSC Camp Activities

Day 14 is the day hostel or room oath form is filled by CM.

Your name, state code number and signature is needed in the form.

It contains space for all CM in a room.

The completed form is signed under by the room and floor leader.

A copy is attached to the door.

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33. NYSC Camp Activities

Day 15 is the day they begin to share plastic identity card.

Return state code tag to get the plastic identity card from the platoon inspector.

Day 15 morning parade was welcome with a surprise form.

We were all told the previous night to come in the morning with a charge smart phone and data.

We were all requested to fill form 4A online using a website.

The form is a research work on how CM see the NYSC programme, how they mobilize and other details.

They claim each Information is not tied to CM but to login, you must use your state NYSC code.

34. NYSC Camp Activities

CM who applied for relocation were advised on their dashboard.

To visit the NYSC portal on the last day of camp.

To check for their posting letter before collecting place of primary assignment (PPA).

Parade competition is the highlight of the 17 day.

The moderators are senior soldiers, police, air Force and marine from the state.

They observe the parade platoon by platoon. They give their verdict.

35. NYSC Camp Activities

Please don’t kill yourself for the parade o.

It has been observed that senior officers present as moderators will favour platoon their friend or junior is the parade commander.

However, that will not end the parade.

Immediately after the announcement of the result of the parade.

Selected CM from the best parade groups will be organized to participate in the closing ceremony.

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36.NYSC Camp Activities

From 18 and 19 day, the different sports and games final took place.

First allowance was paid into bank accounts on day 18.

Those who did not get their own were paid cash on the last day of camp.

37. NYSC Camp Activities

The 20th day is for carnival. This is a game whereby each platoon celebrate one tribe from Nigeria by dressing in costume as that tribe.

Bonfire night was the highlight of all camp activities.

But my bonfire night was replaced with cooking competition between each platoon.

The food is shared between the platoon.

The last day of the camp is a free day for all CM.

They wake up for breakfast.

After eating, they go to tent for last lecture after which they are presented with their PPA letter.

Vehicles from different groups will park around waiting to help CM to their PPA if going their way.

That is the end of all activities for cm during the 21 days NYSC orientation camp.

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