10 Best Small Business with Low Capital

Best Small Business in Nigeria with Low Capital

Best Small Business in Nigeria with Low Capital. Whichever part of Nigeria you reside in, there is a business for you, and more so, best small businesses in Nigeria with low capital which you can start and grow as well.

The Nigerian society is such a one filled with opportunities for long as well as extended survival tendencies for any business, in as much as you know how to propagate this wisely and skillfully.

However, to start a small business in Nigeria is not without some upsides and downsides. You need a small startup capital and a low overhead to begin a small business. Also, you can organize your business more effectively, without the need for much assistance and external aid, since it would be more of a one-man or sole proprietorship kind of business.

It is based on these facts that this paper takes a look at best small business in Nigeria with low capital which you can start with a low capital.

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A list of Small Businesses You Can Start With A Low Capital.

1. Laundry Service Business: this is one of the Best Small Business in Nigeria with Low Capital.

Laundry business is a moving business as everyone loves and wants his clothes or her clothes clean and neat at all times. Starting a Laundry business would, therefore, help fill this gap, since it is in one way, a low-cost business.

It fact, people have termed it a “Recession-proof business” since, at all times, people would always want or desire that their clothes be clean.

All that is required is technical know-how on professional laundry services, washing machine, drying machine, pressing iron, power supply etc.

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2. Local Clothing Business

Nigerians have this flair for locally made or traditional attires. Nigerians are tradition loving people, so here is an opportunity for you to make a good income by selling Nigerian attires.

Since Nigeria is akin with culture pluralism, you have the opportunity of selling a wide variety of clothes to as many cultures as possible and make money from market diversification.

You don’t have to make the clothes, just sell already sold clothes or sell materials. people can buy from you and sew these materials by themselves if they don’t want to buy the readymade local clothes.

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3. Repair, Sell/Resell Fixed Items

You can make a good amount of money collecting, fixing and reselling people items that have damaged or broken. if you are good at repairing things, then there lies a huge potential for you to tap from. as you will end up making lots of profits from it.

so there it is: either you fix or repair broken or spoilt things and/or you sell things you have fixed – which others may have thrown away.

People under this category include tinkers, carpenters, electricians, welders, cobblers etc.

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4. Writing Business

Are you good at writing – creative and interesting, educational, academic, health or whatsoever kind of writing? here is a business opportunity for you.

You can make money from writing and publishing quality contents on life and experiences, motivation and enterprise etc.

this kind of business does not select between rural or urban areas. you don’t need an office to make money from writing. you can write from home or anywhere and still make good money from it.

Earning money from writing does not necessarily mean you must be a professional at writing. in as much as you can captivate people’s interest, then you can leverage on this to becoming a paid freelancer.

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5. Vegetable farming

you can earn bountifully from a vegetable farming business. Agriculture is big business, a great opportunity to earn a decent income. you don’t need a very large farming space before you can START a vegetable farming business.

Start with at most two kinds of vegetables first. as the money comes in, add others and as more money comes in, you move in to get a larger farming space to cultivate your crops and make more money.

6. Selling of Fresh Eggs

There is no gain stating the fact that egg is a staple food needed by almost everybody. you can get these eggs for marketing either by purchasing from wholesalers or from your own poultry farm.

Of course, you don’t event need much space or capital to begin rearing layers, which will lay the eggs for you. that is if you are considering starting your own poultry farm.

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7. Salon/barbing Business

Starting a hairdressing or barbing salon is a highly paying business you can begin with a small capital. of course, the market is there as almost everyone wants to look cool and charming.

So, if you start a hairdressing or barbing salon business today, you are going to make high returns on investment.

You can always regulate your fees/charge to meet customer demands for the rich and the poor.

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8. Artisan Services

If you are knowledgeable in woodwork or carpentry, you can leverage on this to do construction works in towns, villages, and cities. we are talking about businesses you can do with small capital. in this case, you don’t even need to have much capital with you aside from the technical know-how and instruments or implements.

You can make money constructing barns, furniture, chicken coops, residential buildings etc. Since not everyone is skilled in this craft, you can leverage on and take advantage of this market.

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9. Fruit and Vegetable Business.

Barely everyone loves fruits. So why not sell fruits? There is huge potential for success in the fruit farming business which you can leverage on.

Also in the line is a vegetable business. those who like fruits also like vegetables, so you can make money by selling both fruits and vegetables, especially those free from chemical adulterations.

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1o. Start bakery Business

Bakery products are loved and patronized by all, both young and old. You can make a lot of money by setting up an excellent bakery business. Some of the areas you can leverage on in this business include bread, pastries, cakes, snacks, cookies etc.

If you have adequate knowledge on the bakery, it is more to your advantage. on the other hand, if you don’t have the money, then engage the services of good hands who can help you setup and manage the business for you.

You can’t lose when it comes to the bakery industry.


If you do not have large capital, then go with above-recommended businesses which you can do and profit from in Nigeria. The list is, however, endless as you can always do more.

If you need a complete business plan or you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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