12 Ways Big Brother’s Nikki Grahame Is Awesome

Big brother nikki grahame: Today marks a very special occasion for Big Brother fans: It’s the sixth annual World Wide Wrink Day! This is an unofficial holiday that honors all things wrinkly. You see, wrinkle-loving people are called wrinklers. Wrinklers love wrinkly things, like pandas, raisins, and of course old people. If you think we’ve lost our minds, you’re right END SNEAKY WRINKLER> Our point is that today marks the perfect opportunity to appreciate our most wrinkled (and lovable) friend from Big Brother: Nikki Grahame.
Wrink Day also gives us a great excuse to share 12 fun facts about Big Brother‘s Nikki Grahame that you probably didn’t know. So without further ado, here are 12 ways Big Brother’s Nikki Grahame is awesome…
Read on to discover why this former houseguest is so awesome!
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12 Ways Big Brother’s Nikki Grahame Is Awesome

Big brother nikki grahame: Big Brother is a show that can often be as brutal as the house its contestants are locked in for three months. Viewers can’t help but feel sorry for those who struggle to fit in, or who struggle with the challenges of living in close quarters with complete strangers. And while there have been plenty of underwhelming contestants over the years, we’ve also seen some incredibly strong, lovable Houseguests who have really made an impression on viewers and fans of the show. In this list, we’ll be taking a look at 12 former Big Brother contestants who are awesome outside of the show. These people are all activists, authors, models, entrepreneurs and much more – check out these awesome former Big Brother houseguests!

Nikki Grahame

Big brother nikki grahame: One of the most popular former Big Brother contestants, Nikki Grahame is an actress, model, and author from London, England. She was born with mild Cerebral Palsy which affects her mobility and speech, and she may also be prone to seizures. She joined the Big Brother House in 2006 when she was just 20 years old. She’s credited her appearance on the show with helping her to become a public speaker and an activist for the disabled. Grahame has a popular YouTube channel that features beauty and lifestyle videos, and she was also a participant on Celebrity Big Brother in 2017. She’s published a number of books, including an autobiography called Somewhere Inside. Grahame is also a model, and she’s worked with brands like Calvin Klein, Topshop, and Marks and Spencer.

Tila Tequilla

Tila Tequila is an American model, singer, and reality TV star who first rose to fame in 2006 when she joined the cast of Big Brother. Although her controversial views on topics like 9/11 conspiracy theories and racism soon got her booted from the show, she went on to star in her own reality TV series and she’s since become a popular social media influencer. Tequila has published two books, and she also runs her own clothing line, a makeup line, and a fragrance line. She’s worked as a model for Playboy, and she was also a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice in 2015. Tequila has been involved in activism since her early 20s, and she’s been a vegan since 2003. She’s also a musician who has released three albums, and she hosts a weekly radio show called The Tila Tequila Radio Hours.

Boston Rob Mariano

Big brother nikki grahame: Boston Rob Mariano first rose to fame when he competed on season two of Big Brother in 2001. He went on to win seasons two and seven of the show, and he was also the runner-up on season three. Mariano has since gone on to become a successful TV personality, appearing on shows like Survivor and The Amazing Race. He’s also a prolific podcast host and a published author, and he runs his own production company. Mariano is a passionate advocate for animals, and he’s a spokesperson for the ASPCA. In 2018, he was appointed to the organization’s board of directors. Mariano is also a strong supporter of veterans and charities that help disadvantaged children.

Brendon Villegas

Brendon Villegas rose to fame when he appeared on the 11th season of Big Brother in 2010. He went on to win the show, and he remains the only person to ever win Big Brother and Survivor. He’s since gone on to host numerous TV shows as well as a sports talk show called Runners World on Sirius XM. Villegas is also an entrepreneur who has launched a number of ventures including a health and wellness company and a production company. He’s an advocate for mental health awareness, and he hosts a podcast called Get Off My Damnd Lawn where he discusses a range of issues with fellow celebrities.

Rachel Reilly

Rachel Reilly is a model and TV personality who has appeared on seasons 10 and 11 of Big Brother. She went on to win Big Brother 11, and she has since become a successful TV host, appearing on shows like Ex on the Beach and The Challenge. She is also the founder of the lifestyle brand and website, Delushious. Reilly is a passionate animal lover who has partnered with the ASPCA to host a number of events to raise awareness and funds for the organization. She also runs a nonprofit called The Rescue House that helps women and children who have been victims of domestic violence. She’s also a published author who has written two books, including a recipe book called The Life of a DELUSHious Diva.

Frank Bowne

Frank Bowne is a former sports radio host who first rose to fame when he competed on season three of Big Brother. He went on to finish as the runner-up, and he’s since gone on to host several TV shows and radio shows, including the Sports Bracket show and a show called The Media Bracket. Bowne is a major advocate for mental health awareness after battling depression and anxiety himself, and he is also a passionate supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. In 2018, Frank was named as one of the OUT100 for his work as an LGBTQ+ advocate and for being a role model for those living with mental illness. Bowne is also the owner of a production company, and he regularly collaborates with the HONR network, where he hosts the series The Frankly Open Show.

Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill first rose to fame when he competed on season 16 of Big Brother. He’s since gone on to become a successful model and entrepreneur, and he’s hosted his own radio show. Hill is a passionate advocate for mental health issues, and he’s also a strong supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. He’s become an important voice in raising awareness about issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community, and he regularly speaks out in support of events like Pride. Hill is also an entrepreneur who has launched a number of ventures, including an underwear line with his friend and fellow Houseguest, Kevin Schlef.

Kaitlin Barnaby and Dalton Robertson

Kaitlin Barnaby and Dalton Robertson are a former couple who competed on season 16 of Big Brother. Although they didn’t make it to the finale, they went on to win $50,000 for being the most BB Connected Couple of the season. The couple have since gone on to become social media influencers, and they appear in videos on sites like YouTube and Instagram. Barnaby and Robertson are passionate advocates for animal rights and have adopted a vegan lifestyle. Together, they run the lifestyle blog The Vegan Couple. They’ve also spoken out about issues like toxic relationships, and they’ve written a book on dating advice, called Who’s Got Your Back?

Vanessa Coppa

Vanessa Coppa is a model, actress, and TV personality who first rose to fame when she competed on season 19 of Big Brother. She went on to become the show’s first-ever two-time runner-up and the runner-up on two different seasons of the show. Coppa has since gone on to become a successful entrepreneur and model, and she’s made a name for herself as the founder of the beauty company, Coppia Cosmetics. Coppa is a passionate advocate for female empowerment and social justice issues, and she’s been involved in a number of charity events for organizations helping women and children in crisis.

Final Words

This list is by no means exhaustive, but we hope it gives you an idea of the amazing things that can happen when someone decides to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Big Brother is an intense experience and many of the contestants who appear on the show struggle with what they’re going through. But these 12 former Big Brother contestants are awesome outside of the show. Hopefully, this list will show you that you don’t have to lock yourself up in a house with strangers to have an exciting and fulfilling life.

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