Top 114 Business Improvement Ideas

Business Improvement Ideas: This is the Law of Attraction (LOA)

And is the essence of attraction marketing.

It is based on one simple premise: that the thoughts, desires, and wants you put out into the world is what will come flowing back to you.

Businesses must understand the factors that catch the attention of the customer.

Once they fulfill those, the customers start to feel attracted and ultimately fall in love with the brand.

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A good attraction marketing strategy must be able to:

  • Produce an endless supply of leads
  • Create positive relationship with the customers
  • Generate income from the leads
  • Replicate itself and double the leads by way of word of mouth referrals
  • Here are 6 rules that every brand must follow in order to excel in attraction marketing.


Business Improvement Ideas

1. Start by Building a Design That Helps the Customer to Identify and Connect to Your Brand

  • Brand design should craft a message that fits into the expectations of the customers.
  • Design at every touchpoint, from business cards to brochures to websites and mobile apps should be flawless, professional and must connect with the brand’s objective.
  • You can always add a personal touch to your branding efforts by customized products or gifts for customers with company logos and images.
  • Your brand must have a clear cohesion in design and must resonate with values like individuality, creativity and freedom.
  • The design should be able to create a positive HALO effect which convinces the customers to feel good about your brand.
  • The HALO effect means that people can love, hate or feel indifferent towards your company based solely on their initial impressions from your branding.
  • Hence, it is important to ensure that you use the HALO effect towards your brand advantage.

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2. Know Your Audiences Deeply

Identify, research and know your audience before you start your promotion.

Understanding the audience demographic like the age, gender, socio-economic level, nationality, ethnicity, education level, marital status, income, attention span, first language, psychological profiles etc.

All matters for planning and implementing a successful attraction marketing strategy.

Understanding the audience persona matters a lot.

You can make use of channels where you are most likely to find your audience and you can further optimize your communication to know them better.

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3. Sincerely Help Your Customers

You can help your customers with almost everything.

Better customer support, better channels of communication, awarding them or offering discounts are all ways to take your customer relationship to the next level.

Personalization is another great way to make your customers fall in love with your brand.

Every customer loves to have a personalized dashboard, emails and offers that are specifically created for them.

Many customers are often confused before/after buying the product so having a specialized before and after support team will help to minimize the gap, thereby adding to the sincerity.

An efficient support system that keeps everybody in the loop helps to improve the responsive time and allows the people to get started.

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Business Improvement Ideas

4. Research the Want and Fill in the Void

Every business is standing on wants.

Efficient businesses even create wants to fills in the void.

In order to attract your customers.

You first need to either identify or create want and then provide services or products that effectively fills the gap created by the want.

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Research forms an integral part of identifying the want.

Research methods can be primary or secondary.

Secondary  research means making use of information that has already been put together.

For example, if you are thinking about starting a clothing label for girls, you don’t need to question people whether they are male or female to find out how many females exist.

Primary research, in contrast, is research that you design and conduct yourself.

For example, you may need to find out whether people prefer the color red or yellow.

Once research is done and you have the data with you as to what the people actually want and care about then your job is simplified.

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5. Increase the Retention Rate and CLV

Harvard Business School suggests that a 5% increase in retention rate.

Helps to increase profits by around 25%.

Henceforth, companies must make use of strategies that allows the existing customers to remain loyal to the brand as compared to making new customers.

CLV or the Customer Lifetime Value is another important metric when it comes to attraction marketing.

It is a prediction of all the value a business will derive from their entire relationship with a customer.

Brands that are able to attract the customer the most are the ones who are largely successful in increasing the retention rate and CLV.

They have a strong base of loyal customers.

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Business Improvement Ideas

6. Innovate and Think of the Future

Brands should not only live in the present but also in the future.

Companies like Apple, Oracle, Google, Samsung etc have specialized teams that are researching and developing products that are set to be launched 5 years from now.

Such products are innovative and are created after a thorough market research.

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This is the reason that big brands are able to build a loyal following of customers.

Brands can help to enhance the process of innovation by observing and watching their existing customers, running brainstorm ideas, asking their staff, examining patents, collaborating and open innovation.

These are all ways to sustain the brand of the future.

Attracting your customers becomes easy if your follow the above strategies. Never, ever try to fool your customers by offering something that you cannot produce. Remain honest as this will help you to gain the trust of your consumers.

Have you used any of the strategies of attraction marketing to great success? Please let me know in your comments below.

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7. Become a trusted advisor

Attraction Marketing works, because you are starting with the customers’ needs in mind.

But beyond that, you aren’t only thinking of their problems.

But use problem solving, Posing, strategies, and answering their problem questions before they even know you, or choose to do business with you.

You’re giving solutions to their issues. Coincidentally, this is exactly what does.

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8. Start teaching:

Teaching establishes you as an expert in your niche.

It demonstrates your credentials, without you having to flaunt them which no one likes, anyway.

And it helps you build Trust and relationships with the exact people that need your help.

You already have valuable information to share.

Don’t get hung up on “giving it away for free”.

Consider it an investment for the common good. And, an investment in your business as well.

Newbies, especially when it comes to advertising on the web, need help understanding the fundamentals.

Work with them. You will have no regrets.

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9. Answer questions online

Today, people are asking most of their questions on the Internet.

So if you’re in the business of answering questions.

You should be doing it where the questions are being asked

Business improvement ideas are everywhere around you, especially when you are an entrepreneur. This is your primary job.

You will work on improvements to your products and services.

You will work on improvements to your systems and processes.

You will work on many subjects that will need to be improved in your small business.

But, often I can see entrepreneurs stuck because they just don’t know where to start with their improvement efforts. They need business improvement ideas.

Other  business improvement ideas for possible improvements that will enable you to start improving your company today are:

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10. Improve the value that your small business is shipping to your customers.

11.Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the value creation process.

12. As one of the business improvement ideas can be adding additional value to your initial offer.

13. Make your offer to be really irresistible offer.

14. Try to implement different over-delivering strategies which will mean that your small business will always over deliver more than what you have promised.

15. Increase the trust your customers have in you and your small business.

16. Include your customers in the value creation process.

17. Improve the systems that you are using to listen to your customers.

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18. Increase your knowledge about the customer’s emotions.

19. Improve your understanding of the real customer’s needs.

20.Improve your shipping process to become more efficient and cost-effective.

21. Implement different shipping alternatives that will enable your customers to choose one that is most suitable for them.

22.Build really remarkable total customer experience.

23. Work on turning bad customers experience into extraordinary that means always when some of your customers will have a bad experience with your company you will work on improvements.

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24.Improve your customer’s satisfaction level.

25. Work on improvements to your customer support.

26. Improve your total offer.

27. Redesign your marketing processes in your small business, because there will be always room for large improvements.

28. Build and work on improvements of your own and all your team members’ networking habits.

29. Create and work on improvements after implementation of your content marketing strategy.

30. Improve your blogging habits and start blogging on your small business blog more frequently.

31.Improve your blog design.

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32. Start creating really exceptional blog content on your small business blog.

33. Start building relationships with the readers of your small business blog.

34. Use analytics to find the interest of your readers and improve your whole business blogging process.

35. Measure all your marketing activities and improve all your efforts based on performance results.

36. Improve your presentation skills and then make sure that your team members will also work on improvements of their presentation skills.

37. Improve your social marketing efforts.

39. Start measuring the performance of all social media channels that you are using for your small business and

40. 38. make continuous improvements according to the results

41. Improve your marketing messages and ensure they will come to the right persons.

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42. Improve your competitive research process.

43. Improve the processes that you are using in creating and building the community around your small business.

44. Build the stronger relationship with your community.

45. Always be close to your community.

46. Improve knowledge of your sales team.

47. Improve your sales process taking into account reducing steps that it has from the customer’s perspective.

48.Improve efficiency and effectiveness of your sales funnel.

49. Improve all your efforts related to selling more to existing customers.

50. Improve your own and your team’s negotiation skills.

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51. Exclude everything from your small business that means pressure to your customers.

52. Work on cutting your unproductive costs.

53. Implement different green solutions.

54. Use greener technology in your small business.

55. Implement more paperless solutions for your small business.

56. Make your small business environmentally concerned company.

57. Improve the financial performances of your small business.

58. Work on your own self-improvement.

59. Improve your business model, making it more efficient.

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60. Change your pricing strategies.

61. Change your current revenue streams.

62. Add more revenue streams to your revenue model.

63.Improve your overall revenue model.

65.Optimize all elements in order to improve profitability in your small business.

66. Start charging for the value you deliver, not for costs that your small business is making.

67. Each time when you fail, it is the possibility of improvement.

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68. List all problems in your small business and build a schedule for working on their solution one by one, from the biggest priority to the smallest priority.

69. Change your strategy.

70. Change and improve your organizational structure.

71. Remove all distractions around you when you are working on the most important business tasks.

72. Improve your to-do lists for the most efficient way of doing things in your small business.

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73.Schedule time for email reading and answering.

74. Reduce all your non-value adding time.

75. Decrease the need for using the meetings for everything in your small business.

76. If you really need to organize meeting make them as short as possible.

77. Always follow the implementation of the conclusions and recommendations from the meetings.

78. Improve your overall productivity.

79. Start practicing leadership at your work.

80. Improve your leadership skills.

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81. Start by delegating some of your tasks and improve your overall delegation process.

82.Make improvements in productivity of your employees.

83. Build systems that will allow you to measure their performance.

85.Work on optimization of all your systems to ensure as much as possible productivity in their operation.

86.Start doing something, because when you are doing something, you have already improved something in your small business.

Business Improvement Ideas

87.Start with outsourcing non-core business activities.

88. Finish all your half-finished projects or simply cancel them.

89. Encourage teamwork in your small business.

90.Improve how your team members work together.

91. Build a more efficient control system for your small business.

91. Increase motivational factors in your company.

92.Reward all improvement initiatives from each employee in your company.

93. Encourage your employees to take different change initiatives without fear.

Business Improvement Ideas

94.Deal with possible resistance to changein the most effective way.

95.Inspire your employees for the best way of doing their work.

96.Implement learning strategies at all levels of your small business.

97. Build your own and your employee’s discipline for doing the work.

98.Implement new technology in your small business.

99. Make your small business mobile as much as possible.

100.Decrease your inventory level.

101.Improve your overall inventory management in your small business.

Business Improvement Ideas

102. Start implementing cloud-based technology into your company.

103. Try to add virtualization into as much as possible elements in your small business.

104. Define what success means for youand start working on achievement.

105. Use self-criticism if you want to improve your business.

106.Use business ideas bookto better manage all your ideas.

107. Make the risk analysis for your company and work on the implementation of strategies to handle different risks around you.

Business Improvement Ideas

108. Seize different opportunities around you and your small business.

109. See things around you as they really are and you will find many places for improvements.

110. Make everyone in your small business responsible for the work that they did.

111. Look at different trends inside and outside your small business.

112. Improve your decision-making process.

113. Improve decision-making process in your whole company to escape possible bureaucratic behavior.

114. Follow and change your business plan as you implement it.

Business Improvement Ideas

So, these are 114 possible business improvement ideas for your small business.

You can start using them today and make significant improvements in your business.

Also, you don’t need to implement these business improvement ideas according to this specific order.

Just, select some of them and start the implementation process.

Additionally, you will probably need a process improvement system that will guarantee the success of the implementation of these mentioned here business improvement ideas.

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