15 Best Ways on How to Get Business income coverage

Business income coverage: With all of the scams and programs that are all over the Internet, it is hard to find a real way to make good money online. Even with well known business models like eCommerce and affiliate marketing, it takes a long time to even make one small sale. However, there is a business opportunity called website flipping that has an unlimited earning potential without having to sign up for anything, join scams, do hard work for small earnings, or having large amounts of start-up capital. Read more to find out how you can flip your way into making a true six figure income or more online, each year.

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1. Things You’ll Need

A home office

A computer

Little to no start up capital ($20-200)

Internet access

The ability to learn from your mistakes

A proper mindset.

2. Choose a topic you enjoy.

It is important to pick one that you are familiar with, so you can create many interesting articles about it.

3. Purchase a domain name and web hosting from any hosting company.

Make sure your domain name works well with the topic you have chosen.

Business income coverage

4. Start building your website by using the simple builder tools inside of your control panel.

Most hosting companies give you simple tutorials on how to build a website.

5. Begin writing content and articles about your topic.

 Add photos to your articles and set up a mailing list. Make your site look as nice as possible. If you dread writing a lot of articles, hire a freelancer to write the articles for you. It is very cheap, and a fast way to get great articles on your website.

6. Make sure you have some sort of money maker on your website before you start promoting it.

You could promote an affiliate product related to your site’s topic, or you could use Google Adsense. Your goal is to get your site to make the most money possible, so if you have lots of ways to make money on your site, then you will most likely make lots of money.

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7. Start promoting and advertising your website now that it has great content and money-making tools.

 Create Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter pages for your site. Write articles on Article Base about your site. Post flyers and create business cards. In simple words, just get your site out there.

Business income coverage

8. Watch the money start rolling in.

 After around a week or so of promoting, you should start to see lots of money coming into your PayPal account. Just try to make as much money as possible. Also, keep promoting your site and keep adding articles.

9. Keep track of how much money you make each month.

You will need this info for the last few steps.

10. After six months, calculate your total six months revenue from your site and multiply this by 2.

 Assuming that you leave the site the same, the next six months will probably bring in the same amount of revenue if not more. Instead of keeping your website, sell it.

Business income coverage

11. Try to find a buyer.

 Instead of posting your site for sale on a marketplace, think of types of companies that could use your site. For example, if you have a blog about dogs, a new dog toy company may be interested in it.

12. Set your price.

Usually, websites sell for 3-5 times the yearly revenue. So if you had a blog for six months that made $30,000 in those six months, your yearly revenue would be about $60,000. You could then sell your site for $180,000 or more depending on your buyer. Bigger companies are most likely to spend larger amounts of money on a website than small companies are.

13. You just flipped your first website

 Congratulations! You could take that money and spend it, or if you are smart, you could reinvest some of it back into another website. If you repeat for the next six months, you will have a very healthy income. Do this yearly, and you could eventually be flipping websites for millions of dollars.

Business income coverage

14. More tips

  • Instead of spending your money from the flip on a big mansion or an expensive car, invest some of that money back into your website flipping company.

  • Think of websites as virtual real estate. The reason why website flipping has made many multi millionaires is because you are creating assets. Assets are things that make money for you without you having to do work. There are many different types of assets such as real estate, businesses, etc. But if you are website flipping, you are making money from the asset you created, but you are also making money from when you sell your asset.

Business income coverage

15. Conclusion

  • Turning profits is not a guarantee. Like any business venture, how much you’ll make will depend on your determination and willpower.

  • Never scam people in website flipping. It is very easy to get caught, and the punishment will be harsh.

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