Top Business Monitoring Software(YouScan)

Business Monitoring Software: Did you know that social media monitoring software now goes beyond more than just letting you eavesdrop on your customers’ comments and discussions about your brand or company?

The more advanced solutions can now “see” images with your logo or product in it.

In a highly-visual Instagramized world, this recent technology greatly expands your ability to react fast and meaningfully to both words and pictures that customers post.

One such tool is YouScan, positioning itself as a comprehensive social listening tool, and rightly so by mashing up image recognition, visual insights, trends detection and sentiment detection, among its key features, in one fully integrated platform.

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If you’re using a standard social media software tool, you will likely find YouScan arguably the answer to what you’ve been fearing for long: potentially damaging photos of your product (or employees) that you can’t monitor.

This software solution will introduce you to a new game in social media management, one that leverages Natural Language Processing to put into context your customers’ sentiments up close and, truly, more personal.

Definitely, this software has more sophisticated tools than older generation social media monitoring software.

But before you subscribe to its plan, let us help you understand the pros and cons of YouScan so you can check if it matches your needs.  We will evaluate the tools along with other considerations like pricing, supported devices and integration, because these factors are critical, too, to how cost-effective the app can work for you.

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Business Monitoring Software

Get the background:

According to a Forbes article (“Why Is It Important to Listen on Social Media”), knowing how to listen to people online is necessary to social media success. But while mentions and shootouts from influencers and viral posts are a lot easier to be heard, there can be hundreds or thousands or even millions relevant interactions related to your product or service that take place but go undetected. These unheard of insights might just be what you need to plan the next move that can make a significant impact on your customers and your business in general.

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What are these interactions and how significant are they to marketing your products and your business in general? Knowing what your customers think about your product is just as good if not better than knowing what your competitors are up to. Customers reactions can either be positive or detrimental, thus knowing what has been said or how your product has been used play an important role in deciding what your next step should be. Whether you just have to keep what you are doing, boost your marketing strategy, or do damage control, it will all depend on the analytics social media insights and analytics you can gather. For this, you need the right tools (The Business Journals) to get the information you need.

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Business Monitoring Software


You Scan is a popular social media monitoring software that provides its users with a comprehensive online listening solution. Powered by artificial intelligence and Natural Language Processing technology, You Scan offers an in-depth worldwide social media coverage by gathering and analysing consumer pulse through product mentions and present keywords. Going beyond text recognition, You Scan takes it a step further with its AI-powered image recognition responsible for collecting and analysing photos that display your brand’s logo or other product-related images for a more in-depth insight into your consumers’ impressions of your brand and products.

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Business Monitoring Software

Get the features

You Scan has a powerful system and easy-to-use interface that also allows seamless collaboration among your team members. Below is a list of features this social media monitoring software is equipped with:

  1. Trends detection
  2. Image recognition technology
  3. Visual insights
  4. API
  5. Integrations
  6. Per-topic permission
  7. By-logo data collection
  8. Sentiment detection
  9. Analytical report
  10. Spam filtering
  11. Smart notifications
  12. Auto-categories
  13. Categorization
  14. Tagging
  15. Workflow automation
  16. Collaboration tools
  17. Custom alerts

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Business Monitoring Software

YouScan’s Pros & Cons

Just like other software solutions, this software has its advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we will delve deeper into the pros and cons of YouScan and help you assess whether this is the monitoring software that is right for your business.

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Business Monitoring Software

Image Recognition Technology

Social media is a hub of image-centered posts and YouScan takes advantage of this by incorporating an AI-powered image recognition as one of its key features. This feature recognizes your brand’s logo, products, and other images related to your brand that shows in photos even without accompanying descriptions that mention your brand, company, or product name. This feature lends great leverage to your ability to respond fast and accurately to positive and negative photos on your brand. No doubt, YouScan stands out in the niche for this NLP-enhanced feature, something that is yet to be implemented by other social listening tools. You might think this feature only benefits “photo-magnet” brands like fashion, food and gadget products; but any company that aspires to protecting its brand will do well to consider this image tracking tool.

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Business Monitoring Software

Workflow Automation

Gathering, organizing, and analyzing data are tedious tasks that require a lot of time and effort to accomplish. YouScan automates these processes through its auto-categorization, tagging, and filtering based on specific keywords. You can also customize the categories, tags, and filters to make it easier to identify them from one another. Being able to set your day-to-day social monitoring process in auto-mode gives you more time to focus on your core business. Not only that, a human-dependent workflow is prone to errors, such as someone missing a critical post for instance that would later escalate to an unflattering viral video on your brand.

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Business Monitoring Software

Real-time Reputation Management

YouScan’s smart notifications feature alerts you to social media posts that can harm your brand. This feature automatically sends notifications to third-party applications, such as your CRM system and Slack channel. With this feature, you no longer have to log in on your YouScan account to receive and view important alerts. Likewise, the vendor has its servers located in Amazon and Microsoft Azure clouds, reliable platforms that guarantee system uptime virtually all the time.

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Business Monitoring Software

Unlimited Users

YouScan’s subscriptions plans do not limit the number of users a single account can have, which works to the advantage of large teams. Companies with myriad product lines will also benefit from this setup. You, however, can limit the access of your team members to certain features and functions based on their roles, tasks, etc. This adds a security wall against potential leaks of sensitive or confidential data to the public.

Business Monitoring Software

Supported Devices

YouScan is cloud-hosted and while it is viewable on portable devices through Internet browsers, it does not have a dedicated mobile application yet. We see little problem with accessing the app via a mobile browser though, where you can just as well use all the essential tools as with a native app.

Business Monitoring Software


With a starting price of $500 per month, YouScan can be considered to be on the expensive end, especially in comparison with other less technologically advanced solutions. But when you think of the benefit you’ll get in being able to monitor images that may make or break your brand, the ability YouScan gives you to respond fast and save the company from costly damage to reputation may easily offset the software’s price. As with any product, price isn’t the true differential factor, but the value you get from it.

Business Monitoring Software

Is YouScan The Right Solution For You?

If we go by the credo that reputation management is all about addressing issues fast before they escalate, YouScan gives you that extra layer of prevention against damaging images. In that sense, any business will merit the benefits of this solution. The price may be the only stumbling block, but if you’re not on a tight budget, definitely the benefits of this solution outweigh the costs. The best way to gauge how much this app is worth to your business is to try its features firsthand at no cost. oftware can address the needs of your business when it comes to monitoring your consumers’ social media reactions to your product and brand.

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