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 Business Opportunities in Agriculture Sector in Nigeria: A nation that cannot feed its citizenry cannot be considered a wealthy nation.

In other words, what sustained most of the developed nations of the world today, is agricultural business.

Why because; they have discovered the secret of value-chain agricultural business.

I stand to be corrected.

Nigeria for example, but for oil boom in the 70s, by now.

Nigeria would have emerged one of the richest countries in the world.

I tell you truth. Before the discovery of oil in Nigeria, agriculture was the in-thing, as a result.

Business Opportunities Agriculture Sector

Nigeria then has sufficient food to take care of its citizenry.

And suddenly, things began to go wrong, and worst still, Nigerians become ignorant about the very potential of agricultural business.

Nigerians however, have forgotten that they are blessed people in view of their favourable and fertile soil.

As well as good climates condition, which is favourite for growing of crops and rearing of animals.

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Business opportunities in agriculture sector:

Without boring you with the neglect of agriculture in Nigeria.

Which would have, in time such as this, boast the Nigerian economy, in-spite of the fall in oil price.

In this article I will be presenting you with the latest business opportunities in agriculture sector in Nigeria.

All what you need do is to make a choice as to which area or aspect of agricultural business would you like to start.

And run with, whether in the area of crop production or livestock production.

The choice is yours.

Having said that, the modern age, has made agricultural business so appealing and attractive.

Through the use of modern agricultural technology facilities.

So either rearing of animals or production of crops can be done through integrating the modern techniques in agriculture production.

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Business opportunities in agriculture sector:

  • Production of crops:

The much anticipated food sufficiency in Nigeria.

And that of industrialization of Nigerian state can be achieved through production of crops for food.

And raw material for industrial purposes, and possibly for export.

Therefore one of the business opportunities in agriculture sector in Nigeria is investing in crop production, and some of these crops include;

Root crops: such as yam, and coco yam, and cassava, and ginger, and potato.

Others are; Legumes: groundnut, and cowpeas and soya beans.

Business Opportunities Agriculture Sector

In Fruits: we have pawpaw, and guava, and pineapple, and mango, and banana.

Others are Cereals, such as millet, and corn, and rice, and wheat, and sorghum, and maize.

Another one is Vegetables like; melons, and spice, and carrots, and cabbage, and green pepper, and lettuce among others.

Apart from Tree crops, such as sugar cane, and cotton, and oil palm, and kola nut, and beniseed, and cashew nut.

And coffee, and cocoa, and coconut, and rubber.

There are also other business opportunities in agriculture sector in Nigeria.

Such as growing of flowers, growing of ornamentals.

And growing of experimental orchard for additional moderate fruit apples and pears, and grape vines.

These   can be successfully grown in plateau areas.

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Business opportunities in agriculture sector:

Processing and preservation food items:

Much of the crops mentioned above can be used as industrial raw materials.

They can be processed, packaged and re-packaged and as well, preserved to be sold or exported.

In other words, business opportunity will have a lot to do with value-chain production.

Business opportunities in agriculture sector:

  • Production of livestock and fisheries:

Production of livestock and fisheries business opportunity in agriculture sector.

Do present enormous potentials for growth.

Nigeria is blessed with facilities that support manufacturing of animals feeds.

There are abundant of grazing lands for animals.

There are streams, and rivers, and lake, even Nigeria’s coastal creeks are enough to support animals production with ocean fisheries supply.

Business opportunities in agriculture sector:

Agricultural input:

Contributing to the development and growth of agricultural business can be one of the business opportunities in agriculture sector of the economy.

By supplying farming equipment and facilities particularly.

Those of modern technology that will help in the production of agriculture produce.

Another opportunity yet in this area of agricultural input is in the area of water resource development.

Since water and agriculture activities are moving hand in hand.

And agricultural business cannot do without water.

And this is done as in the case of building flood control infrastructure and irrigation trenches.

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Business opportunities in agriculture sector:

  • Transportation of agriculture produce:

Another aspect of business opportunity in agriculture sector would be in investing in the area of transportation.

There is need for Trucks, Lorries and other machinery to convey or transport agriculture produce to and fro the farm land and urban centers or factories and warehouses, etc.

This business opportunity also involved goods and services trading.

  • On-farm and off-farm processing:

Since a good number of agriculture products are to be process.

In order to have variety of values from that same product.

Hence, provision could be made for the development and invention of appropriate small scale automated technologies for what I described as ‘on-farm’ processing.

As well as ‘off-farm processing of products from agricultural business.

So investing here can guarantee maximum return on investment.

Business opportunities in agriculture sector:

  • Timber processing activities:

There is yet another business opportunity in agriculture sector.

Which is opened to those who will love to invest in the utilization of timber and wood processing business.

It is a very lucrative aspect of agricultural business, even as there are plenty of wood resources in the agriculture sector.

The above mentioned business opportunities in the agriculture sector of the economy in Nigeria.

Are some of the immediate agriculture business opportunities available.

Where Nigerians can avail themselves of this opportunities.

To make good of their livelihood.

And also contribute to the development and growth of agriculture in Nigeria.

However, although, the truth remains that the Nigeria’s agricultural potential is hardly tapped.

Hence, this reason remains why Nigeria is incapacitated in realizing the escalating demand for agriculture products.

Be that as it were, studies have revealed that Nigerian agricultural sector is the leading employer of manual labour.

There is need for Nigerians to invest in these areas of business opportunities in agriculture sector of the economy.

In order to improve production and increase productivity as a way of contributing to the overall Nigerian gross domestic product (GDP).

Therefore, Nigerians are invited to invest in the above mentioned agricultural business opportunities so as to boast Nigeria’s economy and national development

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