Top 50 Business Ranking Cities Wold-Wide

Business Ranking Cities: Whether you’re an entrepreneur plotting to launch a startup.

Or a CEO strategizing where to put another office.

Knowing where the next hot city is would be a game changer.

Should you expand to Raleigh?

Would you attract better talent in Austinor Atlanta?

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With the new Surge Cities.

Index, Inc. and innovation policy company Startup Genome crunched.

The data to score and rank the top 50 World Wide Business Ranking Cities.

From early-stage funding metrics to job creation.

We’re measuring what makes a city successful.

Success as we define it cuts across business opportunity, cultural opportunity, and education opportunity.

We use ten indicators [including Transportation and Infrastructure, Intellectual Capital and Innovation, and Lifestyle Assets].

Each made up of smaller variables [within Lifestyle Assets: share of green space, skyline impact, hotel rooms].

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Business Ranking Cities
Business Ranking Cities

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What has changed in the report over time?

It’s important to re-look at the indicators every year.

For example, we used to include patent numbers per city in the first few studies.

Here’s the problem: In the US there are patents offices all around the country, like Chicago and Houston.

But in China, there are are only two cities with patent offices.

That means all the patents go through just two cities.

Also in China, an earlier report counted museums by looking at city websites.

Chinese cities won, which really surprised us.

It turned out a lot of private homes of former communist leaders had been turned into museums.

So it turned were comparing some former communist’s house to the Guggenheim.

Finally, here’s the smartest way to answer the age-old question: Where should you go next?

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Top 50 World Wide Business Ranking Cities:

 1 Austin

 2 Salt Lake City 

3 Raleigh

4 Nashville

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5 San Francisco

6 San Jose

 7 San Diego

 8 Denver

 9 Orlando

 10 Portland

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11 Phoenix

 12 Seattle

 13 Miami

 14 Jacksonville

15 Boston

 16 Los Angeles

17 Dallas

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 18 Atlanta
19 Washington
 20 Las Vegas
 21 Minneapolis
 22 Charlotte
 23 Riverside
 24 Tampa
 25 Indianapolis
 26 New York
 28 Sacramento
 29 Milwaukee
 30 San Antonio
31 Oklahoma City
 32 Houston
33 St. Louis
 34 Philadelphia
 36 Chicago
 37 Birmingham
 38 Baltimore
 39 Pittsburgh
 40 Kansas City
 41 New Orleans
 43 Louisville
 44 Providence
45 Detroit
46 Hartford
 47 Memphis
 48 Cleveland
 49 Virginia Beach
 50 Buffalo.

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