Top 22 Business Schools Standards

Business Schools Standards: I am here to inform you about the top business schools in Nigeria.

These schools are very famous and are accredited by the Nigeria universities commission.

They offer comprehensive courses on business management.

Also, they  have program for you to bag your masters in business administration (MBA).

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No doubt, there are many medical schools and schools of nursing around the country.

In the same vein also, there are NUC accredited business schools.

They are to improve your knowledge on how to do business.

There are many universities which offer business management/administration at degree level.

At this level, students are only taught the basics of business management.

To have a comprehensive knowledge of business management.

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You need to enroll in a top accredited business school.

Though you may decide to go for an online business school or even travel overseas for your business management studies.

It is worthy of note that these Nigerian business schools have made a name for themselves.

They produce most of the big names in entrepreneurship in Nigeria today.

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Business Schools Standards Top Business Schools To Pursue

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Business Schools Standards:

Standards for Grading Business Schools in Nigeria

Do you want to get more involved in a business moving away a bit from your career path?

Are you involved in starting up a business?

It may be possible that enrolling in a business may have crossed your mind at one time or the other.

The only problem you may be having is the decision on the choice of business school to attend.

Many good business schools can be found in Nigeria.

Nevertheless, there are some factors to consider in the choice of business school to enroll in.

1. The Quality of Their Faculty

There is need for you to find out about the quality of instructors in the business school you intend to attend.

It is important for you to get equipped with the necessary training.

Remember, a business degree goes beyond adding one more acronym to your name.

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Business Schools Standards

2. Their Network of Alumni

There is also need to know the influence the alumni network of the business school wields.

Some people base the choice of the business school to attend on the networking opportunities the schools offer.

These opportunities are mostly through the alumni network.

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Business Schools Standards

3. Lagos Business School

This school is based in Lekki, Lagos state.

It is one of the first business schools not just in Nigeria but in West Africa.

It is the graduate school of the Pan African University.

As a result of its standards, it has gained wide popularity throughout Nigeria and Africa.

It is a private institution owned by the Pan-Atlantic University.

It offers programs such as MBA both full-time and executive.

It also offers doctoral programs in management.

They are also an accredited online business school in Nigeria to run your MBA.

It the first to be accredited among other business schools the Association for Advanced Collegiate School of Business (AACSB)

It ranked 1st and 3rd in West Africa and Africa respectively by the Financial Times

The degrees offered at Collegiate School of Business (AACSB) include but not limited to the full time MBA, modular MBA, Executive MBA and also, PhD.

They also offer some executive programs in management.

The school has a strong network of alumni which most students leverage for business opportunities.

Business Schools Standards

 4. African Business School

This is another business of top quality to attend in Nigeria.

It has affiliations to international universities in the US, UK and other countries that offer top notch business education.

 With these affiliations, you are sure to be offered the best education in business management.

The school is located in Gwarimpa, Abuja.

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Business Schools Standards

5. The Executive Business School (EBS)

EBS located in located. It is another top quality business school in Nigeria.

Founded in 2007, the school offers business management at both undergraduate and post graduate level.

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Business Schools Standards

6. The Delta Business School:

Also known as Delta school of business and technology, it is located at Warri, Delta State.

7. Fate Foundation:

Fate foundation is based in Lagos.

It is one of the most popular business school in Nigeria providing training for young and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Business Schools Standards

8. University of Lagos Business School:

This school is Managed by university of Lagos.

It is one of the best among the business schools accredited by the National Universities Commission.

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9. Unicaribbean Business School in Nigeria 

It is also located in Lagos.

10. West Africa Business School

It is one of leading business schools in Africa.

It has branches in Ghana and in Lagos, Nigeria.

Registered in 2002 as a private institute, the school is committed to developing intellectuals in Africa particularly, West Africa.

With a campus also in Gambia, they enjoy partnership with major brands in health, finance and insurance sectors.

They have an approach to training different from the approach of traditional business schools.

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They offer corporate training through open enrollment.

They also offer in-house training programs for companies.

They also have option of distance e-learning.

In the school is also an entrepreneurship development center that unemployed graduates.

As well as graduates of primary and secondary schools.

They have a long term goal of awarding degrees and also to establish ECOWAS Open University.

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Business Schools Standards

11. Integrated Business School (IBS)

The school is located in Kaduna state, Northern Nigeria.

They are also accredited by the National Universities Commission, NUC.

12. Bowell Business School 

Bowell Business School is just another top business school Nigeria.

Which offers a wide range of formal business courses. It has branches in Akure and Lagos.

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Business Schools Standards

13. International School of Management

This school also offers quality education in business management.

They offer undergraduate, postgraduate and online studies.

They have affiliations to top universities in America and Europe.

They have both local and foreign tutors who have good knowledge of the Nigeria business environment.

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Business Schools Standards

14. Metropolitan School of Business Management, Lagos

It is a branch of the metropolitan school of business management in UK.

It is located in Lagos.

The school offers both full time and online learning to students.

It is a great opportunity to have a degree from a UK school without leaving the shores of Nigeria.

Enrolling in any of these institutions.

Would provide you with the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

To advance your knowledge in the field of business management.

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Business Schools Standards

Other Business Schools in Nigeria

Some other quality business schools in Nigeria accredited by NUC include:

15. UNIZIK Business School.

16. University of Ilorin Business School, Ilorin

17. Obafemi Awolowo University Business School, Ile-Ife,

18. MSME Business School

19. Kaduna Business School

20. GPE Business School, Enugu,

21 .ESUTH Business School, Lagos,

22. Beeches Graduates School of Business, Lagos,

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Business Schools Standards

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