12 Tips to Start Canning Company Business

Canning Company Business: A medium-sized canning company decided that it would move into the nutritional diet market.

The general manager thinks the present products – beans in tomato sauce, soups, spaghetti, meat and vegetables – have a poor nutritional image.

The product designer has produced a low-calorie Canning Company Business.

And the marketing manager has produced the following market mix plan.

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Canning Company BusinessCanning Company BusinessCanning Company Business

1. Canning Company Business:Get the Marketing objectives

Enter the diet food market segment emphasizing the nutritional/low calorie/ convenience aspects
of the product.

Recover development costs within two years.
Maximize profits.

At present, the country is in an economic recession.

But there is predicted to be a minor resurgence in the economy.

The social environment is changing, with an increased awareness of the nutritional value of foods.

Personal fitness and weight control.

If the market follows overseas trends.

This trend could continue affecting a greater proportion of the population.

This means the product should be readily accepted with little social resistance.

At present, there are no calorie reduced, nutritionally balanced, canned convenience meals on the market.

This could be expected to change rapidly once the product is launched.

Thus the company must have a flexible marketing plan to adjust to the changing competitive environment.

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2. Canning Company Business:Get to know the Product

The product has the appeal of being:
a balanced meal of nutrients and minerals;
low in calories;

These factors were established from the market trial.

And from this a product image developed of ‘calorie reduced.

Highly nutritious, convenience meal’.

Factors such as ‘good for you’, ‘balanced’, ‘quick’ and ‘healthy’ could be emphasized as product benefits.

3. Canning Company Business:Get to know the Product name

As the sponsoring company is diversifying into the product area of diet foods.

It could be preferable to establish a new brand with a ‘health’ image.

Brand suggestions include ‘LITEWEIGHT’, ‘VITALITE’ or ‘NUTRILITE’.

The latter brand name tends to be better suited to the product image of a calorie reduced, nutritional product line.

The product name decided on is ‘Canning Company Business.

As this describes a chicken and vegetable mix suitable for a quick but special meal.

It also implies the product is different from competing canned meat and vegetable products.

This distinction must be emphasized as the developed product is establishing a different product image

As the product is to be canned.

It is important that the label be distinctive to attract consumer attention.

The label must meet the Food Regulations.

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4. Canning Company Business: Get to Know the Consumer

The product has to appeal to two distinct consumers:
consumers on calorie reduced/health food diets;
general consumers of convenience foods who would buy the product for the reduction in calories,
nutritional attributes and possibly taste preferences to competing convenience products on the market.

5. Canning Company Business:Get to know the Price

There are three alternative pricing strategies:
price high, to the upper end of the diet market;

price intermediate, to the low calorie/convenience market;
price low, to the convenience canned meals market.

6. Canning Company Business: Try to maximize your profit

One of the marketing goals set was to maximize profits.

To achieve this, the company’s demand, cost and profit functions were analysed.

Taking United State of America as a case study,  the production cost was estimated at $1.71 .

And to cover company costs and profits the wholesale list price was set at $3.22.

If there was a retailer mark-up of 30%, this would give a retail price of $4.19.

As the product would have to be promoted.

It was decided that the price should be first set to the upper end, i.e. the diet market.

And then as production increases and development costs are recovered the price should be dropped to the low calorie/convenience market.

The price set allows for ‘specials’, ‘discounting’ and other retail discounts.

That may be necessary in the marketing of the product and establishing good relationships with retail outlets.

7. Canning Company Business:Get the Markeing channels

The alternative market channels are:
market through supermarkets and convenience stores via a wholesaler;
market direct to major supermarket chains (eliminating wholesaler);
market to smaller health food shops and delicatessens via wholesaler;
market to all retail stores directly.

Canning Company Business

It was established from the market trial that the main retail outlets at which the consumer would expect to buy the product were supermarkets and convenience stores.

A smaller proportion of the respondents indicated buying the product at health food shops and delicatessens.

The company could use the latter if they adopted the high price strategy (i.e. price to the upper end of the market).

Canning Company Business

The market channel for sale of the product through a wholesaler to supermarkets.

And convenience stores is already established.

Using this would minimize the cost and marketing effort required in moving the product through the channel.

Marketing to delicatessens and health food shops requires marketing through a wholesaler.

Or using a manufacturers’ agent to a large number of retail outlet in small volumes.

Canning Company Business

This may suit the initial small volume produced.

Alternatively, during the initial low throughput.

It may be more useful to market the product only to one or two supermarket chains in one of the major cities.

On considering the effectiveness, experience and cost of the alternatives, the first alternative (supermarkets and convenience stores via a wholesaler) would appear to have the greatest potential.

8.  Know the Physical Distribution

The product is canned and has an estimated shelf life of two years at ambient temperatures.

Due to the nature of the product, damage is restricted to dented cans and torn labels.

Occurring only with excessive handling.
The existing company’s physical distribution system is by road or rail.

Which can be adapted to the Canning Company Business.

The product is distributed to warehouses in main city centers.

On analysis of transport costing, it would appear rail is the cheaper method for this initial distribution.

Distribution to the smaller centers could be by road or rail as dictated by local costs and availability of the transport.

The company adopts a policy of minimising the level of capital invested in inventory.

During the initial product launch, it is estimated a three-month supply of product is required to fill the market channel.

As the market establishes, this level of inventory in the warehouses can decrease to approximately a two-month supply.

This does not allow for any possible seasonal trends such as increased consumption during winter.

These can only be established during the initial years of marketing the product.

9. Try to Promotion your business

The promotional mix consists of a combination of four promotional methods:
personal selling;
sales promotion;

The mix must be coordinated and conform to the overall market plan.

The theme for all promotional work is:
Canning Company Business a calorie reduced, highly nutritious, convenience meal

This theme emphasizes that the product is a convenience product.

Giving a balanced meal of essential vitamins and nutrients.

For those people on calorie-reduced diets or interested in weight control.

It is felt that the main product benefit to emphasis is convenience: quick to prepare, calorie-reduced meal.

10. Canning Company Business:Get the Advertising aims

Advertising aims are to stimulate sales, and generate the new product image and the NUTRILITE brand image.

The advertising media available for marketing the product.

In order of increasing cost and increasing penetration, are:

1. newspapers;
2. magazines;
3. mail pamphlets with discount offers;
4. radio;
5. television.

Due to limited finance, the possibility of television as a promotional medium is eliminated.

Radio tends to be specific for local regions and has intense competition and short attention span.

Thus it was also eliminated.

The final media are within the company’s budget allocation.

Newspapers have a wide coverage but date quickly and have a short attention span.

Magazines reach a specialist target audience and have a longer life due to magazine circulation.

The mailing of pamphlets provides a rapid means of informing the public.

Important during the product launch but is relatively expensive.

Two possible magazines for advertising the Canning Company Business throughout the market could be:
a high circulation women’s magazine;
a high circulation general magazine.

Both magazines have a high reach.

That is a large number of people exposed one or more times to the advertisement.

The frequency of exposure will be determined by the number of times the product is inserted.

Coordinating the advertising schedules is important.

This is to achieve a high reach at product launch.

A possible schedule is outlined below:
Delivery of pamphlets to householders with a discount on the product.
At the same time, concentrated magazine advertising in both magazines.
Periodical burst advertising in magazines as the product is established on the market.

Personal selling in the company consists of a sales force of two area managers with eight sales persons.

The sales persons establish contact with potential customers.

To ensure the presentation is effective, sales staff must be informed of the product, sales method, any possible discounts, trade benefits, advertising and promotion to be used.

Sales promotions are to gain retailer and consumer confidence in the product.

To gain trade acceptance of the product and achieve prime shelf space and in-store displays.

Cooperative advertising and buying allowances could be offered.

In-store displays portray the calorie reduced, convenience, health aspect of the product.

For example a poster with a slim, healthy young couple eating the casserole and a caption underneath stating the ease of preparation.

Canning Company Business

The displays could show methods of serving the product.

And, if possible, in-store cooking demonstrations will be used.

Samples could also be given.

In-store promotion is important to show the attractive eating qualities.

And to emphasize the lower calories than the existing canned meals.

Publicity is to gain widespread awareness of the product in the trade and among the consumers.

At the product launch it may be possible to obtain media coverage of the revolution in food.

A calorie reduced, convenience meal balanced in nutrients and vitamins.

This is justified by the fact that the type of product is not presently available.

But corresponds to the new awareness in health and fitness.

Promotion of this type would require careful planning to be effective.

But in general publicity has a high level of truth attached to it.

That is consumers tend to believe it is more authentic than advertisements.

Overall, the promotional mix will be informative.

Building up an awareness of the product at the time of launching.

As the product establishes a market, the mix will become more persuasive.

11.Know the Timing and test market

The most suitable time for launching of the product is prior to winter.

This is because the hotpot may show a seasonal trend with increased demand in the winter months for a hot meal.

The extent of the trend can only be determined by actual marketing.

But it will probably not be very marked due to the ‘light’ sauce.

Prior to national launching of the product.

It may be advantageous to test market the product in a small region.

The cost of this is justified by the newness of the product.

It is essential the product is launched soon to obtain maximum benefit.

From the change in consumer awareness of health and fitness.

Combined with the increasing demand for convenient, quick-to-prepare foods.

12. Get to know the marketing plans and some questions

Do you think this should be a single product launch or a product line launch?
Do you agree with a new brand name?

How would you test the suggested name?.

Do you want to sell high priced, top of the market product. when you only go to the cheap convenience market at the moment?
What changes would you suggest to the market plan?
Would you give permission for the product launch?

In preparing the marketing plan, there are some points to remember:

The promotional artwork must be completed before the package manufacture.
There must be sufficient capital to finance the stocks of product and the introduction costs.

The money available will set the limits on your marketing plan.
The sales force must be adequately trained before product stocks are built up in the different
distribution centres but after the promotion has been designed.
Adequate stocks of the product must be available at the time of introduction.
The promotion should give sales which are related to the sales forecast but also the production
capacity of the plant.


The Canning Company Business is summarized in a marketing programme.

Which is an integrated plan of all activities together with their timing and costs.

It includes a marketing budget with the sales forecasts.

Volume, revenue and the costs and the gross profits.

The plan is evaluated before final approval.

Is it feasible, comprehensive and flexible?

Does it include a schedule, a budget?

Is it in written form, in line with company policy?

Does it provide for effective implementation?

Has it been carefully reviewed and agreed by the people who will carry it out?

Is it integrated with the production plan?

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