9 Tips to Start Capital Access Training Business

Capital Access Training Business: One-of-a-kind training program allows you to successfully enter the lucrative world of commercial financing.

Work wherever you want, whenever you want in this recession proof industry with earning an unlimited income.

Millions upon millions of small businesses cannot access capital.

The statistics don’t lie: The key facts below prove why this Capital Access Training Business is one of the most lucrative business to be in.

Because of what you’ll be able to provide.

These figures were taken in 2006 when the economy was good!

The fact is this problem always exists with very few people knowing what to do… until they meet you.

With your unique and complete business model.

Representing a multitude of innovative capital solutions.

From lenders that can approve a majority of what banks turndown.

Your potential client base is virtually unlimited with very little competition.

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Business owners are good at running their business, not at procuring capital for it.

The Capital Access Training Business has been a leader in the commercial finance industry.

For individuals to successfully own their own commercial finance business.

They  developed a one-of-a-kind opportunity that allows current or aspiring entrepreneurs to successfully learn.

And enter into the lucrative world of commercial financing by providing loans to businesses.

The best aspect of their low overhead business model is that you have the ability to work wherever you want.

Whenever you want, and earn the kind of income that most people only dream of.

Capital Access Training Business:

1. A Profession that Truly Allows an Unlimited Income

The Capital Access Training Business market is a trillion-dollar industry.

And every business in Nigeria needs capital to survive.

Especially in today’s credit crisis.

That’s where you come in.

You will be able to offer capital to small or large businesses from #5,000 to #500,000,000.

Or more and have the lending sources to fund these transactions directly.

You will also have the ability to fund transactions through private investors.

Which are sometimes better than traditional financing.

As private capital does not have as many regulations as a bank has.

Better yet, you will be able to earn anywhere from 1% to 15% commission on the loans.

That you will be able to provide.

With some loans, you can earn more money on one transaction then most people make in a year.

Capital Access Training Business

Capital Access Training Business
BusinessHAB.com Capital Access Training Business

Capital Access Training Business:

2. A Business Model that is Recession Proof Yet Very Profitable in a Recession

With the current credit crunch that we are living in.

There cannot be a better time to enter into this business then now.

The business model that you will learn is very profitable in good economic times.

But also thrives in weak economic conditions.

The majority of business owners are currently being declined by banks.

That have been hit hard by the credit crunch.

Despite what you might hear in the news.

There are actually hundreds of lenders that are very solvent.

And willing to lend money to businesses for all credit types.

These are the lenders that you will be approved to do business with through our program and pay you large commissions.

Capital Access Training Business:

Capital Access Training Business
BusinessHAB.com Capital Access Training Business

3. An Intensive Training Program that will Transform Your Life

With over 75 years of combined commercial finance experience.

The Capital Access Training Business developed a comprehensive, easy system.

To learn how to provide many different types of commercial finance products to businesses of all types.

They practice what they preach as their board of directors are owners of a national commercial finance company.

So you are getting time tested principles and knowledge that works successfully.

Throughout the training, you will learn about each type of financing product.

And how to package and submit transactions to your lenders.

You will even meet some of the lenders in person.

That you are approved to do business with.

By completing our training, the lenders will waive the typical time in business.

And years of experience requirement in order to do business with them.

The program gives you the necessary tools to put you in business immediately after training.

Allowing you to start building a great income with your own commercial finance company.

Best of all, you will get paid as soon as your loan closes with our lenders.

We’ll even show you how to earn residual income on a continuing monthly basis with just one transaction.

Your commission is your commission even if your client defaults on the loan.

 There is absolutely no financial risk to you.

Capital Access Training Business
BusinessHAB.com Capital Access Training Business

Capital Access Training Business

4. The Financial Products you Will Be Able to Offer and Profit From

Why have all your eggs in one basket?

By completing our program you will be able to offer a full spectrum of financial products and solutions to millions of businesses of all credit types.

Desperately needing your service.

Your company will actually offer more financial solutions than any of the large national banks that you see today.

You will even have access to private investment sources to finance clients.

That may not fit traditional credit models.

By having these products at your disposal.

You will not only have the most resources to finance your clients.

But you will have the ability to cross sell products to the same client for years to come.

You are in a sense their in-house bank!

Capital Access Training Business

5. Here are the various types of financing you will be able to offer

Equipment Leasing | Account Receivables Financing | Factoring | SBA Loans | Franchise Financing | Medical Practice Loans | Medical Receivables Financing | Working Capital Loans | Merchant Cash Advances | Sale Leasebacks | Stock Loans | Asset Based Financing | Structured Settlement & Annuity Financing | Project Financing | Bridge Loans & Hard Money Loans | Lines of Credit | Gas Station Financing | Repossessed Asset Financing | Debt Restructuring | Venture Capital | Equity Financing | Business Acquisitions | Purchase Order Financing | Energy & Commodity Finance | Hotel Financing | Construction Financing | Commercial Real Estate Financing | Joint Venture Capital | Mergers & Acquisitions | Mezzanine Financing | Development Financing | Unsecured Lines of Credit | Church Financing | B & I Loans| Airplane Financing| and many more…

Capital Access Training Business

6. You Don’t Need Any Prior Experience to be Successful

You don’t have to be a financial wizard or have previous experience to learn this business and be successful.

You just need to have the desire to be financially independent.

The ability to learn, and the willingness to be successful.

You  have to  designed your program to be very easy to comprehend.

And implement once you graduate.

You also don’t need to be an expert salesman to be successful in this industry.

Think about it — the number one reason why businesses fail is the inability to obtain capital.

Most business owners only know of their local bank to obtain loans.

The majority of these banks only provide one or two solutions.

And you have to be in perfect financial condition to even be considered for a loan.

Because of this fact, business owners are getting turned down more so than ever.

This is where you come in armed with a multitude of financing solutions to provide to that business owner.

Capital Access Training Business
BusinessHAB.com Capital Access Training Business

Spend nearly a day and a half on marketing during our training.

Since the founders have been in the business for over 15 years lending directly to businesses.

You know what works to start generating a great income in a short amount of time.

By utilizing  this program, you will be able to start doing business part time or full time with clients.

That are in desperate need of your service the day you graduate your training.

There is a guarantee, developed a proprietary lead generating system.

That will provides you with clients that need your services.

There is no cold calling. They will be expecting your call.

This is our Guaranteed Lead System.

There is virtually no selling on your part because you will be providing a solution to businesses across Nigerians that are already looking for your services.

You are not tied down to just your geographical location to market in as you would be with most businesses.

You will have full access to your patented and proprietary marketing techniques.

And principles that we have developed and implemented successfully for years.

By the end of our training you will have gained powerful knowledge and inside banking principles to successfully get clients quickly for the life of your businesses.

Capital Access Training Business

7. The Perfect Business to Run Full Times or Part Time

The amazing aspect of our low overhead business model is you can choose to work full time or part time.

And still enjoy a high annual income and the freedom to work whenever you want.

The best thing is you do not need the high overhead with a big office to be successful in this business.

Work from the comfort of your own home.

Or work when you’re traveling.

We will even teach you how to grow your business and have people work for you.

While you run your business from the comfort of your own home.

Capital Access Training Business
BusinessHAB.com Capital Access Training Business

Capital Access Training Business

8. Continuing Support and Training for the Life of Your Business

This is not a franchise. There are no ongoing fees — just a lifetime of support

One thing that makes  graduates so successful is the ongoing support and training that you  will have after you graduate.

Whether it’s your first week in business or three years down the road.

We are always there to guide and advise you in any situation for the life of your business.

Your learning and training does not stop after your initial visit with us.

We routinely hold webinars to further educate you on new products and market news and insight.

We want you to have the most competitive and dynamic financial products to offer businesses for years to come.

We provide the backbone to your business. Your Success is Our Success.

Capital Access Training Business

9. There’s us — and then there is the rest…

We realize that there are some companies that are trying to offer similar opportunities. We also recognize the fact that you want to get the best opportunity for your investment. That is why we are committed to educate you first on how our program is truly different than some of the other opportunities you might have come across. There is simply no other company out there that offers the earning potential, financial products, knowledge, business model and support system that The Commercial Capital Training Group provides. Get ready to change your life, income, and future with the Commercial Capital Training program. Our reputation and past graduates attest to our ability to create successful entrepreneurs in capital markets.

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