11 Best Ways to Check N power Result

Check N power Result: If you have applied for any of the N-power Nigeria programmes.

And you have written the N-power test.

You can now check the result to confirm your pre-selection status.

Keep reading the post to learn how to check Npower result.

Would you like to see How to check NPower list Here?

This latest news update is on how to check Final List online.

If you’ve not read about npower Nigeria, then this guide will open your eyes about the programme.

For you to check npower final selection list, you’d first go through all the steps we’ve outlined below.

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Check N power Result

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1. Check N power Result

First stage: Npower recruitment registration: This is the very first step you need to follow.

So if you want check npower list, then you should ensure that you’ve already signed up for npower Nigeria programm.

2. Check N power Result

Npower Screening: You will be have to write npower test.

One you have successfully written the test, then you’re good to go.

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3. Check N power Result

Npower Physical verification: This is another important stage in npower programme.

You must be verified before you can be accepted into npower programme.

We have good news for everyone who took part in the 2020 N-power test to enter into any of the N-power Nigeria programmes.

The test results have been published online but some of the applicants have not been able to check the result of the test.

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4. Check N power Result

Knowing your result will tell you whether you have been pre-selected as this is a crucial step before physical verification.

For Npower result checker, follow the guidelines below.

Npower do conduct the physical verification exercise to know if anyone is not supposed to continue with the programme.

So if you’ve being verified, then see the next step to follow below.

If you want to check your name on npower final list now.

Kindly visit npower.gov.ng or portal.npower.gov.ng

  • To check your result, visit the Npower website on www.npower.gov.ng
  • Click on the “Check your pre-selection status” option.
  • Enter your name or email address, BVN or phone number in the search box.
  • Your name will pop-up on the screen if you have been pre-selected. If you have not been selected, you will get an error message.
  • An SMS and email will be sent to you congratulating you that you have been pre-selected.

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5. Check N power Result

Many people has been asking when the npower assessment test result will come out.

This question is mostly coming from those who have done their own online assessment test of the n power recruitment.

6. Check N power Result

The npower assessment test result has been released.

Those who participated in the online assessment test can now check their performance at www.npower.gov.ng with their login details.

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7. Check N power Result

Note: you can only check your npower assessment test result online after npower might have finished conducting the assessment test.

At the end of the assessment test, they will compile the performance of students and release the result.

8.Write your own assessment test.

For now, the assessment test is still ongoing.

You will be able to login to the portal on the day you are supposed to write your own assessment test.

Check www.npower.gov.ng for the assessment arrangement.

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9. Check difficulty in login in

Many people are complaining of the difficulty in login in to the n power assessment test portal.

Now I want to clear the doubt. If you have received your notification sms.

Then visit https://portal.npower.gov.ng/testing/login/index.php.

And put your phone number as the username then your surname as the password.

Note that your surname must be in small letters.

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10. Check invalid login error

If you tried login in to take your own assessment but received an invalid login error.

Then you have to click on forget password option next to login.

Put your email address and a new login will be sent to you.

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11. Contact npower customer care

Now go back to your email and copy the login details there.

If the problem still persist after resetting your login information.

Contact npower customer care on BusinessAB.com

I wish you good luck as we await www.npower.gov.ng – N power Nigeria assessment test result.

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