12 Point to note when Choosing Poultry for Business

12 Point to note when Choosing Poultry for Business

12 Point to note when Choosing Poultry for Business : Are you doing poultry business? And it use to give you  problems sometimes.

This article will solve most of your problems you use to encounter during the process.

When we talk about poultry, it includes domestic birds, suitable for food.

Like fowls, guinea fowls, ducks, pigeons.

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Composition of Poultry:

The chief nutritive constituent is protein.

The flesh of poultry is more digestible than meat.

Because there is only a little fat.

Which is found beneath the skin and around the internal organs.

The white meat of the breast and wings is more digestible than the dark meat of the legs.

Which are more muscular and of coarse fiber because of the greater muscular activity of the legs.

Choice of Poultry:

In choosing poultry, plumpness and age are the main point to note.

Sometime, it is difficult to determine the weight of the birds because of the feathers.

Which may be heavier in proportion to the flesh.

Besides that, the birds are sometimes fed with whole grains of corn just before they are taken to the market for sale.

This heavy food stays undigested in the crop and adds to the weight of the bird.

The older the bird, the poorer the flavor and the tougher the flesh.

When the bird is young and flesh tender, the flavor is better.

Choosing Poultry for Business Choosing Poultry for Business

12 Point to note when choosing Poultry for Business

  1. There should be plenty of down feathers over the body of the birth.
  2. The quills on the wings should not be difficult to remove.
  3. There should be no long hair on the thighs.
  4. The comb and wattles should be small, bright red, and attractive in colour.
  5. The legs should be smooth and pliable.
  6. The scales of the legs should not be coarse or thick, but slightly overlapping.
  7. The feet should be supple, the beak pliable.
  8. The breast should be plump. The prominent bones, e.g. backbone should be covered with flesh.
  9. The weight of the body should be more than that of the feathers.
  10. There should be no grains of corn in the crop.
  11. The eye of the bird should be bright and sparkling.
  12. The bird should be lively.

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