How to Make a Conference Call on Your Iphone

A conference call can be an excellent way of staying in contact with people you work with on a regular basis, or people you need to speak to frequently for whatever reason. It’s often seen as something of a relic from another time, but can still be an extremely useful way of keeping everyone on the same page and ensuring that no one is left out when it comes to making decisions or planning things.
With so many of us now reliant on our smartphones and tablets to stay in contact with work and others, it’s not too surprising to see that there are plenty of apps available for making conference calls using just such devices. However, as with most things involving technology, there is often more than one way of doing things.

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How to Make a Conference Call on Your Iphone

conference call iphone:

Keeping in touch with work and personal contacts can be challenging, especially when you’re not in the same city or country as that person. But thanks to technology, staying in contact is easier than ever. One of the ways you can stay in touch with contacts is by using conference calling. Whether you’re working with a team on a project or need to coordinate a meeting with clients, conference calling makes it easy to keep everyone on track. If you have an iPhone and want to learn how to make a conference call on your device, continue reading for some helpful tips. With these steps, anyone can set up a successful call among multiple participants.

What is a Conference Call?

Conference calling allows you to connect with multiple people at the same time, either over the phone or via video. There are a few different ways you can set up your conference call, but using an iPhone conference call service is one of the easiest. With this type of call, you can add as many people as you want, and they’ll all hear each other during the call. There are different types of conference calls, so make sure you know what type you’re setting up so you have everything you need to make it work successfully. For example, if you’re planning on using an iPhone conference call, you’ll need to make sure that everyone is on the same network.

Step 1: Launch the Phone App

Before you can make an iPhone conference call, you’ll first need to open the Phone app. You can find it in your Home screen. Once you’ve opened the app, select the “Keypad” tab at the bottom.

Step 2: Select “Add Call”

Once you’re in the keypad, select the “Add call” option in the bottom right corner of your screen. Doing so will prompt you to select the type of call you’d like to make. Select “Regular Call” (not Video). Next, select “Next.”

Step 3: Add Contact(s)

The next step is to add the contacts you’d like to invite to the call. You can do this in a few ways: – From Contacts: Select the “Add to Existing Call” option, then choose “From Contacts” at the bottom of the screen. Select the contact(s) you’d like to invite to the call, then select “Next.” – From Recent Calls: Select the “Add to Existing Call” option, then choose “From Recent Calls” at the bottom of the screen. Select the call from which you want to invite the contact, then select “Next.” – From FaceTime: Select the “Add to Existing Call” option, then choose “From FaceTime” at the bottom of the screen. Select the person you want to invite to the call, then select “Next.”

Step 4: Confirming Participant(s)

Next you’ll be prompted to select participants. Select “Yes” to confirm each invite, or “No” if you’d like to remove that person from the call. When you’re finished, select “Next.”

Step 5: Wrapping Up

After confirming the invite, you’ll be brought back to the keypad where you can start your conference call. Select “Call” to start the call, and you’re all set! Now you can conference call with multiple people at once so you can get your work done faster and more efficiently. You can also end the call at any time by pressing “End Call.”

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