Ten Benefits of Costco Membership: 5 You Might Not Know

With more than 725 locations in the US and another 400 or so internationally, Costco is one of the most ubiquitous warehouse clubs. From produce to electronics and everything in between, Costco’s selection is almost unrivaled.
This article details how a Costco membership can be beneficial to anyone. These benefits of having a Costco membership extend beyond just being able to buy bulk quantities of products at a discount; as an official member, you also get perks like free food samples, manufacturer coupons, and special financing on certain purchases.
A Costco membership costs $60 annually (or $120 if you want an executive membership which comes with additional services). However, there are many benefits to joining which may make it well worth your while.

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Ten Benefits of Costco Membership: 5 You Might Not Know

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Costco is a membership-based warehouse club that offers its shoppers a wide variety of products, from electronics to apparel and home goods. And because it’s a membership club, you need to either be invited by another member or pay an annual fee (around $60) to shop there. Due to the cost of membership and limited scope of products, some people might find it difficult to justify the expense of shopping at Costco. However, if you take the time to understand all the benefits that come with being a Costco member, you just might change your mind. If not for yourself, maybe for someone you love. Here are five benefits of Costco membership that you might not know about:

1. Costco Has Great Deals on Quality Products

Costco’s low prices and high-quality products are two of the biggest reasons people shop there. And if there’s one thing that will bring customers back to your store over and over again, it’s great deals on quality products. These deals aren’t available in all departments, but you can expect to see low prices on things like groceries, health and beauty products, apparel, and electronics. And you’re even more likely to find low prices during certain times of the year, such as warehouse sale periods.

2. You Can Get Free Samples at Costco

Costco gas hours las vegas: One of the best ways to try out a new product without spending a small fortune is to get a sample. And while you can certainly request samples from online retailers, you can’t beat the convenience of getting them right at your local Costco store. Actually, there are multiple ways to get samples at Costco. In the grocery department, you can pick up a free sample of almost any product. If you have a Costco credit card, you can get free samples through their online My Rewards program. In the beauty department, you can get free samples of products ranging from cosmetics to sunscreens and hair care items. You can also get free samples of health and wellness items, such as nutritional supplements and vitamins, at the pharmacy.

3. You Can Earn Cash Back with a Costco Credit Card

Costco gas hours las vegas: Like many retail stores, Costco offers a store credit card, which you can use to make purchases at the store. However, the store card doesn’t offer very many benefits, such as cash back, rewards, or travel rewards. Instead, if you have a credit card that earns you cash back, you might consider using it on your Costco purchases. Many credit cards, including the Costco Anywhere Visa Card and the Citi Costco Mastercard, offer cash back on purchases at Costco. Whether you get 1% or 2% cash back, it’s a great way to save even more money on your Costco purchases. And with credit card rewards programs being very competitive these days, you might even be able to get more than 2% back at Costco, especially if you are a frequent shopper there.

4. You Can Extend the Life of Your Items with a Warranty

Costco gas hours las vegas: A warranty is an insurance policy that covers potential defects in the quality of a product. Costco offers an extended warranty on select products ranging from appliances to electronics and even select jewelry items. An extended warranty might seem like an unnecessary expense, but it can actually be a good investment. If you purchase a product that comes with a warranty and you extend that warranty, you’re protecting yourself in case something goes wrong. While you probably won’t need to use your warranty, it’s good to know that it’s there should you need it. It can also be helpful to know that Costco’s extended warranty covers more than just the item you purchased. It extends to the item’s parts and labour, as well.

5. It’s a Place Where You Can Learn About Products and Services for Yourself or Your Loved Ones

Costco not only sells products, it also has a vision and mission of helping people lead healthier lives. To do this, Costco provides services such as eye examinations and hearing tests, nutritional counselling, pharmacy services, and health examinations. Costco has a nutritionist on staff to help you make healthier food choices, and it offers nutritional supplements, probiotics, vitamins, and herbs. If you’re looking for ways to improve your health, Costco can be a great resource. It can also be a resource for your loved ones. If you or someone you know is living with a chronic condition, such as diabetes, COPD, or MS, Costco can provide education and resources. At the pharmacies, you can find patient education materials and medication guides.

6. Conclusion

Costco is a great place to buy many of the things you need to stay healthy and happy. It can be a little overwhelming on the first visit, but once you know what to look for you will be surprised at just how much you can get for your money. Remember, though, that Costco is not the right place to buy everything you need. It’s best to use it as a resource for certain items and not others.

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