The 50 Best Creativity Videos on YouTube

Creativity videos: Creativity is a fickle beast. Some days you have it, and other days you don’t. It can be challenging to find new ways to spark your creativity when it feels like it has abandoned you. Thankfully, technology has advanced in the last decade and we are able to take advantage of that to help us get inspired again. One of the mediums that is helpful for this is video content on YouTube. There are thousands of videos on creativity out there; some great, some not so great – but they all have their merits. Keeping track of all these videos on Creativity and accessing them whenever you need inspiration can be a challenge, so we’ve compiled an excellent list of the best Creativity videos on YouTube to make things easier for you from here on out!

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The 50 Best Creativity Videos on YouTube

Creativity videos:


Creativity videos: Creativity is something we can all work on. It’s a skill that varies from person to person and is not something that you’re simply born with. In fact, creativity can be learned and practiced. We have created this list of the 50 best Creativity videos on YouTube to help spark new ideas, give you a new perspective on things, or simply just make you laugh. These videos are perfect for anyone looking to improve their creative thinking skills, get inspired again, or simply just take a little break from the day-to-day grind. Let the creativity flow and check out these 50 great Creativity videos on YouTube!

The Best Creativity Videos on YouTube

Let’s get into the best Creativity videos on YouTube. Whether you’re new to the concept of creativity or have been exploring it your whole life, this list has you covered. Creativity is combining two or more things to create something new. You’ve probably seen this definition a million times, but what does creativity actually mean? What’s going on in your brain when you’re being creative? Creativity is a skill that can be learned. Some people are naturally more creative than others, but anyone can be more creative if they put effort into it. Creativity is a combination of divergent and convergent thinking. Divergent thinking is the process of generating lots of ideas to solve a problem. Convergent thinking is the process of narrowing down those ideas and choosing what’s best. When you combine those two processes you get a burst of creativity!

Learning to be Creative

As mentioned above, creativity can be learned and practiced. The first step to being more creative is to become aware of your current mindset and the environment around you. Awareness of your mindset allows you to examine what you’re focusing on and shift your focus if needed. Being in tune with your environment is also important; you want to be able to recognize when something new comes into play and be able to respond accordingly. These two aspects of creative thinking can be honed and developed through practice. Start by simply paying attention to your surroundings and how you respond to the various stimuli around you. From there, you can start to retrain your brain to look at the world in a new way. To be creative, try these exercises: – Give yourself prompts to spark new ideas: whether it’s a specific word or image, using prompts can help jumpstart your creativity when you’re stuck – Try freewriting – Create something new out of a combination of different elements – Start problem solving in a different way – Do something new and out of the norm – Get out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never done before – Problem solve with someone who approaches problems differently than you do – Talk to experts in different fields who approach problems in unique ways

How to Be Creative Anytime, Anywhere

While most people associate creativity with being in an environment that allows you to be completely free, this is not always the case. In fact, some of the most creative moments happen when you least expect it! Creativity can happen at any time and in any place, so there are a few things you can do to be as creative as possible. – Keep a notebook nearby: physically writing down your thoughts and ideas, as well as using different forms of written communication, are great ways to get your creativity flowing – Whatever you’re doing, do it mindfully: if you’re eating a snack, try to really taste it and enjoy it. If you’re taking a walk, try to notice everything around you. Try to be in the moment and mindful of what you’re doing – Try to spend a little time each day in a completely new environment: if you can, take a trip to a new place or visit somewhere you’ve never been before. Being in a new environment can help spark creativity – Go for a walk or do something active: physical activity is a great way to boost creativity. Plus, it will help you de-stress too!

Why You Should Commit to Being Creative

Being creative is good for your health and happiness! It gets your brain thinking in a whole new way, can help you solve problems, and even make you more money! Becoming more creative can also help you learn new skills and explore different interests. – Boosts Self-Esteem – Helps with Problem Solving – Helps You Get Out of a Routine – Makes You More Interesting – Creates New Opportunities – Can Make You More Money – Helps You Grow as a Person – Helps You Learn New Skills

What You Need to Be Creative

If you want to be creative, the first thing you need to do is clear the space for it. Being creative isn’t something that happens when you’re constantly busy or in a rush. It happens when you give yourself time to let your mind wander, and often in the most inconvenient places and times. After you’ve cleared the space for creativity, here are a few other things you need to be creative. – Being Open and Relaxed – Finding a Creative Partner – Finding Time and Space to Let Your Mind Wander – Having a Creative Goal or Purpose – Having an Open Mind

The Benefits of Being Creative

Creativity allows you to explore new interests and hobbies, which can help de-stress and bring joy into your life. Becoming more creative can also help you solve problems better, grow as a person, and even make you more money! – Boosts Self-Esteem – Helps with Problem Solving – Helps You Get Out of a Routine – Makes You More Interesting – Creates New Opportunities – Can Make You More Money – Helps You Grow as a Person – Helps You Learn New Skills


Now that you’ve finished this list of the 50 best Creativity videos on YouTube, you should be feeling more creative than ever! We hope that you’ve found something new that inspires you or that you’ve been reminded of why creativity is so important. It’s an important skill to work on developing and one that can greatly impact your life in a positive way. The next time you’re feeling uninspired, or you find yourself in a creative rut, take a break and check out one of these great Creativity videos on YouTube. They’re sure to help you get your creative juices flowing again.

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