Top 25 Current Women Business Niche

Current Women Business Niche : Thanks to technology, there are now plenty of small business ideas that women can start from home, requiring small startup capital.

Leveraging this opportunity can help women gain more control of their time and finances.

This article features expert suggestions of small business ideas for women, plus tips on how to get started.

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Here are  inspiring small business ideas for women from the pros.

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Current Women Business Niche
Current Women Business Niche

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Current Women Business Niche

1. Local Facebook Marketing

Facebook offers free training on its advertising platform that includes Facebook, Instagram, and Audience Network. Once you master how to use the platform, bring your skill set to local businesses to take over their advertising. This is a largely underserved market as Facebook itself only provides account management to companies who spend upwards of #2,000 a month on the platform. Plus, it’s a job that can be done anywhere and at any time.

Current Women Business Niche

2. Mini School Service

The best advice I can give is to look for a problem that other moms are having and create a business around solving that problem. One mom I met heard her neighbors constantly complaining about the difficulties they have dropping their kids off at school. There is no bus service, and the car line can take up to 45 minutes in the morning. She decided to start an “Uber” business of sorts. Her minivan seats seven, and she fills the other seats every morning; she drives other people’s kids to school. They pay her a monthly fee, and it is a great little side hustle since she’s already driving her own son to school.

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Current Women Business Niche

3. Freelancing Business

I think it’s a great time to start a freelance service business for so many reasons. For one, it’s sort of like the low-hanging fruit of business ownership because you’re building a business around a skill you already have. I was a content writer and magazine editor earlier in my career, and I now run a freelance content writing business. Freelancing also allows you to go at your own pace―you can pick up clients while you’re still employed elsewhere, and also build on your entrepreneurial skills at the same time. You also don’t have to invest a ton of money up front―you need a website, maybe some photography and a small ad budget, and you’re good to go.

Current Women Business Niche

4. Digital Product Selling

Starting a digital product business is the best option for most women. A digital product such as an online course, membership site, or downloadable PDF can be created quickly and for practically free. However, they can be sold over and over again without much additional effort or time. The easiest way to start a digital product business is to identify a specific result that you have gotten for yourself and teach others how to do the same. A specific example of this is to create an online course teaching dog rescue owners how to potty train their adult dog.

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Current Women Business Niche

5. Affiliate Blogging

If you feel you can offer valuable insights on products and services, then affiliate blogging could be a great small business idea for you. Write reviews or recommend affiliate products to your readers while focusing on things you love. Affiliate blogging works best when you have an audience that grows consistently, so it’s important that your blog looks and feels professional to help you earn credibility and build a following. WordPress is the professional blogger’s platform of choice with easy-to-use features that lets even beginners create their own blog in minutes. It offers countless plugins and integrations to make sure you get an efficient and professional looking blog to impress both your audience and clients. Start your blog now.

Current Women Business Niche

6. Interior Decorating

I think interior decorating is a great way to work from home, be around for your family, work for yourself and breathe new life into a long-standing industry. The creative capacity, project management, and self-motivation skills you gain are invaluable and can be rebranded to many different careers should you feel the need to get back to the daily grind. Starting isn’t that difficult. I’d first check into the licensing requirements for your area because they can differ from state to state, county to county, district to district and even city to city. You could get a certification or join some special affiliated membership club for interior decorators but, in my opinion, it’s not needed to be up and running. Some suppliers do ask for your membership number to join their trade program, but I have found that once you explain why you don’t have a membership, they’re pretty understanding.

Current Women Business Niche

7. Franchising

One good business idea that has the potential to make money fast and has a formula to start up is starting a franchise. Many franchises have a set formula and relatively low startup costs. Entrepreneurial people who do their research and have funds to invest, as well as strong work ethic might see great success from a formula that starts with a franchise. Do your research, ask questions, and find a successful franchise model. Then, add your entrepreneurial spirit and strong work ethic, and you will find success.

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Current Women Business Niche

8. Beauty and Wellness on Demand

Options for women to start a new small business have grown recently based on the new on-demand services model, that people first embraced with Lyft and Uber. That same on-demand capability is finally available for beautician and wellness services. So tech-savvy women can leap-frog into a revenue business quickly and with minimal cost. The hard work of finding clients has been encapsulated in apps that emulate an Uber/Lyft model based on location and timing (now specifically). Many providers in this market were slow to adopt the competitive technology, but with Snailz (East Coast) and GoSpa (West Coast), a small business provider is less dependent on the existing salon infrastructure and can now go it alone.

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Current Women Business Niche

9. Flower and Gift Shop Business

A great small business idea would be a flower and gift shop. Flowers are so easy to source, and you get high margins per order. Then, you upsell with common gift items like chocolates, cakes, and jewelry, all while making higher margins as you sell “packages” instead of one-off single bouquet orders. What’s more, a simple well-done, visually enticing Instagram or Facebook page can go a long way. Network with the right suppliers, develop a flawless delivery system, set your online payment platforms in order, and you’re good to go.

Current Women Business Niche

10. Online Retail Selling

If you’re into fashion, jewelry, or you have the knack for finding amazing products you can get wholesale, then you should try your hand at online selling. The convenience of not having to maintain a physical store lets you save on huge startup and monthly overhead cost. Use Shopify for a quick and easy way to create your very own online store with beautiful, responsive themes. It requires no back-end upkeep and delivers a full set of multichannel sales tools, making it one of the most popular, user-friendly ecommerce platforms around. Try Shopify for free.

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Current Women Business Niche

11. Event Management

The event management industry is a growing, lucrative sector with relatively low startup costs and comes with the option to run the business directly from home. Having the ability to multitask must come naturally to anyone considering this line of work. In my opinion, women are far better multitaskers than their male counterparts—be it juggling management or troubleshooting and dealing with vendors. When it comes to the industry—certifications are everything. By obtaining a formal qualification, you solidify your outward credibility, increasing your chances of landing your first client and being a successful event manager.

Current Women Business Niche

12. Real Estate Investing

Starting a real estate investing business is one of the top ideas for women looking for options to make their own money and gain financial independence. Real estate is a relatively low-risk investment strategy, which allows you to make money in both the short term through rental income and the long run through appreciation. It is accessible to people with no prior knowledge and experience as long as they are willing to do some learning, conduct thorough research of markets and properties, and perform careful analysis. Contrary to popular misconception, you can buy an investment property with little cash due to the variety of financing options available to investors, such as a conventional mortgage, private money lenders, hard money loans, partnerships, and syndication.

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Current Women Business Niche

13. Creative Writing

For women who have skills and a background in creative fields, specifically if you have experience in literature or a degree in English, starting your own small business in writing can be incredibly rewarding. You can begin by drawing up an executive summary, where you specify the type of writing you wish to contribute to like websites and periodicals, and any amount of funding you may need to hit the ground running. Accounting for scale, prospective earnings, and any repayment plans are critical. While this is a challenging endeavor and may not begin as a full-time job, you’ll want to have a savings in place first—as well as part-time income or additional revenue streams—starting your own business in writing can be incredibly fulfilling and lucrative over time.

Current Women Business Niche

14. Sales & Lead Generation for Creative Entrepreneurs

As someone who has been in the creative entrepreneur field for quite a while and works regularly with other creative entrepreneurs, I can attest that one of our biggest weaknesses, but necessities are lead generation and sales. This is especially true for business-to-business entrepreneurs. For women who are looking to leave the corporate world and start a business, this could be a very lucrative opportunity. If their background includes sales and they have strong organizational skills, they could reach out to an entrepreneur, offer to procure leads and conduct sales calls, and receive a commission on booked clients in return.

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Current Women Business Niche

15. Fair Trade Clothing Exchange

Women are often underrepresented and marginalized in fashion industry leadership and design, but more than 70% of garment workers in China are women, 85% in Bangladesh, and as high as 90% in Cambodia. That’s something that has to change, and women should be in key leadership positions in industries that have such massive implications to the lives of women across the world. I think women could and should start businesses within this space. A fair trade clothing exchange is one example of how women can gain a foothold in downstream operations for the fashion garment industry. The more involved women are in this industry, the more they’ll be able to affect changes at every level.

Current Women Business Niche

16. Health and fitness

Look at any well-known social influencer operating in the health and fitness industry, and you’ll find that most of them are women. It’s an industry that attracts women (and men) who want to better themselves and become healthier, both mentally and physically.

However, many women seek exclusive spaces which they can feel comfortable in — the rise of female-only gyms is testament to that. Consequently, health and fitness businesses run solely by women are becoming increasingly popular, both for customers and entrepreneurs.

It’s an industry that offers plenty of business opportunities. You could go for a simple affiliate review site, providing reviews of a range of health and fitness goods. Or you could simply pick up an existing online business and turn to dropshipping health products for a profit. You could even start your own YouTube channel providing personal training videos aimed specifically at women.

It’s a competitive market, but it’s possible to find a new angle that resonates with customers — it just takes time and effort.

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Current Women Business Niche

17. Jewelry

Jewelry is a profitable industry, with the market expected to grow by 2% year-on-year.

Of course, jewelry is another industry that has been around for years. But the niches offered by it have changed.

For example, the jewelry subscription box niche is increasing in popularity. With boxes ranging from as little as $7 on the lower end of the scale and as much as $25k per quarter in some places, it’s a profitable niche. Its popularity lies in product curation, the excitement of opening a Pandora’s box of beautiful rings, necklaces, and brooches.

And as with so many industries today, the increasing spotlight on global warming and sustainability is spawning a plethora of environmentally-friendly jewelry businesses. More and more, we will find eco-conscious consumers demanding jewelry that is ethical and sustainable — a profitable niche that women can take advantage of.

Current Women Business Niche

18. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is how I got my start in the online income earning world. Freelancing is the best way to make money FAST.

But as with every money making opportunity goes – your own mileage may vary!

Learn from someone who is now making good money from freelance writing and blogging services.

Current Women Business Niche


Making money through blogging is seriously like the best thing ever. It’s a wonderful feeling to get paid for your words and ideas.

To be honest, I recently just reignited my blogging spark after taking Elite Blog Academy (the best course EVER!! More on that later this month.) And since then my traffic has doubled and my blogging income is on a steady rise too.

As of February 2016 I’m now making a full time income from this blog (at this time it hovers between $7,000 – $10,000 per month.)

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Current Women Business Niche

20. Selling on Etsy

I don’t have a single crafty bone in my body but if you do Etsy is the place to be!

Etsy is simply a selling platform (like Amazon or eBay) that features only handmade products. The items sold on Etsy are very broad and can range from digital downloads, handmade home décor, and even clothes.

If you’re a creator and want to get paid for it you need to give Etsy a try!

Current Women Business Niche

21. Affiliate Marketing/Niche Sites

Niche sites are simply websites that are focused on a particular topic and are monetized, usually through affiliate sales. (When you make an affiliate sale you earn a commission from the company you’re promoting.)

I’ve tried my hand at affiliate marketing with niche sites a couple times and miserably failed! That’s not to say it isn’t an awesome business idea. It is! And it’s also fun.

While my niche sites didn’t work out .

I still had so much fun building them and it was an amazing learning experience.

Current Women Business Niche

23. Self-Improvement 

Also known as self-help, this is a huge niche online. There are courses and programs, books, videos, online training, coaching. Whether someone wants to build self-esteem, experience career success, increase their confidence, set and achieve goals, overcome adversity or obstacles… there is a self-improvement product out there.

You’ve heard of Tony Robbins. Same sort of deal. It’s a $10 billion a year industry, and always growing. People want to feel happy, satisfied with life, and stress-free. And they almost never buy just one book or program, which lends this market well to repeat purchases and higher-ticket programs.

Again, you don’t have to be a big name like Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, or have a big brand like The Secret. A small piece of this big market can provide for a very successful online business.

 Current Women Business Niche

24. Wealth Building Through Investing

Let’s face it, people want to make money. And they know that stocks, bonds, options, forex (currency trading), futures, and other investment products are a way to do that. They’ve seen the news and all those hedge fund billionaires and super-successful investors cashing in. They want to get in on the action.

Unfortunately, most people don’t really know what they’re doing. So they have to educate themselves. They need advice on which investments to make. That’s where a variety of products related to investing come in. Trading services, financial newsletters, trading systems… all different ways that show people how to invest successfully – whether it’s basic budgeting and investing advice or advanced day trading strategies and speculative penny stock recommendations.

This doesn’t have to be high level investing and complicated financial matters, this could simply be basic budgeting and saving as mentioned above. There are some people who have built six-figure businesses just teaching people how to save more money with coupons!

Whether the market is going up, down, or sideways… whether it’s a recession, depression, or boom time… bull or bear market… investment products do well. Because people always want to make money in the markets and you do so no matter how the economy is doing.

Even this field is constantly seeing new opportunities; right now Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are hot topics people want to learn more about.

Current Women Business Niche

25. Beauty Treatments

Having smoother tighter skin, being more radiant, erasing wrinkles. Looking younger and more attractive is a goal of many people. So any sort of creams, formulas, or similar products that promise to eliminate or reduce the signs of aging are very popular.

Anti-aging cosmetic treatments, skin care products, and more are a huge business. Industry watchers say it will grow to nearly $200 billion in sales annually by 2019.
With more and more baby boomers aging and looking to reverse the signs of aging this is potentially one of the largest markets on our top 20 list of profitable niches.
Another opportunity ripe for this market is to start a YouTube video demonstrating health, beauty, and haircare type products. Just simply being an influencer in this market can be very lucrative.

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