19 Tips to Start Upselling Cute Tote Bags

Cute tote bags: Upselling will make a business more profitable and leave customers more satisfied. A good salesperson can add perceived value to a sale that the customer is already willing to make, as well as offer upgrades to purchases that increase the value and the bottom line, benefiting everyone.

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Cute tote bags

Cute tote bags: BusinessHAB.com

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1. What is upselling?

Upselling is the practice of adding something to a current sale that compliments the original item or service. For example, if one is selling a mobile phone, ask the customer if they would like to add a case. This “upsell” adds revenue to the sale, but also adds value to the customer’s purchase.

2. Know your products intimately.

The more you know about your products, the more you will know about how different products can add value and convenience to the product your customer is buying, as well as how to recommend upgrades or alternatives. Customers want to buy from people who know more about products than they do. Your goal as the salesperson is to let the customer know how they could easily make the product they want better, which means you have to know that product inside and out. Do your homework to make the upsell.

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3. Reusable and Reliable:

 made of quality canvas material, the cute tote bags are firm to resist break, deform, printed with clear patterns that are hard to fade, and they also can be easily washed both by hands and machine, easy to care, offering you a long time service.

Cute tote bags

Cute tote bags: BusinessHAB.com

4. Distinctive Floral Theme Design:

 the cute canvas tote bags are printed with beautiful and exquisite floral patterns, looking simple but elegant, and they can widely and easily match well with your clothing of diverse styles, making you stand out from the rest

5. Extensive Applications:

 The aesthetic tote bag is a trustworthy companion for your outings with different purposes, such as shopping, studying, picnicking, hiking, playing on the beach, exercising in gym

Cute tote bags

6. Sufficient to Share: 

You will receive 4 pieces of floral tote bags in different designs, sufficient to meet your needs of using, replacing, and sharing with your friends, relatives, coworkers, bringing much convenience to you

7. Suitable Size:

 Measuring about 34 x 39 cm/ 13.39 x 15.35 inches, the flower tote bag has a suitable size to hold various stuffs, such as books, vegetables, fruits, hats, glasses, pens, rings, smartphones, jewelry, watches, cameras, keys

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8. Read your customer.

 A good salesperson will be able to quickly give customers a read and tailor their sales technique to the individual. Whether you’re in wholesale or retail, a salesperson needs to let the customer’s desires drive the sale.

  • In a retail setting, try to distinguish between browsing customers who are unlikely to buy things and customers who seem to be actively looking for an item. If a customer seems to be browsing without aim, make contact and ask if you can be of assistance. Listen actively before attempting to upsell them right off the bat with an expensive feature item. If a customer seems to be shopping actively, start thinking of an upselling strategy based on their purchases or interests.
  • If you’re selling wholesale, try to get a sense of the customer’s needs by asking lots of questions. Why is the customer buying so many plastic cups? What else might you be able provide them to make that goal easier and more convenient?

Cute tote bags

9. Make an initial contact. 

Talk to the customer by making friendly contact, greeting them, and making yourself available for questions and assistance. Find out what it is your customer wants and use that desire to begin the process of making the sale.

  • If your bookstore customer is browsing interestedly through the Chronicles of Narnia, start your contact by complimenting their taste: “What a great series–which have you read?” Listen to them and engage in friendly conversation if the customer seems up for it. Bring up other series they might be interested in, like the Spiderwick Chronicles or the Lord of the Rings.

10. Recognize when hanging back will be a more effective sales technique. 

One of the most-complained about aspects of aggressive sales is the ubiquitous “random” upsell. It’s one thing to offer additional related purchases (LOTR, bookmarks, etc.) in a friendly way at the counter, but making automatic attempts at selling the customer on the highest-end product without listening to their interests is likely to turn lots of customers off.

  • If you approach the Narnia customer and try to sell them on the new Steve Jobs biography in hardback, which the store’s running a sale on because of a big back-stock, it’s likely to confound and irritate because it’s a transparent upsell. Customers aren’t stupid.
  • Lay the seed of an upsell by providing a variety of other purchase options and let the customer decide. Make your suggestions related and of benefit to the customer, not of benefit to your bottom line.

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Cute tote bags

11. Let the customer decide what is affordable. 

The price of the item you’re going to try to upsell shouldn’t come into play until you’ve already made the case for the item. Connect the most appropriate selection to the customer’s desire and let them consider the price on their own.

  • Likewise, many salespeople hesitate to make suggestions to a customer already carrying an armload of merchandise, fearing that the bill will freak the customer out. Not your problem. Be honest and provide the most valuable options for the customer, as you see it, and let them decide.

12. Upsell accessories.

 The surest upsell is to offer additional related items for something a customer is already purchasing. If the customer is buying the first book in the Narnia series, suggest the second as well: “When you finish that, trust me, you’re going to want to start right in on the second. I could hardly wait!” You might also suggest things like bookmarks, or other related items.

  • Consider the things you would want if you were the customer making this purchase – if you bought a camera, you would want to buy an extra battery, a case to carry it in, extra flash card and a card reader so you could get your pictures off to your computer, all the things necessary to create the best possible experience with the product.
  • In a wholesale setting, try to find out everything you can about the customer’s business and offer other related products. Appeal to most wholesalers desire to simplify and give them the option to get everything they need from one place–your place.

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13. Be specific and offer a variety of options. 

Highlight at least three price ranges of options for the customer trying to make a decision. On their own, a customer will likely go for the option they perceive to have the most value. Without understanding the features, however, this likely means that the customer will go for the cheapest option. If you make a good case for all the options, you’ve at least given them the opportunity to make a more informed choice, which means they’re likely to spend a bit more because you’ve helped them become more informed.

  • Highlight the features, don’t highlight the price. Make the most attractive thing in the transaction some aspect of the item, not the difference in the price tag.

Cute tote bags

14. Make the items real.

In a retail setting, put the item in the customer’s hand. Pick the items up and hand them to the customer, letting them feel, examine, and enjoy while you describe the features and the benefits of making the additional purchase. Once something is in hand, it’s a lot harder psychologically for the customer to walk out without anything.

  • In a phone sale, clearly distinguish between different options to make it easier on the customer. Listen to their questions and help to distinguish between the different levels of quality, offering friendly advice to get them the best deal. Description will make the sale.

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15. Do the customer a favour. 

One of the best moments is when your customer not only returns to your place of business to shop again, but wants to find you to sell to them again, specifically. Doing everything in your power to ensure repeat business and gain a long-term customer is one of the best kinds of upselling you can do, no matter what your line of sales. If your customer perceives what you’re doing as a favour, they’re much more likely to return to the place where they’re “treated right.”

  • One of the best ways to do your customer a favour is, surprisingly, to steer them toward a cheaper–but not the cheapest–option. There’s nothing more convincing than lowering your voice and saying, “Now, I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but this brand is so overpriced, it’s ridiculous. This other option gets you the same features and you’re sacrificing none of the quality, in my opinion. This is what I use at home.”

Cute tote bags

16. Anticipate objections.

 Customers are likely to have lots of knee-jerk responses to the idea of spending more money. To close the deal, take the initiative to make the sale happen quickly before they think too much. If you’ve sold the Narnia-reader on the first LOTR book as well, offer to ring up the purchases while she continues browsing. Hold the items up front, ready to go.

17. Reassure and empathize. 

This is the single most important part of this selling method. It is very important that you reinforce your customer’s purchase at the end of the sale, making it sound like it was all their decision and thinking. Saying something like, “Great choices today, I think you’re going to be really happy with this. Come back soon and let me know what you think of it!”

  • Make yourself available by providing a business card and contact info so your customer can get in touch directly, or at least give them a company card and write your name on the back of it. Best case scenario, you’ll form a bond with your customer and possibly win a patron.

Cute tote bags

18. Be yourself. 

It’s a common myth that extroverts are more effective salespeople than introverts, while studies show that, in truth, both are equally ineffective. The best salespeople are versatile, with the ability to tailor their personality and style to the customer’s preferred method of interaction. Look to make connections with a customer based on genuine interaction, coming from a place of your expertise with the product, and your empathy with the customer’s desires.

  • You must feel genuine excitement and enthusiasm for a customer’s purchases. It’s okay to repeat or rephrase some of your conversation during the sale, but avoid parroting the same lines and giving the impression that you’re reading from a script. Be genuine and be honest, and you’ll consistently be able to upsell.
  • When you hand something to a customer, hand him or her two similar items, but show a distinct preference for one over the other. Yes, you – you let that customer know which one you prefer. Or, if you have no preference, try to intuit which one the customer prefers and then point out the most positive points about that one. Studies show that when a customer perceives one item as superior to another, s/he is happier with the purchase later.

  • A successful “upsell” is one the customer never regrets, because the clerk nailed it. The shopper then becomes a customer for life and asks for that clerk. The point is to “upsell” for the customer’s ultimate satisfaction, not just to make a minor bump in the daily take. Seek a long-term relationship, so that the customer has someone in the shop who can “filter” and make suggestions from the otherwise overwhelming amount of merchandise offered.
    • Don’t be pushy. Knowing when to stop will assure that you don’t drive off your potential customer.

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