16 Tips to Open Diagnostics Centre

Diagnostics Centre: Diagnostics Centre is a leading service provider.

That ensures superior quality service delivery in diagnostic services.

Committed to meeting the care needs of patients.

Physicians and clients in comprehensive health care.

By highly trained and qualified caregivers.

While maintaining the highest standards of care, integrity and dignity.

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Diagnostics Centre


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1. Acquire good certificate

Medical diagnostics programs range from certificate.

Through undergraduate level and generally prepare students.

For a career in this medical field.

Find out about the requirements of these programs.

And learn about career options.

Job growth and salary info for medical diagnostics graduates.

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Diagnostics Centre

2. Get variety of complex diagnostic technology

In order to accurately diagnose patients.

Hospitals and clinics often rely upon a variety of complex diagnostic technology.

Doctors cannot be expected to master the use of all of the technology used.

So healthcare facilities hire various medical diagnostic technologists.

Lets take a closer look at two such positions.

Diagnostic medical sonographers and radiologic technologists.

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3. Get trained

Medical diagnostics programs involve training students.

To use high-tech medical imaging equipment in a hospital, lab or office setting.

These programs range from the certificate to the bachelors degree level.

And they may qualify students to work with multiple types of medical diagnostic machines.

Professionals in the field of medical diagnostics.

Play a vital role in the healthcare system.

And are expected to experience a promising job outlook.

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Diagnostics Centre

4. Know their Career Options

Careers in medical diagnostics involve the use of high-tech machines.

To create images of the inside of the human body.

To help diagnose medical conditions, illnesses and injuries.

While the majority of these professionals work in the hospital setting.

They may also work in physician’s offices or medical laboratories.

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Diagnostics Centre

5. Become a professional

Those choosing to work in this field.

May choose to specialize in one or multiple medical diagnostic professions.

Two of the most popular job titles in this field.

Are diagnostic medical sonographer and radiologic technologists.

Keep reading for an overview of these two careers.

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6. Learn to work with ultrasound and sonograph medical diagnostic machines

Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Diagnostic medical sonography uses sound waves to scan the body.

To create images for diagnostic or medical treatment purposes.

Individuals typically work with ultrasound and sonograph medical diagnostic machines.

Sonographers may specialize in a specific area or patient type.

Such as obstetric and gynecologic sonography.

Cardiac sonography, neurosonography or vascular sonography.

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Diagnostics Centre

7. Get hired

Though there is not one training path required for diagnostic medical sonographers.

Employers may prefer to hire candidates.

Who have completed a degree program, according to the BLS.

Associate and bachelors degree programs in diagnostic medical sonography.

Medical imaging or diagnostic medical technology are common options.

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8. Become a registered or certified applicants.

Currently states do not require license for diagnostic medical sonography.

However, employers may prefer to hire registered or certified applicants.

The  Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography certifies individuals.

Who pass their exam as a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer.

The  Registry of Radiologic Technologists (RRT).

Also certifies those in medical imaging and medical diagnostic careers.

In most cases education, training or work experience qualifications.

Must first be met to be eligible to sit for the certification exam.

9. Setup its location:

Another important requirement for any health-care setup its location.

The healthcare centre being set up should not be very far away or inside any house-buildings.

It should be located at such a place and preferably on the ground floor (if possible).

So that patients like the elderly, expectant mothers and the sick are able to easily commute to the place.

In order to avail the facilities of the centre for the proper diagnosis of their illness.

Diagnostics Centre

10. Get a good space

The medical equipment also requires ample space and a cool environment for their efficient functioning which shall be provided by the air conditioners.

For instance, an MRI can cost anything between Rs 1,000 and Rs 6,000 depending on the lab, its location as well as its geography.

11. Get Additional Infrastructure & Facility Requirement (Must):

  1. Desktop/ Laptop – ( minm – 1)
  2. Lab Software (for report printing)
  3. Dust-bin – (minm – 2)
  4. Toilet – (minm – 1)
  5. Refrigerator (minm – 1)
  6. Minimum furnitures and chairs

Remember: The location will be physically inspected and surveyed by different Govt. Authorities, so keep ready with the necessary infrastructure.

12. Get Finance/ Investment

The setup cost of the lab purely depends on the services offered and investment you make in the business.

The more the investment, more are the chances of patients coming to the pathology centre for diagnosis.

Higher investments leads to higher services offered in the pathology.

That leads to increase in the number of patients coming to avail the services in the pathology centre.

Most of the diagnostic centres or pathologies in belong to the unorganized sector of the economy in the world.

However, a recent transition on the move of these diagnostic centres from the unorganized to the organized sector of the economy is seen.

You must know that machineries are the most expensive to bear with.

And require air conditioning, electricity, water, maintenance and qualified technicians to work efficiently.

This may lead to a high capital investment.

Diagnostics Centre

13. Get the needed Medical Equipment

Instruments like clinical X-Ray machines, CT Scan machines, blood collection equipment, etc..

Are needed in running of a pathology lab.

Without the equipment and their proper chemicals it is not possible to make the laboratory run.

Many a times it is advisable to prepare a checklist of all the instruments.

That are to be bought and set up in your own pathology so that one may not miss out!

14. Employ Qualified Technicians

Your staff is the reflection of your organization.

You should appoint people who are professionals in their field of work.

Laboratory technicians are also appointed to the thorough control of overall control and knowledge of the machines used in the laboratories.

Trained and experienced staff should be appointed to make less error and adapt to the methods of laboratories.

Due to its growth and the attainment of various licenses and accreditations, pathology laboratories need qualified professionals who shall carry out its medical care and diagnosis.

Diagnostics Centre

15. Get Software Tools

To set up a modern and hi –tech lab everything must be computerized. This helps in working in an organized manner as well.

To name a few and how they work, here is a list of modern software that helps in lab management:

  • ThinkLab –  it is an easy-to-use software that keeps a track of medical records, scheduling & appointments, specialization based EMR, prescription management, case-based tracking, billing, inventory, analytics & MIS, alerts and notification, private chat, etc
  • ThinkWide–  A fully automated laboratory solution that helps in the supervision of nursing homes, polyclinics, medical shops, pathology, and radiology labs.
  • LiveHealth – With LiveHealth, you get the best solution to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) which helps to maintain, manage and share your health records with your doctor as well.

Diagnostics Centre

16. Make a Proper planning

  • Proper planning with implementation and making decisions helps in growing this business.
  • Among the 10,000 laboratories, 70% offer pathology services and the rest 30% provides imaging such as MRI, CT- Scan , X-rays, PET and USG.
  • Consumers are aware of the market with differential prices of similar services.  For patients, however, it is a difficult choice because they are unable to evaluate the quality vis-a-vis the price. 
  •  Although corporate players such as Dr Lal Pathlabs, SRL Diagnostics and Quest Laboratories are gaining share, the industry is largely fragmented with over 90 % of the market being dominated by unorganized players.
  • If every requirement is met in an organized manner, the business is sure to grow and earn decent income. If you are looking to start a business in this line, the right time is now.


Diagnostics Centre: Rapid Commercialization in the healthcare industry and diagnostics.

In particular, has led to a massive boom in path labs in the world.

Diagnostic market is growing at nearly 15-20% and is estimated to be currently worth ₹40,000 Cr.

Setting up a pathological lab can be an extremely lucrative business idea.

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