3 Different Tax Filing Options in the Years Ahead

With tax fraud and the confusion of proper tax filing both at the forefront of the dread associated with the tax-filing season, people are looking for the newest and most convenient ways to file their taxes in 2022. On top of all of that, your unique tax filing situation has you confused about which approach makes the most sense for filing taxes this year.

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3 Different Tax Filing Options in 2022

There are, thankfully, many advanced options available to expedite the process so you can get things done and over with. Here are three different tax filing options to help you make the most out of tax season.

1. IRS Free Filing Program

For those whose gross income was under $73,000 this past year, you may qualify for the IRS free file program to file your taxes from the comfort and security of your own home. Many different partners are stationed to work with specific tax situations, so make sure you review the available preparation options.


You always want to ensure that you’re matched with the right services for your bank account and tax situation before filing. Using your device, you can complete electronic filing via direct deposit and speed up the process to receive your funds.


2. Use Tax Filing Services

Using professional tax software can help you to file your taxes quickly, especially for first-time tax filers. Some software options are geared towards specific career paths, such as real estate investors and contractors, and additional costs are typically applied to these services for state taxes.

Be sure to consider the options before settling on a tax preparation software, as different software options cater more directly towards different jobs. Others offer free versions for simple returns with the opportunity to pay for other federal and state filing plans.

Use a private Internet connection if you utilize these options for tax filing services. In doing so, you can protect your privacy and security during the process.

3. Work With A Tax Expert

If you have the financial means to do so, hiring a tax expert may be the most effective option for tax filing. Tax experts known as CPAs are known to be expensive but reliable solutions for filing.

It can be a tremendous asset to have the ability to lean on a professional who understands everything about taxes. This way, you can ensure your filing and returns are completed and received correctly.

You won’t need to worry about the details like how to calculate payroll taxes or complete any forms that seem confusing. If your tax situation is specifically unique, you might look for CPAs with experience in the areas related to your needs. History of military service and multi-property investors are two unique situations that CPAs may have expertise around if you search for these criteria.

Before selecting the tax filing option that is right for you, make sure you:

  • Have preemptively collected all the paperwork and identification information you need to proceed with tax filing.
  • Have thoroughly reviewed all forms required for tax filing, such as your Social Security number, deduction forms, your bank account information, and so on.

The last thing you want to do is scramble for your information to meet the deadline. The more prepared you are, the easier your tax filing process will be, and you’ll receive your returns sooner.

The Bottom Line

There may not be a foolproof way to eliminate the likelihood of return delays. Still, by considering your options for tax preparation and tax filing, you can choose the option you feel will provide the fastest turnaround and secure filing system you need.

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