10 Tips to Eat Free Fast Food

Eat Free Fast Food: Food is literally a driving force of life. Without food, humans literally cannot survive.

In a simplified sense, free food is practically free life.

You can get free food through a few simple.

And polite methods that should ensure that restaurants politely cater to you without having to spend a dime.

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Eat Free Fast Food: BusinessHAB.com

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Eat Free Fast Food

1. Look for coupons.

Restaurants often offer coupons that will allow you to get a free portion of a meal.

Even if it doesn’t end up feeding you an entire meal.

You’ll be getting something free and good.

Try looking online, ask the waiter, or simply ask your friends.

The more observant you are, the more likely you are to find offers.

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Eat Free Fast Food

2. Make friends and accept dinner invitations.

Oftentimes a friend will invite people out for dinner.

Giving you a chance to impress them.

Help them celebrate an occasion, or just chat.

If they offer to pay, accept the meal but don’t splurge.

Try to purchase something cheap.

This is polite and ensures they don’t feel bad taking you out again in the future.

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Eat Free Fast Food

3. Take home leftovers when you go to catered events.

Hosts of events will end up with too much-catered food to handle.

Offer to take some off their hands and take it home to either eat plain or cook into a larger meal.

If anything, the host of the events may see you are taking the food as a favour.

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Eat Free Fast Food

4. Visit Happy Hours.

Lots of restaurants require you purchase a drink.

However after that you can enjoy the benefits that come with it.

One of which is often free food.

You can usually find Happy Hour deals online.

However, with local restaurants, you may want to simply go in and ask.

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Eat Free Fast Food

5. Volunteer at catered events.

By volunteering at catered events.

You’ll be able to indulge in a wide variety of foods as well as help an event of your choice.

However, think about how much you’re eating and how much it’s costing the event.

Even though you get free food, donating for a helpful cause is important.

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Eat Free Fast Food

6. Go to grocery stores or warehouse stores for free samples

Take a tour and try the foods!

But don’t abuse the system.

As some stores will notice this.

And confront you directly or just simply end the sample station entirely for a certain amount of time.

It’s considered polite to purchase something when you go sample hopping.

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Eat Free Fast Food

7.  Go to a hotel with free breakfast.

This isn’t necessarily from a restaurant.

However you can certainly find a hotel that caters to a restaurant.

By staying at hotels with free breakfast, you’re not only finding a cool place to stay.

But also guaranteeing you get the free food you crave.

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Eat Free Fast Food

8. Work at a restaurant.

Employees often get deals on free food and even get end-of-day leftovers.

Working late shifts may ensure you get more free food than most places.

At dessert shops that specialize in chocolates or other pastries.

Rejected items are often given to the employees due to an odd shape or squished edge.

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Eat Free Fast Food

9. Make friends with the chefs at restaurants.

Chefs at restaurants often get to take home the excess food they cook and also end up sharing it with friends.

Be nice, offer them anything you can provide, and hope for the best.

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Eat Free Fast Food

10. Get more tips

Be polite and thankful whenever you get free food, no matter how you did it. They’re doing you a favour, not the other way around.

Be careful of policies on coupons.

Most stores won’t let you bring in coupons for things 50% off and add them up to get free food.

Check the expiration dates on coupons.

Many stores have expiring coupons, so it’s best to use them fast.

If you have a friend taking you out for food often.

Try to take them out for food or better yet.

Find something else you can give them in return as a thank you.

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