How to Start Egg Production Business

Egg Production Business: The last time we talked about how you could start your own egg distribution business.

And make lots of money for yourself.

We talked about what you must have to make it successful and a whole lot of things.

Today, we shall be considering how you can Start your Egg Production Business in Nigeria.

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Egg Production Business:

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Egg Production Business

Today, I will be discussing with you on “The Practical Guide to Egg Production Business In Nigeria”.

You will learn the reasons why you should have a poultry farm instead of buying eggs only for distribution.

The purpose of this poultry business could be to raise layer.

That Is the layers(POL) and might be for Day Old Chick (DOC).

This Layers could be nurtured and raised on Deep Litter System DLS or the battery caged system BSC.

I love this system because of the benefits attached to it.

Such as the ease of management, maximize space and reduce feed wastage and others.

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How Do You Start this Egg Production Business?

You can minimize cost of setting up a poultry house by using little strategy to reduce cost.

So you should at most start with the deep litter system due to affordability and availability in materials.

You can setup using an asbestos for roofing.

Ventilation should be left open but guided with iron net to send out excess heat.

Its walls area should be shielded with tarpaulin to prevent the entrance of rain into it.

Layers are seen to be birds between the range of 14 to 20 weeks of age and around 22 weeks they start producing eggs.

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Egg Production Business

These layers could be sold at the price of one thousand two hundred (#1,200) and one thousand five hundred-naira (#1,500) as of today this is prior to change.

Feed could cost around N4,200 per a bag and it could cater for about a thousand of them daily.

Now let me bring to your knowledge how egg production business could be.

Egg Production Business

See my calculations below:


Assuming you have 1000 layers,

Producing 28 crates of eggs daily,

Price sold per crates, N800

And feed per hen equals to 120kg

Cost of feed per bag is N4,200

Four bags will be needed to feed 1000 layers at N4,200 which will be N16,800 for the four bags to give twenty-eight crates of eggs.

Calculate- 28 (crates) by price sold per crates N800 = 28 X N800 = N22,400 – N16,800 daily feed for four bags = N5,800.

Within fifty-two to seventy-two weeks it should be sold out and replace with new ones and could be sold around the price N1,500 and N2,200.

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Before one ventures into this business one must have the below.

Which have listed in heart if one want to run a good and successful poultry production business in Nigeria.

  1. Space/Land Area
  2. Bore Hole
  3. Finance
  4. Skills of Operation
  5. etc.

Egg Production Business

1) Space/Land Area: Poultry farm needs enough spacing and preferably should be in your own landed area.

And not in someone’s compound to avoid problem unless you are being given permission to do so.

You need enough land for the construction of your poultry farm structure and also for the keeping of the manure clean up from the poultry farm.

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2) Bore Hole: Poultry farm production needs enough water for the hen to drink after feeding.

Don’t start this business if you do not have a stable water supply as it will be cost expenditure and very stressful at the same time.

You would not be able to cope so do not think you will.

Talking from experience, but if you have a known person around like your relative you can pass water pipes from the persons’ compound to your own.

Egg Production Business

3) Finance: Every business is tied down to capital.

And poultry business is not an exemption as you will need a start-up capital to run it.

Consider the cost of buying materials for the construction of your poultry farm with the Labour and cost then you will need to have money for it.

You will need to electrocute it, to keep the cheek warm and scare away harmful animals like snake and rodents.

From this capital, you will use to employ workers.

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4) Skills of Operation: Poultry farm manager should be trained before starting this type of business.

So as the business to function effectively.

You must know the quantity of daily feed.

And treatment given to avoid too many loss of the hen.

You can attach yourself to someone doing it and learn if you go for 3-6 months training it will help you.

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Egg Production Business

5) Research: Research in poultry production business is important.

So you could know the best way to operate this business successfully.

Know how to deal with challenges if any arise.

Ask expert who have experience to guide you through.

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Other Things to Consider in Egg Production Business

Record Keeping:

Records is kept to be able to know how far you have gone if at a loss or gain.

So, consider the below information;

  1. Quantity of feeds consumed and amount purchased
  2. Quantity hens purchased
  3. Degree of death occurrence and causes
  4. Treatment (Vaccination) and other veterinary cost
  5. Cost of Labour and other variable costs should be noted
  6. Note down amount of eggs collected daily
  7. Note down amount of eggs sold and used for home consumption
  8. Note down the quantity of eggs damaged and
  9. Have measurement of Water and feed intake daily.
  10. It should be noted that water and feed intake records are good sign of good living to the hens

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Egg Production Business Market Survey

Good survey practice is necessary as that will help the farmer to identify the present and emerging markets where eggs can be sold at a better profit.

Some of this marketing techniques are Rating, good promotions, packaging and value adding.

These activities are important as they will lead to selling great numbers of products.

As fast as possible resulting as a result the poultry farmer makes lot of profit.

Egg Production Business Grading

Poultry eggs have to be rated by size and labelled according to weight for a good price system determination.

In the process of rating as well as selection.

Attention must be given to ensure that weight is in order (uniformity) to avoid mixed up in price and order.

Disease of Poultry Farm Birds

In this aspect, existing diseases are of different types.

And it also varies from one geopolitical area to the other.

Some of the things which might cause disease prevalence are:

  1. high rate of sunlight on egg trays or nests,
  2. improper ventilation and
  3. very high degree of temperatures in and outside the poultry Farm.
  4. And may bring weakness to shells resulting in Low quality egg formation.

Egg Production Business

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You will need a service of a veteran to treat the hen only if you are not skillful enough.

Egg Production business is one of the business.

I encourage young people to move into as you don’t have anything to lose.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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