Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes Made by Contractors

Entrepreneur s: Construction contractors and home DIYers have something in common: Both groups can easily make avoidable mistakes when it comes to renovations and construction.

Contractors who specialize in renovations or new construction will likely encounter the same challenges no matter how much experience they have, but that doesn’t make these pitfalls any less common.

Even experienced contractors can fall into these traps as they get used to a new project or take on something outside of their comfort zone.
Whether you’re working on a renovation project or planning to build an addition, avoiding these 10 common mistakes made by contractors is essential.

As with any job, it’s important to vet potential renovation partners thoroughly before signing anything.

The cost and scope of your renovation will be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to due diligence; trust your instincts, do your research, and ask plenty of questions up front.

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Avoid These 10 Common Mistakes Made by Contractors

Entrepreneur s: BusinessHAB.com

It’s not easy to build your business, let alone run it. Every day is a new challenge, and no contractor can expect to get everything right the first time. As you grow, you will inevitably make mistakes along the way. Mistakes are a natural part of life as they help us learn and grow as individuals and professionals. What’s important is how we respond to those mistakes. Do we wallow in self-pity or recognize that every setback presents an opportunity for growth? The former attitude does nothing but leave you stagnant, whereas the latter makes you stronger, wiser, and more effective in everything you do going forward. In this article we explore 10 common mistakes that contractors make so that you can avoid them from the beginning.

Hiring based on price alone

Contractors are drawn to construction companies based on price alone, which makes them cheap workers. Contractors who price their services based on the hourly rate alone are bad hires. Their work has no value and they will negatively affect your bottom line. When hiring, you must look at the big picture, and not just the hourly rate. How competent is the worker? What is the quality of his work? What is his experience? What is his track record? What is the contractor’s ability to manage his crew? What is his ability to meet deadlines? As you can see, price does not matter. These are some of the questions you must ask yourself when hiring contractors.

Not having a marketing plan

If you can’t identify your target customer, you won’t ever be able to convert them into leads and customers. Marketing is not something that you can do when you feel like it. It’s a process that must take place every day, and without a marketing plan, you’ll be doing it haphazardly and inefficiently. If you are beginning a marketing campaign and do not have a plan, you will not know where you’re going, how to get there, or how to measure your progress along the way. This will result in wasted time and energy, not to mention money.

Failing to manage your contractors

Managing a team of contractors is not easy. You don’t have the same control and authority over them that you would over regular employees. You can’t fire them if they don’t perform well or if they don’t toe the company line. You will have to learn how to manage contractors effectively and efficiently. This means that you need to understand that the relationship is business-to-business. You must communicate clearly, hold contractors accountable, and be very specific about what you expect out of them. If you fail to manage contractors, you’ll lose money, time, and clients.

Sticking to your ad budget when hiring writers and PR professionals

You have a budget for your marketing efforts and ad spend. You have set a certain amount for each category in your marketing plan. You have to stick to it, especially when hiring PR professionals. PR agencies charge by the hour. They will look at the number of hours it will take to complete the projects and then charge that rate. For example, if PR Agency A quoted you $5,000 for a project with a team of 3 PR professionals, and you only have $2,000 for PR, you shouldn’t hire them. Even if you were able to pay them the $5,000, your business would not be able to benefit from their work. PR professionals know how to maximize their time. They know how long a project will take them to complete. They will charge you based on their estimate. You must have a budget for PR services and stick to it.

Not using video effectively

Many contractors believe that investing in a video is a waste of money. They fail to realize that video is an important part of the sales funnel and helps to convert leads into clients. Studies show that 70% of internet users are more likely to purchase from a company after watching a video about the company or its products. If your company is not using video, you are missing out on a huge opportunity to convert leads into sales.

Not tracking the ROI on your ad spend

If you are investing in ads and you are not tracking the ROI, you are throwing your money away. There are many ways to track the ROI of your ad spend. You can use a free tool like Google’s Ad Planner to get an estimate of how much ad spend you need to reach your target audience. You can use Google Analytics to track conversions from your website. You can also use Google’s free AdWords cost estimator to see how much your ad spend is for each conversion. Keeping track of your ROI will help you see if the investment in ads is worth it.

Forgetting to run basic AdWords functions and reports

You must use the basic functions and reports within AdWords to make sure that your ads are running as they should. This includes using the Filter, Segment, and Date Range function in the Campaigns tab to check which ads are running, how many impressions they are receiving, and how much they are costing. You can also check the status of your ads to see if they are paused or not running. Make sure that you are checking the status of your ads at least once a week. You can also use the Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Reports to see if there are any issues with your ads.

Mistakenly believing that magic happens in the dark (dark ops)

Some contractors believe that they will get the best results if they work in the dark. They decide to work in the dark and not talk to their clients. But no matter what you do, you will get nowhere if you don’t have communication with your clients. You must have communication with your clients. You must talk to them and know what they want. You must talk to them and know what they need. You must talk to them and know what problems they face in your industry. You must talk to them and know what challenges they are trying to overcome. You must talk to them and know what their expectations are. You must talk to them and know what questions they have that they want answered. You must talk to them and know how you can help them. You must talk to them and know what positive results they are hoping to receive. You must talk to them and know what their journey is like. You must talk to them and know what obstacles they are facing. You must talk to them and know what kind of help they need from your company.

Summing up

Building a successful business takes time. However, by avoiding the mistakes outlined in this article, you can start to build momentum faster. Contractors make these mistakes because they are new. Nobody starts out as a pro. As you grow as a contractor, you will learn from your mistakes and become wiser as a result.

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