Making Money With Farming – How to Make Millions in OSRS!

Farming osrs:  The use of cassava products in the country keeps increasing. cassava farming is fast becoming the most profitable business of choice every blessed day.

Cassava products have over time been a stable source of food. This foodstuff is a source of livelihood for millions of peopl. An estimated ninety percent of Nigerian households consume the products every day. Also in this estimate are consumers of cassava by-products.

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Examples of cassava-based foods include eba (a.k.a garri), animal feed, wheat-flour commercial caramel, etc.

Why You Should Embrace Cassava Farming Business

As Nigeria, nay African continues to expand, so also is the demand for cassava products. These hereby result in more revenues yields generated by farmers of cassava and cassava products.

There is an expansive utilization of cassava products. the cassava business will continue to grow. This is because cassava is a cash crop that gets bought upon harvest. thereby, giving an assurance of good turnover on investments once the crop is mature enough to hit the market.

Farming osrs

Undoubtedly, but not so surprisingly, the majority of people seem to shun this aspect of agriculture. The reason given is lack of capital. Capital undoubtedly thwarts a lot of businesses from kick-starting. The cassava business is not excused from this.

Government Interventions

With the current economic recession in Nigeria, the Nigerian government via its Bank of Agriculture (BOA) has recently set aside agriculture loans. These are for hundreds of thousands of active and potential farmers. They would make use of them to grow their businesses.

This is a good way to kick start your own cassava farm by availing yourself of the government’s agricultural incentives and loans today.

Farming osrs

Cassava farming is one great farming business that you can start. It is an agricultural-based business that would always give you maximum returns on investment.  I mean, years in, year out.

The information provided in this guide would help you to go about the cassava farming business and as well as the processing aspect here in Nigeria. Let us consider them one-by-one below:

Image result for How To Start Cassava Farming Business In NigeriaFarming osrs:

1). Get A Good Site for Your Cassava Farm

When canvassing for a site to start your cassava farm, choose an area rich in deep well-drained loamy soil, and possessing warm & moist climatic conditions and adequate rainfall. These are the best areas where cassava grows. here are some key points to guide you in the site selection process

1. The land is topography if the land is gently sloping or flat.

2. The soil texture is of the land is good,

3. There is thick vegetation around the land,

4.  Get the indigenes to vet the richness of the soil for you before you purchase it. Also, get food scientists to also help you confirm that.

5.  Choosing the appropriate location to establish your cassava farm is of utmost importance.

2). Improve and Cultivate the Soil for Planting Your Cassava:

You may skip this step if the soil is good enough to cultivate your cassava crops. However, if the reverse is the case, then, you may have to invest a little (or much) amount of money to cultivate the soil. Some of the commonly adopted practices for soil improvement includes:

  1. Manuring of your soil,
  2. Preparation of quality seedbeds,
  3. Planting your cassava plants together with other crops, especially those rich in nitrogenous compounds.

It is required or advised that your soil should be highly fertile and ingredient-rich for cultivation else, you may lose a lot of money. Mistakes such as this should as much as possible, be avoided in all entirety.

The best, however, is to choose a good site for your cassava farm. This way, you would not have to go through the rigorous and time-eluding processes of soil improvements prior to planting your cassava stem cuttings.

Farming osrs

3). Select The Best Cassava Variety To Plant:

There is a wide selection of cassava breeds that you can grow. In any case, the best breeds to cultivate are the types that are widely accepted by your target market, give great yields, grow quickly, and are resistant to pests and diseases. The central point involved in selecting the correct cassava breed to grow are:

1. Varieties with great food quality

2. Varieties with great cooking abilities

3. Varieties that mass early

4. Varieties with great ground storage ability

5. Varieties that are tolerant to weeds, pests, and diseases.

Select the correct breed to run with. This will determine how successful your cassava ranch will be. Once you grow what people are not interested in, you’d leave business faster than you imagined. Find out what the available buyers in the area are interested in, then grow those types of cassava crops.

Farming osrs

4). Select Healthy Cassava Stem Cuttings:

Cassava crops are grown from Cassava stem cuttings. Choosing healthy stems is essential to growing rich cassava crops that your market would rapidly purchase. You can purchase cassava stem cuttings in town markets and villages.

After your initial purchase of the cassava stem cuttings, the best place to keep getting healthy cassava stem cuttings is an all alone homestead.

Planting healthy stem cuttings is important because they’d help you to greatly reduce the spread of cassava pests and diseases. When getting cassava stem cuttings, this is the best guide to take after:

  1. Find healthy cassava plants.
  2. Avoid cassava plants that have or have had a background marked by pests and diseases.

5). Plant the Cassava Right:

you need to consider the time of the year, the land tillage method, etc. before you plant your cassava crop products. Other things include the seedbed type and the method of preparation. Also know the handling and planting of the cassava stem cuttings. Planting the cassava within all the correct conditions will ensure you reap a healthy harvest. It will increase chances of good yields and would ensure you generally have the cassava harvests exactly when a lot of buyers need them.

Farming osrs

6). Setup and Production Cost:

Similarly, like with some other new companies, the great execution of your cassava farming business can make you a millionaire. You need to understand the perfect costing needs. This will ensure you’re not going to generate a negative cash stream. Here is a sample costing for setting up cassava cultivate in Nigeria:

1. Land Cost: NGN 75,000 (Depends on the location)

2. Land Preparation: NGN 25,000 (Could Vary)

3. Cassava Stem Cuttings: NGN 50,000 (For 100 bundles. Bundle price could shift per location)

4. Fertilizer NGN 25,000 (The price could shift by amount)

5. Fermentation Tank: NGN 220,000

6. Water-powered Press: NGN 280,000

7. Hammer Mill: NGN 700,000

Farming osrs

Numerous other costs that’d run deep through the cassava ranch are:

1. carriage packs,

2. insecticides,

3. cultivate maintenance,

4. harvesting work fees,

5. general employee salaries, others.

6. others.

Farming osrs

Note: Some other costs and unforeseen expenses are not listed. the costs listed here are heavily subjected to change because of inflation and other uncontrollable market vices.

7). Market Your Cassava Products:

After growing and harvesting your crops, you’d need to ensure the greatest returns by selling your harvests to the correct buyer and at the correct price. This website gives a detailed explanation of the best way to market a wide range of homestead products, as well as other useful tips and advice. Hope you found it exceedingly informative.


To date, Cassava farming undoubtedly remains one of the most lucrative agricultural ventures if executed properly. Make an effort not to compromise when setting up cassava cultivate, and you’d end up growing the correct crops everyone desperately needs to purchase. With this agriculture business, you can be guaranteed your ranch products would sell out constantly.

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