Top Fastest Aviation Industry in Nigeria (SAHCOL)

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Fastest Aviation Industry: The Acting Managing Director of Skyway Aviation Handling Company Limited,

Mr. Basil Agboarumi, says the country’s aviation industry is growing very fast.

Agboarumi said the industry grew in line with the 2017 global benchmark.

And was on the track to consolidate the growth this year.

Fastest Aviation Industry

Fastest Aviation Industry: He said, “When you look at 2017 globally, the summary of the industry was that it was good for the industry and I want to believe that 2018 is already consolidating on that.

“We believe that the industry is moving forward and things are happening very fast.

Fastest Aviation Industr: We have a minister that has the courage to want to do certain things.

Now, we are talking of having a national carrier, which we believe will be good for our aviation industry.

We have come to a point where we have to realize that there is no Nigeria aviation, but global standards.”

Fastest Aviation Industry: He said that to consolidate on the growth, regulators and other stakeholders were working to do things in line with international best practices.

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Fastest Aviation Industry

“Where the world is going in aviation is cooperation; you can’t stand alone.

As long as you have something to offer in aviation.

Fastest Aviation Industry:

The time has come whereby stakeholders in the industry must begin to relate with one another and jointly take decisions that can move the industry forward,” he said.

It is also stated that since the Federal Government privatized the ground handling company in 2009.

It had grown its market share to 48 per cent.

Fastest Aviation Industry:

Furthermore, SAHCOL, which was detached from the defunct national carrier.

Nigeria Airways on liquidation, had a 21 per cent share of the market before privatisation.

But that it had continued to grow since it was privatised and Sifax Group acquired it.

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Fastest Aviation Industry:

He stated that plans had reached an advanced stage for it to be enlisted on the Nigeria Stock Exchange.

He said, “We still need opportunities to do better.

We know we are growing and closing the gaps but we are not stopping there. We are still growing.

“Part of what we need to do is to train our staff and get modern and state-of-the-art equipment into the system and that is what we are doing and closing the gap even as we are stepping up our services.”http://business

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