The Five Worst Nightmares That Will Keep You Awake at Night

fnaf security breach freddy bonnie: If you’re afraid of the dark, this article is not for you. However, if you’re a fearless soul who can look at things from another point of view and find humor in the sad and strange things that life throws our way, read on…
The world is full of wonder and mystery. It also has some pretty terrifying things lurking in the shadows. That’s why many people like to be brave and say that they aren’t afraid of anything. And then comes nighttime… When we are alone or left with our thoughts, these five worst nightmares come out to play – leaving us sleepless and paranoid until sunrise.

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The Five Worst Nightmares That Will Keep You Awake at Night

fnaf security breach freddy bonnie:

fnaf security breach freddy bonnie: Most people have experienced a nightmare at least once in their lives. Nightmares are typically frightening, vivid dreams that cause strong feelings of fear and anxiety. They often involve strange or unusual scenarios that provoke an intense response from the dreamer. However, not all nightmares are equal. Some are so scary they’ll keep you up at night for days after having it. It’s not just the content of these nightmares that makes them so terrifying… it’s also the way they make you feel afterward. Nightmares can be so unsettling because they tap into our deepest fears and anxieties about what could go wrong in our lives – especially our fears about being trapped or unable to escape from danger. If you find yourself waking up with a start more than once this week, check out these nightmare-inducing scenarios:

Being Trapped or Confined

fnaf security breach freddy bonnie: The most basic fear that underlies all nightmares is the fear of being trapped or confined in a situation from which escape is impossible. The idea of being stuck in a cramped space without any way out is terrifying, which is why it features heavily in many nightmares. The most common form of this nightmare is being stuck in a lift or elevator that suddenly loses power and stops between floors. People often have nightmares about being trapped in a lift because they have happened so many times in real life. It’s easy to see why – the sudden claustrophobia of being stuck between floors with no way out is terrifying, even for people who don’t typically suffer from anxiety. The feeling of being trapped is also a common element of nightmares about being trapped in a burning building, being pursued by a dangerous person, or being caught in an earthquake or natural disaster.

Being Chased or Hunted

fnaf security breach freddy bonnie: The sensation of being chased or hunted is another common nightmare theme, often accompanied by feelings of panic and breathlessness. This nightmare often features pursuers who gradually get closer and closer to you, and the chase becomes more intense until you wake up in a cold sweat. Being chased by a dangerous person or animal is another common variation of this nightmare. This nightmare is often triggered by the fear of being attacked or murdered, which is a natural human fear. Any kind of pursuit can trigger this nightmare, such as trying to get to a destination too late, trying to prevent an accident from happening, or trying to get away from someone who is dangerous or trying to avoid being caught doing something wrong.

Touching Something Repulsive

fnaf security breach freddy bonnie: This nightmare is triggered by the fear of coming into contact with something disgusting. It can take a number of forms, including touching an infected wound, finding a slimy creature on your skin, or touching something related to a repulsive person or situation. Most of us have avoided touching something we think is disgusting at some point in our lives, and this reaction is ingrained in our brains, making this nightmare common in many people. This nightmare is often triggered by fears related to health, such as the fear of infection. It can also be triggered by feelings of disgust towards someone who is repulsive in some way. Repulsiveness can take many forms, ranging from a person covered in blood, to someone who is obese or has a serious disease.

Falling From a Great Height

fnaf security breach freddy bonnie: When you dream that you fall from a great height, it can be terrifying because you don’t know when you’re going to hit the ground. There are different variations of this nightmare, such as falling from a rooftop, cliff, or very tall building. This nightmare is often triggered by fears about the future and the unknown, such as failing an exam, getting sick, or getting injured. It can also be triggered by a sense of powerlessness that comes from feeling trapped and unable to control a situation.

Finding Yourself in a Dark Room or Corridor

fnaf security breach freddy bonnie: Finally, this nightmare is triggered by the fear of being trapped in a place from which there is no escape. It can take a literal form, such as being in an unlit and confined room, or it can be more symbolic, such as being trapped in a bad relationship. These nightmares often feature feelings of being closed in and out of control, and are often triggered by feelings of anxiety and stress.


fnaf security breach freddy bonnie: The content of your nightmares can give you clues as to what’s causing them. Nightmares that feature being chased or hunted, falling from a great height, and being trapped or confined are often triggered by fears related to the future and the unknown. Nightmares that feature being contacted or touched by something repulsive, being chased or hunted, or being trapped in a dark space are often triggered by anxieties related to health and safety. These are the five nightmares that will keep you awake at night. Keep in the mind that these nightmares are not uncommon, but are in fact very common. Fortunately for us, nightmares are also very short-lived, and are often over in minutes. What’s important is knowing how to cope with them so that you can get back to sleeping soundly. These nightmares can be triggered by many different things, and can also be influenced by our general state of health and wellbeing. Luckily, there are many things you can do to reduce the likelihood of having nightmares, as well as ways to help cope with them when they do happen. Understanding what causes nightmares is the first step towards reducing their impact, and making yourself less susceptible to them in future.

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