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The Importance of the EBITDA Calculation

At this present time, the investors give great value and attention to the net income, revenue and cash flow when looking at the financial health and the present position of the company. With the passage of time, a measurement has gained a lot of popularity among investors that is EBITDA. This measurement provides valuable results about the performance of a company by providing a clear overview of the company’s profit.

What is EBITDA?

This is basically the short form of Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. It provides a detailed report on the overall performance of a company. Rather than performing the whole calculation, you can go to and can use the free EBITDA calculator by  Before going into more depth, its good to consider some key terms that are:


This term indicates the expense bear due to the interest rate. Meanwhile, it includes the interest that is paid on the bank loan. 


It means the expense caused by the government or regulatory authorities upon running the business in a specific region of the country. 


This is a type of expense that shows a reduction in the value of the asset of the company. It basically indicates the reduction in the value of the assets.


It is a non-cash expense that includes the cost of intangible assets.

EBITDA generally focuses on the financial profit of a company and avoids the impact of non-operating management decisions such as interest expenses, tax rates and intangible assets etc.

This measurement provides a clear view of the operating profitability of a business that the investors can easily compare with the other companies. This is the main reason behind having preference over the other financial metrics.   

How to Calculate EBITDA?

EBITDA can be easily calculated by using the following formula but if you find it difficult, then you can get the help of an EBITDA calculator and can perform this calculation swiftly.


EBITDA (simple) = EBIT + Depreciation + Amortization.
EBITDA (extended) = Net Profit + Taxes + Interest + Depreciation + Amortization.

EBIT is calculated by:

EBIT = Revenue – Expenses.

Steps to Calculate EBITDA Online:

Perform the following simple steps for calculating EBITDA online:

  • Go to the EBITDA Margin calculator.
  • Now put your values in the input fields.
  • Hit the calculate button and that’s all. 

EBITDA in Business Valuations:

EBITDA means to take various steps to reach a meaningful and fruitful value that helps the stakeholders or the owners or the investors to make the right decisions after seeing the performance of the company.


EBIT means the values of earnings without tax and interest but EBITDA has taken a step forward by removing the depreciation and amortization. Note that the EBIT and EBITDA both are handy in understanding the value and performance of a company.

A person who is not good at calculations can easily calculate EBITDA with the help of an online EBITDA calculator in a matter of seconds.

Nowadays, potential investors or buyers prefer EBITDA to compare the valuation of various companies. It is also useful for the business owner that they can easily perform the necessary steps by seeing the present performance of their company and can plan the future strategy accordingly.

Final Words:

EBITDA is one of the most important calculations for investors, banks and business owners. This calculation provides meaningful insights that help in determining the current performance and the financial profitability. That’s EBITDA has got too much popularity among investors. With the help of an EBITDA Calculator, they can easily determine whether they should invest in a company or not or they can also compare the performance of different companies.  

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