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Fruit Juice Business: I will be taking you on the intricacies of Starting Fruit Juice Business in Nigeria. The process is very simple as you will soon see. But first, what is fruit juice and how is the fruit juice business like in Nigeria, presently.

Fruit juice is gotten from the liquid in fresh fruits. If fresh, it is a great source of nutrients, and minerals. Freshly squeezed out fruit juice, bottled without additives is what appeals to most people.

This is a financially rewarding business in Nigeria. This is because both the young and the old love fruit juice. It tastes great and has many health benefits. This explains its high demand.

There are not enough fruit farms to service the fruit demand of Nigeria. Therefore, majority of manufacturers use imported concentrates. The exception being in cases of production and exportation of rare fruit juices such as ‘local cherry’ aka ‘udara’ or ‘agbalumo’.

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Why Fruit Juice Business in Nigeria

Fruit juice is another type of food drink. Due to its huge health benefits, it has high demands fortunately the supply is low. The rate of production of fruit juice in Nigeria cannot satisfy the market.

On March 27, 2013, the Hon Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in a speech said, “Nigerians spend over $1billion on fruit juice importation every year”. Foreign companies from the west and Asia are the ones in charge of fruit juice importations.

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Why People Like Fruit Juice in Nigeria

Firstly, it is very beneficial to the health. It also satisfies the thirst. In the tropics, for example Nigeria fruit juice is always in high demand. This is truest during the Harmattan.

It might interest you to know…

  • Fruit juice is in great demand in this country. Fruit juices are consumed at events like weddings, birthdays, etc. It is a staple at these events.
  • Nigerians consume over 550 million litres, of juice yearly. 75% of this demand is met by foreign imports.
  • Using the information, you get here, you’ll start making fruit juice in no time at all. There is a large untapped market for fruit juice in this country.

Why you need to Produce Fruit Juice

Like I earlier mentioned, demand for fruit juice in Nigeria outweighs supply. As such, you can easily leverage on this deficit and make a lot of good money for yourself from this business opportunity. You will come to agree with the fact that until you are able to identify where the is gap in the market, and fulfill the need therewith, you are bound to meet tough times with already existing competitors.

Nigeria is no doubt immensely endowed with a wide selection of high profile tropical fruits which are top notch in the market. This are near-giffen commodities in countries such as America, Europe, etc. Even  within the West African Sub-region, fruit juice business remains an evergreen business till date.

Fruit juice, no doubt, has great export potentials. As such, you can make good business from fruit juice production and exportation to other countries in commercial quantities. You are bound to make good returns on investment from the venture, believe me.

How to Start Fruit Juice Business In Nigeria And Make Huge Profits In The Process

Important things to do, to make sure your business succeeds

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#1. Choose a specialty for your juice business.

What type of fruit do you want to sell its juice? Alternatively, what kind of juice do you want to sell. You might choose to sell juice smoothies.

#2. Write a business plan

Your business plan should have information about your specialty; three-year income, out come and gain projections. You should also have your marketing and PR strategies.  If you are taking a loan, it should also contain your loan repayment plan.

#3. Make recipes

Make flavours for your juices be very creative with them. Variety they say is the spice of life. To have more customers you have to give them creative variety.

#4. Register Your Business.

First, you will have to register with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC). Then you products will need NAFDAC approval since it is a consumable. You might also need the certification of other health bodies. Just ensure you are aware of all the licenses you need to get, and that you get them.

#6 Get Suppliers

you need to make arrangements on how to get your raw materials. Maybe through an intermediary, or you could contact farmers directly.

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#7. Secure Your Market Venues

This is self-explanatory, where do you want to sell your juice, shops and malls usually are the best. You can also find out other places.

#8. Get your equipment.

Everything you need make sure you buy in large quantities. From industrial grade juicers, etc. they are always cheaper when bought in bulk.

#9 Market Your Business

Create adverts on local media outlets, sponsor a health/fitness event. Have a website or open social media accounts.

Raw Materials Needed for Fruit Juice Production

“Fruit Juice” is gotten from the liquid inside fruits. This shows that, the important raw materials are fruits around us, for example: apple, tangerine, cucumber etc.

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if you want your fruit juice to last a long time, preservatives will be necessary. Just make sure they are health friendly. Some of the popularly used preservatives in fruit juice production are sodium metabisulphate, citric acids or sodium benzoate.

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In majority of recipes for production of fruit juice, sweeteners are usually required. Sugar is the most common sweetener.

Other requirements include water (reasonable quantity), colourants and can labels.

Equipment Needed for Fruit Juice Production Business

  1. Fruit washing tank
  2. Juice extractor
  3. Blending tank
  4. Boiler
  5. Filter press
  6. Filling machine

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Practical Steps for Making Fruit Juice

  1. Get a fruit you’ll like to use (may be tangerine)
  2. Peel the fruits; put them into the extractor and press.
  3. The liquid gotten from the fruits should be added into the blending tank. Also, add other ingredients.
  4. Filter the content of the tank and transfer into another container.

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Ingredients Ratio while Making Fruit Juice

For example, you are making 100 litres of fresh juice; add 50litres of water and 150mls of tangerine concentrate.

Add 1 tablespoonful of colour (orange) and boil for about 30minutes at 90 degrees Celsius to kill germs. Cool and filter. Put preservatives put in a bottle, label and sell.

You are now ready for the market, find your market and sell.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know. Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us. Otherwise, Please check out these other business ideas you can do

  1. I am interested in fruit juice business, in fact I have already started with local production, but I need a guideline on how to embark on commercial production. mind if u can be of help. thanks

  2. I would like to get a business plan on how to start a fruit juice business. Thank you
    Ando Barau

    1. Good one,thanks so much for the recommendation,equally partner with for more business tips and ideas.

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