15 Tips on How to Wear Green Sport Coat

Green Sport Coat: Versatile, casual, and cool, a sport coat should be a cornerstone of a thoughtful wardrobe.

Whether you want to wear a smart sport coat for a formal occasion or pair up a patterned plaid coat with a rock band t-shirt, sport coats can work for any occasion.

Learning to pick one of the proper fit, pairing it with your wardrobe.

And learning to wear it properly doesn’t need to be a hassle. Dressing up is cool.

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Green Sport Coat

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1. Learn the difference between a sport coat and other coats.

Though they’re commonly conflated, a sport coat is not a blazer or a suit jacket.

Sport coats need not match the fabric of the pants, as you’d find with a suit jacket.

The biggest difference between a sport coat and a blazer is that sport coats are patterned.

While blazers are made of solid fabric with a contrasting color of button.

  • Stylistically, sport coats are sometimes a slightly looser fit than other kinds of dress coats, allowing for outdoorsy use and “sporting.”
  • Sport coats are slightly less formal than a suit jacket or a blazer.
  • The variety of fabrics is somewhat larger with sport coats as well. Wool, linen, cotton, and other kinds of materials are all common to sport coats. The one thing a sport coat must have, though, is a pattern.

2. Fit the Green Sport Coat correctly.

Since a sport coat isn’t as formal as a blazer or suit jacket, it can have some give and should appear (and feel) a little looser. For jackets, the length of the coat is usually standard. To learn the cut appropriate for you, find your range below:

  • A short is typically used on people under 5’7, with sleeves up to 32 in.
  • A regular is for people between 5’8 and 5’11, with sleeves of 32-33 in.
  • A long is for people between 6’0 and 6’2, with sleeves of 34-36 in.
  • An extra-long is for people taller than 6’2 with sleeves longer than 36 in.

Green Sport Coat

3. Choose an appropriate weight for the season.

Sport coats come in summer and winter weights and are common for any season in which a bit of formality needs to be mixed with a bit of fun.

Getting sport coats that can be used for different seasons will help you stay comfortable.

  • Wear cotton sport coats for the summertime. When it’s hot out, you don’t want to be caught in a wool jacket. Cotton breathes well and will help you to stay cool, despite wearing a relatively heavy article of clothing.
  • Wool jackets should be worn in winter. These are heat-saving and will often be able to be worn without the need for an overcoat.
  • Sports coats also come unlined, half-lined, and full-lined, which can make your coat warmer or cooler. An unlined or half-lined sport coat is a good option if you tend to overheat, as opposed to a fully-lined coat.

4. Check the vents.

The vent is the open seam in either the back of the jacket or the sides, used to allow the jacket to hang loosely and make the trouser pockets available to the wearer of the jacket. While unvented jackets are form-fitting and stylish, they’re somewhat less comfortable than sport coats, which are slightly less formal.

  • Side-vented jackets are popular in Europe and have a cool and sleek modern vibe. Back-vents are more traditional and comfortable.

Green Sport Coat

5. Look for versatile patterns.

 The sport coat can vary considerably in style, which is why it is so versatile.
 You’ll find different pockets, buttons and even leather patches on the elbows.

The pattern, however, will be the biggest and the most eye-catching element of the sport-coat, making it important that you pick one that you’ll be able to wear in a variety of different ways.

  • Err on the side of subtle. Plaid purple and orange might look sweet on the mannequin, but how often will you be able to wear it? Think of good colors to match what’s already in your wardrobe.
  • What do you intend to do when wearing the sport coat? If you’re moving a lot, look for a coat with plenty of movement and even expandable panels or pleats to give you more ability to swing the golf club or toss out the fishing rod.
  • Think about when you’ll be wearing your sport coat, too. Do you plan on wearing it for formal occasions, or in a more business casual setting?

6. Match the coat to your pants.

While not all people like to pair a sport coat with jeans, it is perfectly permissible to do so. 
The trick is to wear jeans that are in excellent condition and wear a neat belt too.

Also, ensure that the coat and jeans fit well.

  • Alternatively, wear trousers. Most casual and smart casual trousers will match well with a sport coat.
  • If the coat is patterned, choose neutrally colored pants in beige, grey, fawn, cream, etc. The pants should not compete with the coat.
  • For a light-colored sport coat, match with dark-colored pants. For a dark-colored sport coat, match with light-colored pants.

Green Sport Coat

7. Wear the sport coat with a shirt and tie.

Classic is always in style. Match patterned sport coats with solid-colored shirts for a casual but stylish look.
If you want to be sophisticated and put-together.

Putting on a patterned sport coat with a solid shirt and a neat tie will have people turning heads. Match busy jackets with solid shirts and ties and vice versa. It’d be hard to get away with three patterns.

  • In cold weather, try out a sport coat over a sweater and collared shirt combination. This can be an excellent way of staying warm without the need for an overcoat. It looks stylishly bookish like you’re a grad student at Oxford studying avant-garde poetry.
  • Get creative with your tie choices. Patterns are probably out, but think about wool ties, string ties, and other types of ties that will complement your jacket pattern nicely. Alternatively, unbutton a few top buttons and wear just the shirt and coat together. This can be a great powerful look.
  • Your collared shirt should always be tucked in, and the collar should be inside the jacket if you’re going to wear it with a sport coat. It’s not 1974! Don’t let the collar hang outside.

8. Rock it with a t-shirt or a polo.

If you want to look like you’re hosting the MTV Movie Awards, or you’re heading to work at your tech start-up, this is a great look, less formal but still fantastic.

Just make sure that either shirt is of very good quality and in excellent condition.

It should not be see-through or wrinkled.

  • Wearing a printed t-shirt with a sport coat communicates a slightly subversive stance, artistic and corporate at the same time. Think of artists at gallery openings, hoping to sell a bunch of work. Nice-looking sport jacket, designer jeans, and a Rolling Stones tee? Always cool.

Green Sport Coat

9. Pick the right shoes.

 If you’re integrating a sport coat into your look, the shoes can make or break it.

 It’ll depend on the outfit, but you want to go for a complementary look, in general.

  • If you’re wearing jeans, it can be tempting to want to throw in casual shoes as well, but very casual sneakers or Converse can make you look like a teenager dressed up in dad’s clothes. For a more elegant casual look, wear loafers, Oxfords or casual brogues with jeans.
  • If you’re wearing dressier pants, it might work well to go for more casual shoes. For the ultimate touch, consider some kind of walking boot, or even stylish cowboy boots for an added accent of awesome.

10. Build in complementary styles.

 Conservative thinking might suggest that brightly pattern sport coats should be matched with solids and toned down as much as possible. That’s certainly a fine way to match your coat to your other clothes. But feel free to experiment. Maybe your purple plaid jacket would look great with a gray pullover, with the collar of your pink dress shirt poking through the time. Look for complementary colors and styles. Break rules and see what works.

  • Consider adding a pocket square. Increasingly, pocket squares are coming back, offering a little complimentary accent of color that can make your jacket pop. Match the coloring of your pocket square to your shirt.

11. Unbutton the coat when you sit.

Sport coats come in two and three button varieties.
The more buttons, the longer the line created by buttoning all of them.

In general, it’s recommended that you button your jacket while standing and you unbutton your coat while sitting. For some people, it’s also common to unbutton the coat for walking.

  • How you choose to wear your coat is completely up to you. You don’t have to button it or unbutton it any time, but it usually looks better and helps to slim your silhouette to have it buttoned when you’re standing. Button the top button only, if there are multiple buttons on the jacket.

Green Sport Coat

12. Wear an overcoat, if necessary.

In very cold weather, an overcoat might be necessary, even if you’re wearing a sport coat. Don’t forget to consider the weather and avoid getting caught out underdressed. Woolen overcoats, pea-coats, and trench coats are all appropriately paired with a sport coat. Usually, you’ll want these to be muted solid colors: black, gray, dark green, or beige.

13. Wear a sport coat to semi-formal occasions.

Sport coats are versatile for everyday wear, but also good enough for formal occasions.

Depending on your place of work, it may be acceptable to wear the sport coat to work and to the sports bar afterward.

If you’re ever somewhere in which jackets are required, a sport coat should be fine.

  • The sport coat is at home in the restaurant, at the bar, down the pub and when calling on friends for dinner. Good colors for social events include beige, brown, cream, khaki, tan and white. The lighter colors are always less formal.
  • For formal events, a sport coast, especially a brightly patterned one, might be less suitable. Opt for a suit jacket or a blazer instead.

14. Care for sport coats properly.

Never wear a dirty or wrinkly sport coat, or you might as well wear a popped collar polo.

Sport coats need to be kept in good condition, and dry cleaned regularly to keep them looking nice. In general, you shouldn’t need to have a jacket dry cleaned more than once every six months.

  • Budget tip: In Thornton Wilder’s Theophilus North, the main character has only one suit that he has to keep pressed every night between his bedspring and mattress, to keep it unwrinkled and clean looking. While you might not need to go that far, ironing your sport coat regularly should help to keep it in good standing.

Green Sport Coat

15. Balance the load well.

Don’t overload the pockets of the coat so much on one side that it causes the coat to fail to drape well.

Rearrange your wallet, iPod, keys, etc., until the coat sits straight.

Accessories you can add to the sport coat include a pocket watch.

An expensive pen (have the pen name facing outward), or a fancy handkerchief.

If you smoke cigars, it’s ideal for showing your cigar too.

The sport coat has either two or three buttons.

Only button the top button on a two-button sport coat; for a three-button sport coat, button two and leave the top one unbuttoned.

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