11 Tips to Get Hair Stylist General Liability Insurance

Hair stylist liability insurance: Being a beauty professional is so much more than a job. You don’t just cut and style a client’s hair or tend to their nails — you provide an all-round experience that helps make customers feel good about themselves.

Unfortunately, from time to time, things can go wrong. Whether it’s accidentally leaving out a makeup bag that somebody trips over, spilling coffee on a client’s phone or even burning a hole in their carpet, the risk of causing personal injury or property damage is always there as a beauty professional. This is why having a comprehensive public liability insurance policy is so vital.

Hair stylist liability insurance

Hair stylist liability insurance: BusinessHAB.com

After all, you’ve spent so long getting your business to where it is, it would be terrible if things were jeopardised over a particularly expensive lawsuit. Public liability insurance protects against claims related to injury or property damage caused to third parties, with your insurer (and not you) paying out for any related costs.

General liability insurance is your business’s first line of defence against insurable perils. It will protect against the most common and costly claims faced by small businesses.

At an average cost of less than $30 per month, general liability is accessible for nearly any business— big or small, established or new.

We’ll help you understand general liability coverage and help you find the best policy for your small business.

When you start a business, it is recommended to get general liability insurance coverage. General liability insurance coverage can protect your LLC if someone is injured on your business’s property, and it covers damage caused by you or your employees. The policy will cover your legal defence and the costs associated with the loss if you are found liable, up to the stated limits of your policy.

General Liability Insurance Definition

General liability insurance is a type of commercial liability insurance policy that protects a business from the financial burden of claims arising from bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage.

10. Risks typically covered by a General Liability Business Insurance policy include:

  • Bodily injury (physical damage to a person’s body, non-employees)
  • Property damage (injury to real or personal property, whether your property or a client’s)
  • Medical payments (resulting from accidents that happen on your premises)
  • Personal liabilities (libel, slander, copyright infringement, invasion of property and privacy, wrongful eviction, false arrest)
  • Advertising liabilities injury (losses caused by your advertising or by violating another company’s copyright)
  • Legal defence and judgment

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9. How Much Does General Liability Insurance Cost?

The average cost of general liability coverage ranges from about $300 to $1,000 per year, however, different types of businesses will have different needs and incur different risks.

8. There are several variables that will affect the premiums for small business owners:

  • Risk exposure (some businesses are more prone to risk than others)
  • Location, generally based on ZIP code
  • Annual payroll amount (how many people you employ)
  • Per occurrence limit (amount of coverage payable per incident)
  • Aggregate limit (amount of coverage payable per policy period)
  • Deductible

The amounts above are for estimation purposes only. If you want an accurate cost of what general liability insurance would cost for your LLC, you will need get a quote from an insurance agent.

An effective way to lower your premiums is to employ risk management procedures. Your agent should have information on how to improve these procedures for your business. A business that follows proper processes will inherently lower the risk of an insurance claim.

7. Benefits Of Having General Liability Insurance

In a claim situation, a commercial general liability policy will protect your LLC’s assets. There are, however, other tangible benefits of your LLC carrying liability insurance.

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6. Having a general liability insurance policy also:

  • Demonstrates that you are a secure and established business: Displaying to your clients that you are not just a “fly-by-night” company by protecting their assets is a great selling feature. Handing them a copy of your certificate of insurance will instill confidence that you are the right company to get the job done.
  • Shows that you care about your employees: Employees can rest a bit easier if they know that their work is protected and backed by insurance.
  • May help you gain business: Potential clients sometimes require an insurance policy to be in place, as they don’t want to be held liable for any possible mistakes. Holding an insurance policy may make the difference between your bid and your competitor’s.

5. Do I need public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is vital for mobile hairdressing, beauty and health & fitness businesses – and is just as important if you own a hair salon. Anyone who says they were injured or that their property was damaged by you or your staff could decide to sue you for compensation.

Even if you know you’re not at fault, without public liability insurance, you could be left with crippling legal fees to try to defend your case. Although it’s not a legal requirement, most business owners see public liability as an essential low-cost safety net.

4. Is public liability insurance legally required?

While there is no legal requirement for freelancers and mobiles to hold public liability insurance, we highly recommend that you do. However careful and professional you are, the unexpected can happen. If you find yourself faced with a claim for injury or damage with no insurance protection, your business may not be able to recover from the costs you would be liable for.

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3. Does public liability insurance protect me if a treatment goes wrong?

Standard public liability insurance doesn’t safeguard you from claims which result from your professional services. If a treatment goes wrong and as a result your client suffers, for example, an allergic reaction, a burn, or other injury, standard public liability insurance wouldn’t usually cover this.

However, we include treatment risk or malpractice cover as an extension of our public liability insurance, and this does provide cover for any injuries or damage caused by treatments you carry out.

2. Do I need public liability insurance if I work from home?

Even if you’re working from home, there is still a risk that something can go wrong. We would strongly advise you to take out public liability insurance to protect your business when clients come to you or when you visit them at their premises. You can select the ‘Working From Home Extension’ under our freelance package, which automatically includes public liability insurance for visitors to your home in connection with your business.

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1. How much is public liability insurance?

The cost of your public liability insurance depends on factors like your profession, your claims history and whether you want to add any optional extra covers. Get a quote online now, with instant cover.

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