Hiring A Car Rental In Abu Dhabi | A Guide For Tourists

Although Abu Dhabi is famous as one of the most conservative cosmopolitan cities in the world, Abu Dhabi still presents the best of luxury and entertainment for tourists from around the globe. This attractive capital city of UAE has mysterious desert safaris, strange experiences, and modern amenities.

Hiring A Car Rental In Abu Dhabi

Along with the visas, tickets, and accommodation confirmations, you must see what’s best to explore the destinations. Choosing one of the best car rentals in Abu Dhabi will be the best option to find places on your terms.

So, here’s the best guide to assist you with all things related to rental cars in Abu Dhabi.

Hiring a Car in Abu Dhabi as per Travelle Schedules:

Figuring out whether to lease or rent a car in Abu Dhabi or UAE is confusing. But for a city high on maintenance and servicing charges due to the soaring temperatures, having a conveyance on your own is a more comfortable option. You can rent a car if you want to stay in Abu Dhabi for a few days or months. And if your stay is longer than a year, leasing a car in Abu Dhabi is better for you.

Difference Between Renting And Leasing:


The notable difference between leasing and renting an auto car in Abu Dhabi is the duration you need a conveyance for yourself. Leasing normally means renting a car for 12 months at least or above.


Payment Method:


Costs would depend upon the model of the rental car. If you rent a luxury car, the price will be higher and vice versa. You can make payments in cash or even through a credit card or bank transfer. You will only have to pay the amount wrapping the total period of renting the car. There is no condition for a down payment for daily rentals. However, long-term car leasing requires you to give an advance payment of three months.


Essential Documents:


  • Scanned copies of visa page, passport, and your valid UAE driving license (front and back)


Rental Agreement Inclusions:


Usually, the rental agreement in Abu Dhabi will include the following:


  • Roadside services in case of any emergency.
  • Breakdowns and recovery, if any.
  • Vehicle replacement systems.
  • Maintenance and servicing of the rented automobile.


So, if you meet with an accident or the rented car needs some fixing, the rental company will have your back.


Extra Charges When Hiring A Rental Car in Abu Dhabi:


  • Mileage:


Always ensure that the kilometers per year that you have agreed upon are thoroughly checked before beginning the service. Most rental companies will warn you of charging you more if you exceed that limit.


  • Fines:


Car rental agencies will, at times, charge an admin fee if you get a parking fine or a speeding fine. The charges will increase to 20 percent on the total fine cost. They can also charge an extra dirham for each toll you need to pay.


Essential Tips In Case Of An Accident:


  • First and foremost, whether you have hit a car or a car has hit you; you must move to a safe zone without blocking the traffic and do not try to flee.


  • Turn the hazard lights on, come out of your car, and check whether the people in your vehicle are safe.


  • Keep the repair papers handy.


  • If the other car’s driver tries to flee from that accident area, take note of the car’s license plate number and make sure you hand it over to the police when they arrive.


  • Dial 999 and describe everything to the operator on the other side of the call. Explain where you are now and tell them if you want an ambulance. Ensure your driving license, car rental documents, and passport are with you. You can also take some photographs of the damaged car.


  • Do not get hyper, and keep yourself calm. Please do not argue with the police officers or hurry them with your words. The police will decide who is at fault after listening to everything and will hand you a police report in Arabic, as per local laws and regulations.


  • After this, you must call the car rental agency and tell them what happened. It would help if you informed them that you have the police report as well.



You can follow the same set of advice if you are looking for a car rental in Jebel Ali, Dubai or any other place.

No matter how confusing it seems at the beginning of the car rental process in Abu Dhabi, things will get more comfortable if you keep all these in mind. Hiring a rental car and using it on your terms has many advantages. Having an idea about the procedure will make everything more straightforward for you as a visitor in an unknown land.

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