How Profitable is butchery Business

How Profitable is butchery Business:  Do you want to know how profitable is the business is?  If that is your desire, you are on the right blog.

In this article, I am going to take you on a ride to show you how profitable the business is in Nigeria.

Meat, as we all know, is one of the major sources of protein for man.

So eating meat is an in-thing to every household in Nigeria, particularly when there are festive periods and celebrations.

Since meat is a source of protein for man’ as a result, many households have a preference for meat in their food.

In all the restaurants and fast food centers across the nation, you never have a plate of food without meat.

This, of course, has well explained how important meat is for human consumption and to what extent humans prefer meat in their food.

That goes a long way to explain how lucrative and profitable business is, should you want to go in for butchery business in Nigeria.

Before we continue, let us consider what the business is.

First of all, let us look at the meaning of butchery.

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What is butchery?

Butchery, in this context, is an art of killing or slaughtering livestock (animals) as well as, organizing these slain animals for sales in form of meat.

Meaning of butchery business:

From the above definition of butchery.

It could, therefore, be deduced that It is a  business of slaughtering animals and preparing these animals in order to sell them to end-users as meat.

However, one could be tempted to ask how the market for butchery business in Nigeria is.

The market for the business :

The product of the business is meat.  Believe it, Meat production is the biggest sub-sector in the agricultural sector in Nigeria.

As total meat production is increasing so is the rate of meat consumption by Nigerians.

Meat is sold or retailed in diverse business enterprises, for example; in restaurants, meat shops, and in most cases, some supermarkets among other places.

More so, meat production has increased over the last few years as the sales increase.

Hence, it offers business opportunities to other establishments to engage in the selling of meat even as these establishments offer necessary preferences through these larger retailers.

Accordingly’ as stated earlier. Every household required meat’s essential nutrients like protein and so they consumed a variety of meat.

With this knowledge, you can stand a chance of making an inexplicable profit from the business in Nigeria.

And meeting this aim, there are a good number of things you have to put into consideration which is necessary to earn you that volume of profit expected from the business and these are some of them:

Things that make the business profitable

1. The scale of the butchery business:

You have to run the butchery business as an organization with managerial techniques. in other words, you will employ helping hands by this, I mean staff members who are well vested with the business.

These staff members should include the business director, sales manager, marketing manager. Those in the operation department and some well-experienced workers among other staff.

You should also ensure that you have a good customers service system in your business.

2. Deciding on what products to sell:

I have said that the business is all about slaughtering livestock and preparing same to sell to your customers as meat.

Livestock here referred to a variety of animals which include cows, goats, sheep, poultry, and pig among other livestock.

Selling a variety of meat will give you an edge as you stand to make more profit.

That simply means that, in your butchery business, you will be selling meat such as beef, pork meat, chicken, etc.

3. Ensuring that your business makes an impact within a designated locality:

You should decide that your business makes an impact within a given district or region.

You should determine to control the market of a particular locality so when somebody wants livestock products Like meat, the first butchery business that gets to their mind is your butchery business.

How Profitable is butchery Business

Example A-Z Butchery Enterprise.

You have to manage your butchery business in such a way that suppliers within the neighborhood will form your business outfit, and do not forget that the freshness of your products will be determined by the zone your butchery business has set to cover. In other words, you do not have to set your business in Nigeria and you extend your business horizon outside Nigeria, after all, you are not selling preserved or frozen food items.

So, as you get your products (the animals), they will be butchered by well-trained butchers in your business outfit as you will also be selling them outright.

4. Establishing good customers’ service:

Ensure that those of your staff who interface Or who deal directly with your customers are giving your customers the necessary services.

Your staff at this level should relate well with your customers, They should make some recommendations to your customers by assisting your customers to execute their orders with a view to ensure that customers are satisfied with their services.

How Profitable is butchery Business

5. Hiring people well vested in the business:

You do not just get into starting and running a business, you need the necessary information and knowledge to break even and succeed in the business which is why the business needs experience.

It is this experience and knowledge in the butchery that will give you a competitive edge over the already existing businesses within your locality.

Having built a good relationship with those of your customers who supply you animals, and those of your customers whom you supply meat to, coupled with the ‘know-how’ in the business as well as integrating food-management techniques.

Keep a proper sales record of your butchery business, coupled with financial shrewdness I tell you, your business will not only have an edge over other businesses within your region but you will witness your butchery business explosion in such a way that return on investment of your business will frighten you.

And I make bold to say that the businesses money-spinning business.

How Profitable is butchery Business

6. Proper funding of your butchery business:

Though there are several methods of boosting the profitability of your business, Funding your butchery business is another method with a view to expanding your horizon, it will be the last thing I hope to discuss with you in this article.

Having a financial plan of your business will therefore determine how far and to what extent you will make a profit from your butchery business.

How are you financing your business? Is it by personal savings, equity from those concerned, or involvement in your business?

Or will your business seek for a loan to finance itself?

Whichever way you intend to finance your business will determine how soon you break even and make positive cash flow.

Settle your loan obligations, and as well earn a return on investments (ROI).

Above all, you should seek knowledge and the ‘know-how’ in business in Nigeria so as to attain this profitability in the business.

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