How to Choose the Best Kredittkort?

Finding a good credit card (CC) is part science and part art. No single plastic is better than all others in every known category – or for all individuals. But by understanding different options, as well as asking the right questions, individuals can find the plastic that is the best fit for their credit situation and spending habits. Follow these steps to find out the best CC for you.

How to Choose the Best Kredittkort?

Check the credit

Applicants need to find out what CC offers they might be eligible for by checking their scores. The better their scores, the greater their chance of getting approved for CCs with better benefits. Among ways to check credit scores:

  • Through the three credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) that sell these scores
  • CC issuers provide cardholders with free CS
  • Websites like NerWallet also offer free access to the applicant’s CSs

If the number is not what they expected, people can check their credit reports to find out what is causing these issues. They can then start finding out effective ways to improve it, from disputing errors on reports to change spending habits, if they need to. State laws entitle people to one free copy of their report from the major bureaus every year. They can get these free reports through federally authorized websites.

Identify which kind of CC they need

There are three major types of CCs:

  • Plastics that help people improve their credit when it is damaged or limited
  • Plastics that will save users on interest rates
  • Plastics that will earn users various rewards

The best CC for individuals is one with attributes designed to meet their particular needs. For instance, if the user does not travel much, then the best available travel plastic in the world is not going to do them a lot of good.

If the person wants to rebuild or build their credit: Secured or student CC

Student CCs, unsecured plastics meant for college or university students who are new to this industry, are a lot easier to qualify for compared to other kinds of CCs. Same with secured CCs, which usually need a security deposit of at least two hundred dollars. This deposit is returned to the user when the account is closed or upgraded in good standing.

If the user wants to save money on interest rate: Low-interest rate, balance transfer card, or zero-percent Annual Percentage Rate

Plastic money with an introductory zero-percent Annual Percentage Rate and ongoing low-interest rate could be an excellent match for them if they plan to use their CC in case of emergencies or if they have an irregular flow of income and carry balances from time to time. Balance transfer offers could help individuals pay off high-interest debts without interest. Remember that these offers may be a lot harder to find if people have poor or average credits.

Check out sites like for more info about this topic.

If individuals want to earn rewards: Cashbacks, travel, or rewards

Reward CCs are an excellent match for individuals if they pay off their balance in full each month and never earn interest. These plastics usually have higher Annual Percentage Rates but offer more significant sign-up bonuses, as well as provide users’ points, cashback, or miles on every buck people spend.

Narrow down the choices by asking the right inquiries

Individuals can visit CC comparison tools and look for the kind of CC they are looking for, filtering results depending on their scores as well as monthly spending. As they go through the very best of the best, they need to consider these questions.

For secured and student plastics:


  • Will it help them build their credit?


  • Look for plastics that report payments to major credit bureaus. Most secured cards do not do this


  • How much do these things cost to open, including annual fees?


Rewards for these things usually are not that high to warrant annual fees. Unless users have poor credits, they can avoid these expenses. For secured plastics, the lower their security deposits, the better. Although their credit limits may be connected directly to how much deposit they make

Can they graduate to better CC later on?


People need to choose cards that will let them build credits as well as upgrade to cards with better terms. It will make it a lot easier to leave this thing open longer, helping boost the person’s average age of the account sooner than later.


For low-interest, zero-percent Annual Percentage Rate, or balance transfer plastics:


  • How long is the zero-percent Annual Percentage Rate period, and what’s the ongoing interest Annual Percentage Rate?


  • People should look for CCs that provide them time to pay their debts without any interest. If they are planning on carrying a balance over a couple of years, they should consider a card with a low ongoing Annual Percentage Rate.


  • What’s the plastic money’s balance transfer plan?


If the user is doing a balance transfer, they can look up the card’s balance transfer charges. Check out what kind of debt they can transfer, as well as whether there is a limit to how much they can move. Remember that balance transfer Annual Percentage Rates on these things may be a lot different from the purchase Annual Percentage Rate.

Does plastic offer various rewards?

If the individual is looking for only a couple of months of zero-percent APRs – maybe instead of sign-up bonuses – they may be able to find plastics that also give out excellent ongoing rewards.

For cashback, travel, or rewards CCs:

How do people spend their funds?

They should look for CCs that deliver the best and highest rewards for the categories they spend the most on. If they are big spenders, they need to consider getting cards with annual fees if their reward earnings would offset costs. If they are planning to use these things outside the country, they should look for plastic money with no foreign transaction charges.

How complex are these things?

If people do not want to contend with limited availability on award seats, rotating bonus rewards, loyalty tiers, or spending caps, consider plastics with flat-rate cashback rewards.


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