3 Ways to Design Business Cards That Will Get You New Clients

How to Design Business Cards in US: A business card is one of the first things someone will see about you and your business. It’s important that your card reflects who you are and what you do as a business. Business cards can be used for networking, job interviews, or even just to leave your contact information in case someone needs to get in touch with you.
Lacking an impressive business card not only makes it harder to leave a lasting first impression on new connections, but it can also suggest an amateur appearance and hinder future networking opportunities. Unmemorable business cards don’t help anyone — and they especially don’t help you land new clients and partnerships. But designing an effective, memorable card is easier than you think. Read on for our top three tips on how to design business cards that will get you new clients.

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3 Ways to Design Business Cards That Will Get You New Clients

How to Design Business Cards in US: BusinessHAB.com

How to Design Business Cards in US: New business cards will give you a fresh start and keep your name top-of-mind. Think of business cards as your resume in paper form. They are one of the first things that people see about you when trying to network or find new clients. Traditional printed business cards can be outdated and difficult to manage. You don’t need to let old ideas about the look of your business card hold you back. Digital apps like Vistaprint and MOO offer unique, affordable and high-quality virtual business cards with plenty of customization options. Read on for three ways you can give your next batch of business cards an upgrade with these new ideas.

Go big, bold and colourful

Business cards printed in full colour will set you apart from the crowd. Choose a design with strong, bold colours that make a statement. You can also create a visual theme for your cards by keeping the colours consistent. If you work in a creative field, full-colour business cards can help you stand out among the sea of black and white cards. Even if you work in a more conservative industry, a splash of colour can liven up your cards and make them more memorable. Colourful cards are also a great way to make a visual statement about your brand. If you want your cards to convey your creativity, use bold and colourful designs. While colourful cards may cost a little more, they can give your brand a memorable identity that will make it easier to spot in a sea of black and white cards.

Don’t skimp on the most important card of all

The back of your business card is arguably the most important part of the whole card. That is where you can provide your email address and website URL, as well as your phone number. Think carefully about what information you want to put on the back of the card, and make that section as complete as possible. You may also want to consider including the information that you would like people to put in their phone book so that when they look you up, they see the information you want them to have. If you use a virtual card service that allows you to collect email addresses, make sure you provide a compelling call-to-action on the back of your card that encourages people to sign up for your email list. If you can collect email addresses at networking events and from other networking events, you can use that information to stay in touch with the people you meet.

Add a QR code to your cards

QR codes are a great way to direct people to your website or social media pages. If your business card doesn’t have a lot of room to include all of your important contact information, adding a QR code is a great way to let people access all of that information quickly and easily. You can create a business card with a QR code that links directly to your website, or you can create a card that links to whatever social media pages you want to promote. If you want to promote your Instagram account, for example, you can create a card that links to your Instagram account. If you’re planning to use a QR code on your business card, make sure that you use a website URL that loads quickly and easily. You can also create a card that links to all of your social media pages. If you want people to visit your website, make sure that all of the information they need is easily accessible on that site. You can also create a card that links to your email list sign-up form. That way, people who scan your card can quickly and easily sign up for your email list.

Use your business card as an email sign-up bonus

If you offer a product or service that is best enjoyed by people who sign up for your email list, consider adding a bonus to encourage people to sign up for your email list. You can create a card that links to an online form where people can enter their email address and receive a free gift for signing up. Make sure that your business card is attractive, well-designed, and clearly shows your contact information. If your business card is attractive, it will certainly get a lot of attention at networking events and on business cards are a great way to get new clients and make connections.

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