18 Ways on How to Influence others in Customer Service

How to Influence others in Customer Service:  Are you interested in  INFLUENCING AND WINNING CUSTOMERS? Today, I  want to talk on how to influence and win customers in any selling business.

Influencing and winning customers, it is essential that you understand the emotions and contagious of any customer.

Each person is affected by the emotions of other people.

When you are positive, confident, and enthusiastic about your goods or service (business).

The prospect pick up these emotion from you and becomes positive.

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How to Influence others in Customer Service:

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Humans have wide varieties of emotions.

But it has been discovered that the strongest emotion and enthusiastic in selling is to influence and win the customers in any selling business.

Operating at any particular moment will determine how an individual decides and acts at that time.

For example, a person may have a desire for the improvement that your product or service offers.

But his fear of loss or of making a mistake can be more intense than his desire for gain.

At this point, he will refrain from buying.

The stronger the emotion will always win over the weaker emotion.

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Influence & Win Customers
source: https://www.makingbusinessmatter.co.uk main-influencing-styles

How to Influence others in Customer Service:

On this note, you cannot give away something that you don’t already have.

You cannot convey enthusiasm if you don’t have it yourself.

This is why top sales people love their service and their field of selling.

Their enthusiasm is heartfelt and genuine.

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Prospect pick it up at an unconscious level and want to participate in whatever is making them feel so good about themselves and their work.

Because of their confidence and passions prospect want to buy from them and recommend them to their friends.

As a fundamental principle, every human action is aimed at an improvement of some kinds.

People buy products and services because they feel they will be better off as a result.

Your job is to get the customer to understand that he needs your product enough to overcome any buying resistance that might derail the sale.

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How to Influence others in Customer Service:

These are some of the keys to convince customers in buying.

(1)  You need to use greatest value for satisfaction.

Every customers has three choices with every selling offer.

He can buy from you, buy from someone else, or buy nothing at all.

The customer must be substantially better off with your product or service than he is without it.

The improvement in the prospect’s work or life must be great enough to justify the amount of money you are charging, plus the amount of time and energy.

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How to Influence others in Customer Service:

If a prospect buys from you.

He gives up a certain amount of the flexibility and freedom.

That he had before giving you the money.

If he buys a product from you that is unsatisfactory.

He no longer has the money and is stuck with the product.

If every prospect has this kind of experience more than once.

There will be certain amount of buying resistance.

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(2) Unit of satisfaction to the prospects.

Influencing and winning customers require unit of satisfaction to the prospect .

In business, different actions can give a person different degree of satisfaction.

The prospect wants to get as many of these unit of satisfaction as possible in every purchase decision.

They wants to be better off physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

They wants to be satisfied in a variety of ways.

The more diverse the ways that your product or service can please and satisfy your prospect, the easier it is for them to buy.

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(3 One has to consider the emotional values of the products and services.

Each person has different buying motivations.

One of the most critical areas of sales in any business has to do with what is called “emotional values or psychic”.

These are invisible, intangible values that attach to a product or service.

That make it appear and feel more valuable from the customer’s perspective.

For example, often salespeople will trip to convince the customer to buy.

By assuring them that their product or service is being sold at the very best price available in the market.

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But frequently, the prospect is more concerned about the name or reputation of the company selling the product.

They would rather buy something that is better known, even if it costs more money.

If this is what is most important to the prospect.

When the sails person emphasizes on the lower cost of an unknown product or services.

Rather than the company itself, he is actually hurting his chances of making the sales.

How to Influence others in Customer Service:

(4)You need to treat prospect feelings.

People are sensitive to other people in their work or home environment.

Whenever someone considers making a purchase, he or she thinks about how other people may respond to that purchase decision.

No one wants to be criticized.

If there is a chance that the prospect will be criticized by anybody for making a particular purchase.

He will refrain from making that purchase altogether.

People want to feel that they are becoming all that they are capable of becoming.

When you promote your product or services as something that can help people reach even greater heights of personal success and self-realization.

They will not listen to any critics, rather they will generate a desire to purchase.

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How to Influence others in Customer Service:

(5) You need to use needs analysis.                                                                                               

Every selling process has to begin with needs analysis.

You cannot be in position to sell without asking enough questions and listening closely enough to the answers.

This enables you to understand the most intense need of the prospect that your product or services can satisfy.

Once you have identified the customer’s key needs and wants.

You can then structure your presentation in such a way that you demonstrate over-whelming to the customer that they will have that need satisfied if they buys from you.

The chief distinction in needs analysis is the difference between what your product is, and what the product does.

Most sales people are preoccupied with what their product is, how it is made, and the specific features that go into its design and production.

But the prospect does not care what your product is.

They only cares about what your product or service will do for them.

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How to Influence others in Customer Service:

For example, some people sell life insurance by stressing its affordability relative to competitive policies.

The size and reputation of the company.

The ease of monthly payments, and the role that life insurance pays in financial planning.

These are all important, but they are not the reason that a customer buys life insurance.

He buys it chiefly for “peace of mind”.

By the same way, there are questions that you can ask.

To determine if the emotional need that your product satisfies is important enough to your customers for them to buy what you are selling.

If you can convince them that this need will be satisfied.

Your choice of winning prospects is highly guaranteed.

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How to Influence others in Customer Service:

(6) One has to operate on the desire for gain

The two major reasons that people buy or do not buy respectively, are desire for gain and fear of loss.

The desire for gain is obviously to be better off, for an improvement in conditions of some kind.

Your first task is to help your prospect understand how much better their life or work would be with your product compared to the way it is now.

Prospects are afraid of making a buying mistake, of getting stuck with something they don’t want, don’t need, can’t use, and can’t afford.

Since this has happened to them so many times in the past, they are cautious about allowing it to happen again.

However, the most sales presentation is to show the prospect how much better off he will be if he buys.

And simultaneously, how much worse off he will be if he neglects to buy.

How to Influence others in Customer Service:

For instance, in selling a car, you could show what a wonderful automobile it is.

How beautiful it is, and how well it drives.

If the prospect likes the car but still hesitant.

You could point out that this is the last one available for at least two month.

Or the last time this car will be sold at this low rate.

Often a prospect who was indecisive about buying will make an immediate purchase decision.

When confronted with the possibility that he won’t be able to get it at its current price.

On this note, the desire for gain has to be motivationally higher to the prospects.

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7.  Build an image of likability and rapport

We all relish working with and buying from people we can relate to on a personal level.

In today’s customer context, you can foster rapport by dressing like them, making every effort to look attractive, offering compliments, and listening intensely.

Customers need to believe that you are one of them.

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How to Influence others in Customer Service:

8. Highlight your interest in helping and giving back

Entrepreneurs who are clearly willing to give as well as take in business become influences because people feel the urge to reciprocate.

Going out of your way to help a customer or help a good cause pays big dividends these days.

Don’t be seen as a business taking without giving back.

9. Establish yourself as an authority in your domain

In the past, authority came from a position title or uniform.

Today in business, authority is a function of visibility, leadership roles in related functions, and what is said about you online by authoritative publications and people you know.

You can also establish authority by writing and public speaking.

 10. Show your ability to build customer consensus

Influencers in business are entrepreneurs who are willing to engage with customers, and get them fully aligned with the business.

Actively participating in social media is the place to start, including blogging and positively responding to customer feedback, to build a growing crowd of followers.

How to Influence others in Customer Service:

11. Demonstrate your commitments and consistency

As an example, early businesses that were willing to publish their commitment to “customer satisfaction or your money back” became influencers. Now customers look for more.

Be creative in demonstrating your strengths consistently, and your influencer perception will rise.

12.Highlight elements of your exclusivity and scarcity

Facebook initially capitalized on exclusivity by allowing only Harvard students to join their social network.

When services are unique, difficult to obtain, or available for a limited time, their value increases, and your influencer level goes up.

Scarcity is one of the best justifications for higher prices.

The net effect is that influencers can rely more heavily on the less expensive “pull” marketing, rather than traditional “push” marketing. With pull marketing, the idea is that your influence and presence draws customers to your solutions.

Customers don’t even see this as advertising, and actually become strong advocates who pull in their friends, further magnifying your influence.

Certainly the steps to becoming an influencer take effort and involve risk. The power to persuade and influence others also carries a great responsibility. If you don’t wield your influence wisely, you will hurt others and hurt yourself.

Yet staying invisible and taking no risks in business today is a certain recipe for failure. Are you doing all you can to influence your own growth and success?

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13. Show Respect

I don’t mean calling them Madam or Sir, I’m talking genuine respect. Don’t be late to appointments, dress appropriately, don’t duck blame and be polite. Share their vision and understand their reasoning for decisions.

14. Be Genuine

I mean really genuine, not just marketing speak genuine. Next time you speak to your client, be down to earth, shake off that corporate speak and treat them like a valued friend.

15. Justify Your Work

Don’t just send through a design concept or a dot point list of functionality without explaining your thought processes.

Sure, you can explain to them technically, but give them statistics, case studies, reasons you chose that color or why you suggest against that 320 field long contact form.

Do research and arm yourself with statistics and back up every claim.

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How to Influence others in Customer Service:

16. Admit Mistakes

We all make mistakes, well the humans amongst us anyway. I’m sure you’ve made a fair amount of mistakes on client time, like all of us have. It’s how you deal with them that makes you better – own up to them, let the client know, and either share or wear the costs of your mistake.

17. Share ideas

Have an idea that may do wonders for your client? Share it with them – don’t be afraid of rejection, let them know it’s an idea, and make sure they understand you were thinking of them last night or over the weekend – this proves you are passionate, and not just a 9 to 5 thinker.

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18. Disagree

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? It’s true though; nobody wants a supplier who will do whatever he or she asks, even when the supplier knows it’s a bad move. If your client asks you to do something that you know won’t work, then let them know – politely of course, and explain your reasons in detail.

How to Influence others in Customer Service:

Influence & Win Customers: People only buy products that help them improve performance and productivity, out cost and expenses, or boost cash flow and profits.
You must be clear about the most advantageous results that your product or service can achieve for your business prospect in one or more of these areas.

What you sell may help the company cut costs in some areas.

It may increase or improve productivity.

It might enhance the performance of either equipment or people.

Perhaps your product helps the customers get greater sales results.

Or increase buyer satisfaction.

People are interested in making or saving money and time.

They are interested in getting better results and increasing profit.

Whatever you are selling, you must describe it in terms of how it either increase revenues or cut costs or both.

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How to Influence others in Customer Service:

For instance, if you are talking to someone who is in charge of administration.

He is interested in cutting costs.

If you are talking to someone in marketing or sales, the person is interested in increasing sales and result income.

If you speak to the person who owns the company.

He wants to improve the bottom line.

You must always talk about your products or services in terms of what you are selling.

If you can convince a business prospect that what you are selling can make and save time.

Money and energy in excess of what you are charging for your products or services, you will make a sale.

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